During pregnancy, urticaria is not trivial!Doctors recommend doing 5 things well, which will help relieve

When you are pregnant, you are most afraid of getting sick. Not only will you make your body very uncomfortable, but it may also affect the growth and development of the fetus.Urticaria during pregnancy is a common skin disease of pregnant women and is influenced by many factors.Objectives will itch itself, affect normal life, and even sleep well.What should I do if I have urticaria during pregnancy?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Seeking doctors’ help

Pregnancy is a very special period of women. In this period, any wind and grass movement can easily cause women to suffer a lot of mental stress.Therefore, when there are some pimples or small blisters on your body, you must go to the hospital to consult a doctor. If you are diagnosed with urticaria, you can let the doctor guide what to do.Generally, medication is not recommended in the first three months of pregnancy. If itching has affected the quality of life of pregnant women, you can supplement some vitamin C or eat some first -generation anti -group amine.After three months, you can take some other anti -group amines. Note that you must choose to eat it during pregnancy.

2. Don’t scratch

After getting urticaria, do not scratch the affected area by hand to avoid breaking breaks and make the condition worse.In addition, it is necessary to avoid cleaning with hot water. In order to alleviate the symptoms of itching, some pregnant women rinse the affected area with hot water. This is wrong and should be avoided.

3. Pay attention to diet

Some pregnant women have urticaria because they do not pay attention to contact with allergens in the diet.If you want to do a good job of daily care, you must know if you have a allergens in your diet. If you have an allergic source, you must avoid it.And try to eat as light as possible, don’t eat too exciting, so as not to make the condition worsen and make yourself more itchy.Don’t forget to eat more vegetables and fruits of the season. Supplementing vitamin C can reduce the symptoms of itching, but it must also be within the range of the body. Do not eat too much cold fruits. In addition, pay attention to blood sugar.control.

4. Dress must be soft and loose

If pregnant women have urticaria during pregnancy, whether they must wear soft and loose clothing at home or out, there is no need to excessively pursue the style at this time, pay attention to the material.Loose and soft clothes can make urticaria faster, and it can also give pregnant women a great comfort.

5. Rest well

Pregnant women sometimes have such sleep problems, and sleep problems should be solved as soon as possible.If lack of sleep or the quality of sleep is not high, the human body’s immunity will be reduced, the human body’s immunity decreases, and urticaria will be even more rampant, and it is not easy to improve.Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to rest, and don’t let themselves too tired.

After pregnant women have urticaria during pregnancy, don’t be too panic, and seek help from a doctor in time.According to the doctor’s guidance and suggestions, do a good job of nursing work. Do not let the condition be aggravated, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

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