During pregnancy, you have vaginitis, should you do this?Pay attention to cleaning

As the most common gynecological disease, vaginitis has always plagued most female friends, especially pregnant women, and is more likely to be troubled by vaginitis during pregnancy. Not only is it upset that they are upset, they are worried that the fetus will be affected.

What is pregnancy vaginitis?

Vaginitis during pregnancy refers to vaginal inflammation caused by women during pregnancy, due to titers, fungi, bacteria, etc.

During the pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, the hormone in pregnant women has increased sharply, and the metabolism is strong, leading to an increase in vaginal hydrological secretions, and it is more likely to be taken advantage of various germs, leading to infection gynecological diseases.

What are the symptoms of vaginitis during pregnancy?

With vaginitis, the main symptoms are vulvar itching and burning pain. There will also be leucorrhea increase, changes in the characteristics and color, and odor. Sometimes there will be pain (sexual intercourse pain) in love.a feeling of.

Common vaginitis is generally divided into three types: vaginal fake silk yeast vaginitis (also known as fungal vaginitis or vaginal vagina), trichomonas vaginitis, and bacterial vaginal disease.

What effect does vaginitis affect maternal and infants during pregnancy?

If vaginitis is not treated in time, other gynecological diseases may be carried out, such as gynecological cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.It will also cause chorionic amniocenteitis, amniotic fluid infection, premature birth, postpartum endometrial infection, etc.

If pregnant women choose vaginal production, they may also be infected with neonatal mouth, causing goose ulcers.Therefore, vaginitis during pregnancy cannot be treated lightly. Pregnant women must be found early and treated in time.

How to prevent and treat?

1. Underwear pure cotton replacement

Pregnant women’s underwear should be selected with pure cotton-breathable fabrics, and replaced them hard. The underwear that washed off should be cleaned separately. Boil it with boiling water for 5-10 minutes to disinfect it. It cannot be mixed with other clothes.Dry in light.

The incentives of vaginitis are mainly humid and hypoxia in the vulva environment. Therefore, it is not recommended to use pads for pregnant women. If special circumstances must be used, they must also choose good ventilation and change them diligently.

2. Loose and heavy outer pants and comfortable

Pregnant women are best to choose large and comfortable pants. The breathability of the fabric should be good, so as to keep the vulva dry and breathable.

3. Washing water for vulva

The vulva cleaning should not use a cleaner containing chemicals, let alone rinse the vagina privately, because women’s vagina has many beneficial bacteria to maintain stable pH and have a certain self -purification effect.

Most of the cleaning agents on the market contain chemicals, which will destroy the normal flora balance of the vagina, leading to infected bacteria or aggravating the disease.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women boil the water in the morning and evening and cool it, and then use a clean special towel to wash the vulva, and keep dry and clean at any time.

If you want to rinse the vagina with a lotion, you should execute according to the doctor’s order. Remember not to wash it yourself.

4. Balanced diet should be light

Pregnant women should eat a balanced diet, eat more high -quality protein and good sugar foods, such as miscellaneous grain beans, dairy products, etc., eat more vegetables and fruits, increase vitamin intake, improve autoimmunity, and maintain the balance of vaginal beneficial bacteria.

Eat a little bit of spicy and sweet food such as pepper, pepper, dessert, sweet beverages and other spicy foods.

5. Pharical medical advice in time

Pregnant women find that the symptoms of vaginal inflammation must go to the hospital in time, consult the doctor’s correct diagnosis and treatment, and strictly abide by the doctor’s advice.

Most of the vaginitis is stubborn and easy to relapse. Therefore, the use of drugs and drug discontinuations needs to be grasped by professional doctors. It will cause irregular use of medication, reduce the amount of drugs or stop drugs, and will cause incomplete inflammatory treatment and recur.

6. Lover and partner for Qi Treatment

Trichomonas vaginitis will be infected through sexual behavior. If pregnant women suffer from trichomoniasis vaginitis, they should bring their lover to receive treatment, and it is best to wear condoms when love and love, and pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.frequency.

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