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Every woman will become strange after pregnancy, and they prefer some things. Many things that do not eat before, they become particularly like to eat after pregnancy.I remember when I was pregnant with Dabao, I especially liked to eat sweets, and I had no interest in sweets.When Huai Erbao also likes to eat sauerkraut, although he also likes to eat it when you are not pregnant, it is really sour at that time.Do you remember what do you like when you are pregnant?

My second goods friend Xiaoqiu was three months pregnant. Before she was able to eat, what level can I eat, that is, every time we meet, no matter how much dishes, as longIn the end, she usually only eats, and in the end, she can eat almost, everyone can make up for that picture.After pregnancy, Xiaoqiu is particularly able to eat, and the taste becomes very strange. Each time we eat durian, she hid far away, and I have been saying that the taste is so convenient. You can eat it.Since she was pregnant, she almost killed half of the durian every day. Poor her husband could only use a paper towel to block her nose and sleep.I have been advised many times that I can’t eat so much a day. She has converged a little bit now, and eats a small petal to relieve her mouth every day.

Durian sells more expensive in our country, because he has high nutritional value and is called the king of fruits.There is a saying that a durian is equal to 3 old hens, which means that the nutritional value of a durian is similar to the three old hens.I went to Thailand last time. Everyone knows that the most rich fruit there, especially durian, which is particularly cheap. As long as 150 baht, the conversion is less than one of less than one.It takes more than 120 RMB to buy a durian.However, the tour guide said that people in Thailand could not afford chickens. Whether they were confinement or sick, they liked to use durian stewed soup to supplement.

So the question is, durian is so great, can you eat it during pregnancy? How much is appropriate to eat? Today, we will popularize the popularity of expectant mothers.

Durian is rich in protein, lipids, vitamin C, and various nutrients such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus, which has a good nourishing effect on the body.Although the taste of durian is strange and many people don’t like to smell, this special taste has appetizing and promoting appetite. The dietary fiber can also promote bowel movement.Although there are so many benefits of durian, the more you eat during pregnancy, the better. Pregnant women can eat durian, but the amount must be controlled.Mainly for these reasons:

1. For pregnant mothers, after 4 months of pregnancy, the small intestine movement of pregnant mothers weakens, and a little careless diet will cause constipation.Although durian is rich in dietary fiber, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Too much consumption will block the intestines and cause constipation. For pregnant mothers who are prone to constipation, they will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal, especially the original sufferings.Pregnant mothers with constipation and hemorrhoids should not eat durian.

2. Durian is warm. It is easy to get angry when eating too much. Symptoms such as sore throat, irritability and insomnia, etc., cause tire fever and damage the health of newborns.

3. Durian supplement, the calories and sugar are high, 500 grams contains 500 kcal of heat, but it is not a big tonic during pregnancy.If pregnant mothers often use durians as supplements, they will lead to increased blood sugar and excessive fetal baby, which will increase the probability of giant childbirth in the future.

Precautions for eating durian during pregnancy:

1. Eating durian is easy to make constipation. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help digestion.

2. Durian cannot be eaten with wine, mangosteen, beef and mutton, milk, cola, eggplant, crab, etc. Of course, these things are also best not to eat during pregnancy.

3. Durian is too high in sugar. Pregnant women who are obese should eat less, and people with diabetes cannot eat.

Therefore, in order to avoid causing constipation due to durians, great supplements, large nutrition, huge fetal fetuses, etc., causing difficulty in giving birth.The prospective mothers who love durian hold their mouths. If you want to eat durian, it shall not exceed 100g per day.

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