During the inspection, he was asked if there was a "history of abortion"?If pregnant mothers do not want to answer, teach you 3 good ways

Many pregnant mothers have similar embarrassment. Whenever they go to the hospital for a check -up, the doctor will ask a question that is both private and must answer. "Do you have a giving birth before pregnancy?" If you have not blurted out of course, if you have a history of abortion, you have concealed the doctor.The consequences may be very serious.My friend of my girlfriend went to the hospital for pregnancy some time ago. Because the doctor asked about her abortion history, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she deliberately answered.In the end, the birth of a child caused heavy bleeding, and the situation was very dangerous.After the family knew afterwards, her attitude towards her also changed.So the question is. As a female compatriot, how should we do not only protect our privacy, prevent them from leaking, and give birth to babies safely?

1. Relax the mentality and communicate with the doctor more

Most hospitals do not allow men to enter during the delivery of pregnant women during the delivery. This also tells us that no matter whether there is a history of miscarriage, as long as the family members do not follow with them, they can communicate more with the doctor and let them retain privacy for you for privacy for you.EssenceAnd there is no need to be anxious because of the embarrassing past, and there is no need to be depressed due to the extension.We should all know that the history of abortion can only be known only through related inspections.You can explain the history of your abortion in detail for your doctor. You only need to tell the doctor not to keep the abortion on the patient’s resume.

2. Familiar with your physical condition

The checkup can evaluate your physical condition. For example, it is suitable for the By the way, or the nutrition is still insufficient. If your physical indicators are normal, there is no need to entangle your own history of abortion.However, if you have a lot of miscarriage and often habitually abortion, then you must truthfully reflect your own situation to your doctor, and keep in mind that safety is the most secure concealment.

3. Next strategy

There is really no good way, you can temporarily conceal your experience, write down the doctor’s phone, and quietly contact the doctor after the check -up, explain your actual situation.Or when you contact your doctor before giving birth, you can make the doctor adjust the plan to ensure the safety of you and your baby.In short, safety first, no matter what you do, you have to protect the safety of you and your baby.

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