During the pregnancy, Baoma’s 4 birth checkups must be poured in, which is related to the health of the baby’s health

Some people say that once a woman will enjoy the queen’s treatment once she is pregnant, not only does not do housework, but she also picks up her diet, and her husband is simply abused into a dog.In fact, the prospective mummy during pregnancy is understandable because of physical discomfort, coquettish and small temper, and for frequent examinations during pregnancy, the pregnant mother said, "You have to accompany me!"This is also dare to say.In fact, this is not the mothers of pregnant mothers, but that there are several birth checks. The prospective dad must be present.

1. Preliminary examination after pregnancy

After discovering pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do a comprehensive examination and establish a check -up file.Because of lack of experience, when going to check for the first time, the prospective dad needs to be "strong" for pregnant mothers. On the one hand, confirm whether pregnancy is normal, eliminate ectopic pregnancy or other situations that are not suitable for pregnancy.On the one hand, for the first time, the doctor will tell the pregnant mother some issues that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy, such as how to adjust the diet, how to do rest, how to exercise, etc., and the prospective dad can understand what "Service ", which is convenient for better care for pregnant mothers.

2. The first system examination

About 12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to conduct a comprehensive system of systematic examination. The inspection items include comprehensive testing of the fetal heart, the routine of the pregnant mother’s blood, whether there is blood infection, blood pressure, height and weight, and reproductive system.Comprehensively understand the various indicators of Baoma’s body, and understand the early development of the fetus through preliminary testing.The prospective dad has to accompany the inspection. On the one hand, there are many inspections. Pregnant mothers have to go to different departments to test, register, etc., and the prospective dad can better reduce the "workload" of the pregnant mother.There are many, if there is a problem with the test results, the pregnant mother can discuss with the prospective father to decide, so as not to panic alone.

3. Four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound inspection

Around May-June (specifically according to the timetable for the birth), pregnant mothers need to accompany the prospective father to do a full range of four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound test.The main purpose of this detection is to check whether the facial features, small arms, small feet, brain, and five internal organs are abnormal through high -definition equipment.This test is very critical for both parents and fetuses, so the prospective father must accompany the expectant mother to complete the test.The prospective dad is present, on the one hand, it can reduce the nervous and anxious mood of the pregnant mother; on the other hand, the prospective father can also clearly see the baby’s situation in the mother’s belly through the four -dimensional animation, so that the prospective father feels the mood of being a father.At the same time, if there are any problems in the examination, a quasi -dad is present, and the pregnant mother will not be afraid or not know how to decide.

4. Preparatory preparation

Generally, about 36 weeks of pregnancy, you need to consider the final production method. Because it involves the safety of the baby and the pregnant mother, this examination is very important, and the prospective father is also necessary.In this examination, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive test of the pregnant mother, such as fetal position, fetal heart, cervical condition, whether there are umbilical cord around the neck, and prediction of fetal size. Through the analysis of these figuresMom ’s childbirth suggestion.If the prospective father is present, you can also prepare psychological preparations for the production method of mother -in -law in advance, so as to facilitate the preparation preparations for later delivery.

In October, the fetal fetus is mixed with joy and anxiety for everyone. As the most intimate person of expectant mothers, the attention of the prospective father has a great impact on the mother’s body and psychology., Daddy and expectant mothers must work together!

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