During the time of living together, the woman’s pregnancy, the responsibility of parents, the crystallization of love and the thinking of legal obligations

The romantic love of young people is chasing, and the two sides are dedicated to them, and they are determined to explore the vast world together.In the passionate love, the common crystallization of the two naturally gave birth to the common crystals of the two.

Some people claim that marriage is the grave of love, because marriage is facing trivial trivial matters of life, not the passion and romance when love.Before you got pregnant before entering the marriage hall, can you get good care as you look forward to?The answer given by reality may not be the case.

So, if you are pregnant during the cohabitation, do the man need to bear legal responsibility?Let’s discuss this topic.

1. Pre -pregnancy first, the ending of tragedy

The love of Liang and Guo has just sprouted, just like other couples who fell into a sweet trap, and quickly started a beautiful cohabitation life.During the two years they cohabited, the traces of their happiness were left in the room.

Liang was pregnant twice, but she thought she was young, had a beautiful youth, and was unwilling to be stunned.She feels that the average person is pregnant, and they do not think they are ordinary people, so they chose abortion without getting married.

Later, Liang began to eager to be stable, but Guo didn’t think so, he was still full of passion and impulse.Every time Liang mentioned marriage, Guo always found various reasons to delay, claiming that the marriage conditions were not mature.

After careful thinking, Liang decided to continue to struggle, and his busy life was intertwined with the sweet two -person world.Under Guo’s persuasion, Liang chose to respect the future and enjoy the present, so she chose to terminate her pregnancy again.

Mother’s halo tortured Liang. She liked her child and gradually began to eager to own her child.She was determined that if she was pregnant again, she must keep the child.

Fortunately, he came quickly. Liang hid Guo and said that he was going to travel abroad, secretly gave birth to a child, and wanted to surprise his man.

At this time, a beautiful picture appeared in her mind, a romantic wedding, and Guo’s nourishment of the child’s happiness.

However, fantasy is just fantasy after all.After Liang gave birth to a child, Guo not only refused to raise the child, but even thought it was a betrayal of betrayal and blasphemy for their youth.

2. Liang’s disappointment and helplessness

After being disappointed, Liang and Guo quarreled and decided to break up.The sudden contrast, completely shattered the beautiful fairy tales of Liang, made her suffer harm and unable to change.

When Liang was awake, she realized that she could not raise her children alone.Therefore, she decided to bring Guo to the court, hoping to get some basic compensation.However, after all, they are not married. How fair can they have between the two people?

After all, this child is the child of both of them.In the end, the court still supported Liang’s demand and judged that Guo provided 1,200 yuan per month according to the law until the child was 18 years old.

1. The boundary between marriage and legal protection

The complexity of social relations makes it impossible for the law to accurately stipulate various situations. Therefore, there are some gaps in the law. The judges need to be judged according to the principles of public order and good customs.

The phenomenon of cohabitation is very common in today’s society. Once the free love people have a certain economic foundation, it is difficult to give up the mutual dependence and desire for a long time.However, compared with marriage, cohabitation has not been protected by the same law.

Article 1049 of the "Civil Code" stipulates that both men and women who require marriage shall personally go to the marriage registration authority to apply for marriage registration.If it meets the provisions of this Law, it is registered and issued to a marriage certificate.Complete marriage registration, that is, establish a marriage relationship.If you fail to get a marriage registration, you should make up for registration.

However, the law has not provided the same protection in cohabitation.Although there may be a common life, economic sharing, and support for each other, they cannot enjoy the legal rights and interests of marriage relationships.

Therefore, at the legal level, there is a significant difference between cohabitation and marriage.Although cohabitation is a common social phenomenon, the scope of the law to protect it is limited.

2. Cohabitation is not the same as marriage

From a legal perspective, cohabitation is actually the relationship between two people who have not been married, and it can even be said that the relationship between two people who have not considered marriage.

Without legal registration, cohabitation relationships are not considered as legal binding. Therefore, there is no need to fulfill legal obligations and cannot enjoy corresponding legal rights. It is just a common social behavior between two freelance people.

If in this case, one party betrayed love, it can only condemn it from a moral perspective.In the above case, Guo was unwilling to take responsibility, but pushed responsibilities to Liang, which was obviously unreasonable.

However, reasonable or not is just a subjective judgment in emotional disputes and does not violate the law, so it is impossible to investigate the legal responsibility.

1. Parents’ support obligations

Parents’ support obligations for their children are established by the law. The law is concerned about the basic needs of children as a life, not a relationship of emotion.Although Guo can be irresponsible to Liang, for the children they gave birth to, their parents’ responsibility cannot be ignored.

Article 1067 of the Civil Code stipulates that when children do not fulfill their support obligations, parents who have no labor or life difficulties have the right to ask their children to pay for maintenance.For those who refuse to perform, they can resolve it through litigation, and the circumstances that the circumstances are harsh constituted by criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

Once the child is born, Liang and Guo must recognize their close connection with the child.The blood relationship between parents and children is conclusive, and the law has clearly stipulated this.

Although Guo may think that the child’s birth is not his will, he is also a victim of being concealed, the law will not consider subjective reasons.According to objective facts and legal judgments, Guo has the obligation to pay for the support.

Therefore, at the legal level, Guo cannot escape the responsibility of supporting the child, even if he may think that this is not the result he wants.For children’s support, the law will judge Guo to pay the support fee according to law.

2. The relationship between law and reason

The relationship between the law and the reason has the greatest impact on whether the marriage of marriage.The relationship between families and couples who register for marriage normally enjoy the protection of rights in law, and cohabitation relationships without legal registration cannot obtain the protection of their rights and interests.

From the objective facts, almost all emotional disputes between Liang and Guo belong to the free agreement without guarantee.All Liang’s dedication is based on love and voluntary behavior, and is not protected by law.

However, the children of the two are different.Whether it is a child or a child or a non -marriage child, it enjoys the same rights and interests in law.Pregnant children in cohabitation relationships are equivalent to non -marriage children, so they can obtain corresponding legal rights.

Article 1071 of the "Civil Code" stipulates that: non -wedding children have the same rights as children of marriage, and no organization or individual may be harmful and discriminated against.The biological father or mother who does not directly raise children who are not married, should bear the support for adult children who are adults or adult children who cannot live independently.

From all perspectives, Guo can not bear legal responsibility for Liang, but cannot refuse to raise children.Liang can ask Guo to bear the child’s support fee, or give the child to Guo to support it, and bear the support fee.

In general, social life outside the law is regarded as a "free space" of people, but in order to avoid excessive oppression, it is necessary to keep a certain room.This reminds people to maintain a sober cognition in life, clarify the boundaries of the law, and deal with various problems reasonably.

For those who live unmarried, do you have any comments?

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