Easy to get pregnant, just grab the best moment of conception

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Pregnancy is a matter of two people. Both men and women must grasp the best time to conceive. Scientifically conceive can pay as expected.

When will you want to conceive a healthy and lovely baby, when is pregnancy?

Best pregnancy season: July and August

The help mother checked the relevant medical data and learned that babies born in the three months of May, 6th, and 7th are far better than babies born in other months. ThereforeIt just happens to be the best climate season for the growth of the fetus in the abdomen and all aspects of the pregnant mother this season. When the baby is born, it is just spring. Spring is the best season for the human body to recover.In the cold winter, it is very beneficial to the growth of children and the recovery of pregnant mothers.

Best Age: 25-28 years old

According to physical function, women’s best age is usually 25-28 years old. At this stage, women’s physical function is in a period of mature and vigorous.Often it is also healthy.

Best conception time: 8-10 pm

Women’s ovulation cycle is about 28 days, the survival time of the eggs is 24 hours, the sperm survival time is 72 hours, and the best concert time is about 18 hours of eggs from the eggs.The human body function is constantly changing in the day. The ergonomic function is up at 7-9 in the morning. After 3 pm, the human body function is in a state of decline. After 5 pm, it will follow the morning and noon, and the human body at 11 pm is the human body.The minimum function is too much, so helping mothers recommend choosing 8-10 o’clock in the evening to conceive in the best state of human function.

How to calculate the ovulation period?

Menstruation algorithm: Women’s ovulation period is usually about 2 weeks before the next menstruation, and it can be calculated by itself according to the laws of their previous menstrual cycle.It is best to conceive after 3 days of ovulation.Some women’s menstruation is irregular, this should be calculated according to the actual situation.

Body temperature measurement method: The body temperature before ovulation is about 36.5 ° C, and the substrate temperature will rise by 0.2 to 0.5 ° C after ovulation. The changes in body temperature means that the ovulation period is coming. Within 3 days when the body temperature rises, it is called: pregnancy day.Before getting up in the morning, the body temperature can be made into a table for recording. The changes in body temperature will be unstable due to physical function changes. The measurement of body temperature should be measured in normal physical function.

Cervical mucus method: Women’s cervical fluid changes with estrogen.The level of estrogen levels in 48 hours before the ovulation rises, the concentration of the cervical fluid decreases, and it is transparent, like an egg white, and the amount is large, and the vagina will be extremely humid.This period is most likely to conceive.After the ovulation period, the estrogen is reduced, the cervical fluid decreases, the viscosity will increase, and the vagina will return to normal drying.

Akinoifa: Pushing for the ovulation day for 14 to 15 days from the last day of the menstrual cycle (on the first day of menstruation next menstruation).If the day of menstruation is the first day, the ovulation day is the N-1st day. Although each person’s menstrual cycle is different, the life of the human lutein is 14 days, so we can use itAquino make a simple prediction.

Choose a good environment during pregnancy. The two must maintain a pleasant mood, do a good job of diet and smoking ban, do a good pre -pregnancy examination, grasp the best pregnancy period, help moms here to wish the pregnant parents who wish to prepare for pregnancy must haveGood pregnancy, can welcome new life.

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