Eat bananas often, are there any good or bad?Can I really relieve constipation?Tell you the truth

If you let you say the names of the three kinds of fruits, many people think of bananas. It is not easy to taste dirty, and it can also make the results of mud.It has a lot of benefits, but at the same time, it also has negative evaluations, such as "banana ripening", "banana toxic", "banana with radiation", and so on. What is the truth?

What are the benefits of eating bananas often?

Eating bananas will get better

It is mainly related to two nutrients. The first is potassium. When the body is deficient in potassium, it will be irritable, chest tightness, panic, and weakness. A banana is about 100 grams., Relieve bad emotions.Another substance is colorful, which can be converted into 5-hydroxylin, which is also very useful for relaxation.

Quickly replenish energy

Banana pulp is soft and glutinous. After consumption, sugar material can quickly supply energy to the human body. At the end of the work, the stomach is hungry and the body is tired, but the meals are not good. At this timeThere are also recovery.And it is moderate, one will not support one, it will not affect normal meals.

Help control the amount and weight of the meal

The body of bananas is often seen in the weight loss meal and weight loss plan. It is different from fruits such as peaches, grapes, etc. It takes a bite to get more water, and it will be hungry soon after eating. Bananas are solid.Edema and urine can occupy a part of the gastric capacity and reduce dinner intake.

Having said that there are many benefits of bananas, some people may want to ask, why didn’t you say that bananas can laxative?

This may be everyone’s misunderstanding of it. In fact, not everyone is useful, and not all bananas can produce effects.

It has a lot of dietary fiber, but it is necessary to eat it for a long time to prevent it, not now constipation. It can be pulled out immediately when eating a banana. Bananas are not Kaisa.In other words, if you really want to add dietary fiber, you can eat vegetables, coarse grains or dragon fruit, and their content is higher.

In addition, if you eat the kind of hard feel and green color, there are more tannic acid inside, which will reduce the intestinal moisture, and it will be more difficult to defecate.

In general, constipation requires long -term conditioning. Usually eating more foods such as bananas and coarse grains is good, but you can’t expect it to be as immediate as Kaiseru. Try to choose as much as possible when eating.Black dots, soft and rotten.

Is the "negative message" of banana true or false?

Is banana "ripened"?Is it harmful to the human body?

It is not so horrible that everyone thinks. It is an inevitable process of fruit maturity. It uses the ethylene released by the fruit itself.However, the natural mature fruits grow slowly, and there are many market demand, so people extract ethylene as a preparation, so that it can be artificially ripened and when it can control it.

Some people say that this ripener is a hormone. If children often eat, children will be "ripened".

Botanical hormones are only useful to plants and the human body is not affected, so you can eat it with confidence. Furthermore, the country also has standards for drugs for fruits. You must meet the specifications during sampling.Don’t worry, you can eat local fruits or seasonal fruits.

However, here also remind everyone that illegal vendors may spray bananas with chemicals, so that the appearance is not easy to rot. This kind of banana looks good but it tastes delicious.Don’t buy it.

Bananas are not only toxic, but also radiation?true and false?

After a long time, its epidermis will be dark, just like rotten. Some people say that it has produced toxins and cannot be eaten, but in fact, after you peel off the epidermis, you will find that the flesh inside is good, and the taste is normal.Essence

This is because the epidermis is injured and slowly oxidized at low temperature. You can think of it as a scar on the skin, and some dark spots are infected by bananas by germs. This germs will only affect the banana epidermis and have no effect on the human body.So you can eat it.

The radiation is even more nonsense. Unless the land of banana grows in nuclear pollution, there will be no radiation. The potassium we say is a nutritional element., Not radioactive potassium, the meaning of the two is different.

Suitable for the fruit rankings that are eaten in winter, it’s delicious and not afraid of fat. If you love fruit, you can see it


32 calories, dietary fiber 1.1 grams

Strawberry has high value, low sugar, not easy to grow meat, as well as antioxidant polyphenols and vitamin C. It can be eaten when cleaning, it is still very convenient.When encountering ugly, hollow strawberries, don’t worry about it, it is related to the variety, not hormone.

Ugly orange

37 calories, dietary fiber 1.6 grams

Don’t be scared by its appearance. In fact, it has a lot of moisture, which is a bit sweeter than ordinary oranges. Among them, the content of anthocyanins is high, and the content of vitamin C is 2.6 times that of lemon. Eating in winter can relieve drying and relieve dryness. It can also improve the body to improve the body.Anti -inflammatory level and immunity.


42 calories, dietary fiber 6.7 grams

It is the highest dietary fiber in three kinds of fruits, and the water is sufficient and the taste is slightly sweet. No one does not like to eat it. It is very suitable for those who want to maintain their bodies and supplement their body water.

In general, the benefits of bananas are more, and there is no harm to the body, but don’t know if you eat bananas. The fruit types are very rich. The three fruits mentioned at the end of the article are also good. It is more nutritious with nutrition.

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