Eat chicken often, or 3 kinds of cancer?Doctor: These two "meats" are recommended to eat less, or benefit from health

Speaking of chicken, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. As a common kind of meat food in life, the consumption rate is relatively high. Proper consumption of chicken can help supplement high -quality protein and a variety of trace substances.Essence

However, there are indeed more and more controversy about chicken. Many people think that eating chicken often increases the risk of cancer. It is believed that chicken is a carcinogen and causes harm to the body. Is this really the case?Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and taboos of the muscles.

In fact, the statement about eating chicken is easy to cause cancer, mainly from a study published by researchers at Oxford University in the magazine of epidemic and public health.

The researchers recorded the dietary situation of 475,000 to 73 -year -old British from 2006 to 2014, and also analyzed the relationship between daily diet and the types of diseases.It was found that eating chicken every day will promote the risk of prostate cancer by 11%, the risk of melanoma will increase by 20%, and the risk of non -Hodgkin lymphoma will also increase by 26%.

Hearing such a statement, I believe that many people will feel very scared and think that chicken will have carcinogenic conditions, so can chicken eat?

First of all, the study of muscle carcinogenic is only a correlation study. It can only prove that muscle may be related to some cancer. It can not fully illustrate the mechanism and cause of muscle carcinogen.The problem occurs.

Moreover, the National Institute of Cancer has done an experiment. Researchers have conducted investigations for more than 500,000 people for up to 500,000 people. The results found that eating chicken is safer than red meat, and it can effectively reduce the risk of cancer.Essence

Therefore, whether chickens are carcinogenic, this question needs to be studied.As a highly nutritious food, chicken does have great benefits to the body if it is properly eaten.

Chicken is a protein -rich food, and also contains a variety of nutrients, such as vitamin B, iron, zinc, selenium, etc.The benefits of the body are as follows:

1. Enhance muscle and bones: Chicken is rich in high -quality protein and helps enhance muscle and bone strength.

2. Promoting the body’s immune function: The trace elements and vitamin B clan contained in chicken can promote the body’s immune function and prevent colds and other diseases.

3. Helps lose weight: Compared to other meats, chicken contains lower fat and calories. Equal amount of food can provide sufficient protein, help maintain physical health, and help reduce the burden on the body and help people control weight.

4. Reduce cholesterol: Because the fat content in chicken is low, compared with other red meat, chicken consumes less energy, which helps reduce cholesterol and maintain cardiovascular health.

In short, eating chicken in moderation can help supplement protein, nutrition, enhance immunity, reduce cholesterol, and maintain weight.

Chicken can provide rich nutrition, but the nutritional and health risks in different parts are slightly different.Chicken necks, chicken butt, chicken head, etc. contain more fat, cholesterol, and other unhealthy ingredients. Too much consumption may have a negative impact on human health.

Therefore, when eating chicken, we should try to avoid eating these three parts, and choose other healthier parts such as chicken breasts and chicken legs.In addition, chicken should pay attention to choosing healthy cooking methods during the cooking process, such as less oil cooking, steaming or roasting, etc., to avoid using high -calorie and high -fat methods such as fried fried, which is more good for physical health.


If you don’t want to increase the risk of cancer, you must pay attention in your life. Like some barbecue meat, it is not recommended to eat more, because although barbecue meat is very delicious, it will be marinated during the production process.High, and there are certain additives.

During the baking process, it will also lead to low oil on the charcoal fire and produce harmful substances. For example, if a phenylene is pheasant, it will increase the risk of cancer and endanger personal health.blacklist.

Processing meat

Machined foods such as ham bacon are also very delicious, but a large amount of additives will be added during the processing process, which contains high salt content.

And it will also produce a variety of harmful substances such as heterocycles, N-nitrite compounds, etc., so that it will cause great damage to each organ, increase the risk of cancer, and endanger personal health. ThereforeFoods also have certain carcinogenic suggestions, or stay away as soon as possible.

1. Moderate consumption: No matter what meat is, excessive consumption will have a adverse effect on the body.It is recommended that the daily intake of meat should not exceed 100 grams to maintain moderate consumption as much as possible.

2. Choose nutritional parts: different nutrients provided by meat in different parts, such as chicken breasts are relatively low fat and high protein, suitable for weight loss and maintaining good health.

3. Reasonable matching: meat with staple food can better promote the body’s absorption of nutrients while preventing malnutrition.It is recommended to eat with all -wheat bread, rice, vegetables, etc. to avoid combining with high sugar and high -fat foods.

4. Choose a healthy cooking method: the cooking method of cooking, steaming, and cooking less oil is healthier. Relatively speaking, high -oil and high fat methods such as fried and stir -fried dishes should be used less.In addition, meat processing foods such as bacon and dried meat have a high amount of salt content and should not be eaten more.

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