Eat more winter melon in the sky, 4 kinds of winter melon is delicious, delicious, remember to collect it well

The old saying "eat buds in spring, eat melon in summer", summer is a mature season for various melons. Most of the melons have high water content, low calories, rich nutrition, and are suitable for eating when it is hot.

Winter melon is one of the melons in summer. Although it is called "Winter melon", it has nothing to do with the season. It is mainly because when the melon is mature, the epidermis will cover a layer of white "white frost". This is a wax.Can be eaten.The higher the maturity of the melon, the thicker the frost, but it looks like a thin layer of snow covered in winter, so it is named "winter melon".

The water content of winter melon is as high as 96%, almost no fat, and the sugar content is low. That is to say, eating a pound of winter melon is almost equivalent to drinking water with the same amount of trace elements.Do n’t miss it if you lose weight. I will share with you 4 delicious and delicious methods, so that winter melon will also become “hard dishes”, so fragrant!

Ingredients: 1 piece of winter melon, 150 grams of lean meat, 2 tomatoes, 1 ginger, 1 green onion, a small amount of black pepper, salt and chicken essence.

1. Washed the melon clean and cut off the skin, dug it in the inner pupa, cut it into a filament, add a small amount of edible salt into the bowl, and kill part of the water in the winter melon.Ginger peel and cut the last, chopped onion.

2. After buying it home, you can chop it with a knife to make it better on it.Add the water to the water to season the water that has been killed and the ginger, the appropriate amount of salt, and a small amount of black pepper, and stir it in one direction to the top.

3. Put the mixed meat mud dumplings in a suitable size. Put it in a plate. Put the steamer in the water and cook it on high heat.

4. Taking advantage of the steamed balls, put the tomatoes in boiling water for 1 minute to tear off the skin and chop it in a hot oil pan.Just break it, a delicious and delicious and fat -reducing tomato juice winter melon tofu meatballs are ready.

Ingredients: melon, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, salt and chicken essence.

1. Winter melon skin is comparable to the nutrients contained in the melon meat. You can cut it directly without scraping during production. Sprinkle the appropriate amount of salt for 5 minutes to make the melon flavor and the codes of the winter melon neatly on the plate.

2. Put the melon and steam for about 8 minutes after steaming the steamer. The steaming to the melon slices is translucent.

3. After the winter melon is steamed, some water will be precipitated. Pour the precipitated water into the pot. Continue to add 2 spoons of oyster sauce, 1 spoon of raw soy sauce, appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence to boil and make the juice.Dripped on the melon slices.

4. Add a small amount of oil and pepper to the wok, fry the pepper pepper out of the aroma, remove it, and pour the oil evenly on the melon. A plate of refreshing and tender oyster sauce steams the winter melon.

Ingredients: prawns, winter melon, seafood mushrooms, green onions, ginger, black pepper, salt and chicken essence.

1. Clean the prawns, pick out the shrimp line, cut off the shrimp head, peel the shrimp shell, put it in the water again, clean and put it in the bowl, add a spoon of raw soy sauce, a small amount of cooking wine and ginger slices, and rub it evenlyAfter 10 minutes, reduce the fishy smell of shrimp.Peel the melon and cut into thick slices, slices ginger, and chopped the shallots.

2. Add a small amount of oil to the wok. Add the marinated shrimp after the oil is hot and fry until the two sides are discolored and spare.

3. Come on the wok again. After the oil is hot, pour the melon slices until the melon is transparent. Add the clean seafood mushrooms and stir fry for 30 seconds.

4. Pour a bowl of hot water and add fried shrimp. After cooking, add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence to season. Sprinkle black pepper and green onion.

Ingredients: winter melon, meat filling, powder strips, shrimp skin.

1. Winter melon removes the outer skin and cut into pieces. The noodles are washed off the floating ash on the outside with water, soaked in water in water, cut the shallot section, and shred the ginger for later use.

2. Add an appropriate amount of bottom oil to the pot. After the oil is burned to 60 % of the heat, pour the meat filling, stir -fry it with a shovel, and stir -fry the oil after the meat, pour the green onion, ginger, pepper pepper, octagonal corner, and again again, again againStir fry evenly add a little old soy sauce color.

3. Pour in the winter melon block and stir fry for 1 minute, add 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1 spoon of pepper, stir -fry a little salt, add a large bowl of clear water.

4. After the water is boiled, pour the soft noodles into the pot, stir well, cover and cover the lid, simmer for about 10 minutes, add a little chicken essence, sprinkle with a handful of shrimp skin, stir -fry evenly, then turn off the heat and sprinkle with a handful of green onions.Broken.

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