Eat red dates for iron?wrong!The real iron supplement master is them

Many people in life take red dates as a good product for blood supplementing iron, but unfortunately tell you: The effect of red dates is not good!

Because the iron content in red dates is not high, the iron content in the dry red dates is about 2 ~ 4mg/100g, and the iron is non -heme iron (the human body usually absorbs and uses hemoglobin iron and non -heme iron)Not only is the effective absorption rate (2%~ 20%), but it is also easily affected by other dietary factors. For example, acid, tannins, polyphenols, etc. can hinder the absorption of iron, so the effect of red dates is not good.

So, what should I eat for iron supplement?Don’t worry, tell you that the real "iron supplement master" in food is actually the following:

1. Animal blood

Animal blood is a good product for dietary iron!

① Goose blood (37.7mg/100g of iron content): The highest iron content in blood products can meet the need for 1 day.

② Duck blood (with iron content 30.5mg/100g): The most easy blood product in daily life is also a good source of protein (13.6g/100g).

③ Chicken blood (25 mg/100g of iron content): cholesterol is the highest (170 mg) of blood products. For people with high cholesterol, pay attention.

④ Sheep blood (with iron content 18.3mg/100g): The iron content is 2 times that of pig blood, and heat and cholesterol are also lower in blood products.

⑤ Pig blood (8.7mg/100g of iron content): The lowest content in common animal blood, but it is easier to buy.

2. Animal liver

① Pork liver (23.3mg/100g with iron content): iron supplementation, and vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, and vitamin C are relatively sharp.

② Duck liver (23.1mg/100g of iron content): The iron content of duck liver is abundant, approaching the iron content of chicken blood, but the heat and cholesterol are not low.

③ Turkey liver (with iron content 20.7mg/100g): Its protein content (20 g) is the highest in the liver. The vitamin B2 content is abundant, which can promote the absorption of non -hemantan iron. The disadvantage is uncommon.

④ Chicken liver (with iron content 12mg/100g): High cholesterol content (356 mg).

⑤ Goose liver (with iron content 7.8mg/100g)

Reminder: The content of cholesterol and saturated fat in animal liver is very high. Everyone must control the amount when consumed, and it can be used twice a week to avoid causing blood sugar and blood lipids.

3. Seafood and aquatic products

Grasson (33.6mg/100g), hairy crabs (33.4 mg/100g), river mussels (26.6mg/100g), clam (22mg/100g), field snail (iron content 19.7)Seafood aquatic foods such as mg/100g), clams (with iron content 17.7mg/100g), prawns (including iron content 14.5 mg/100g) are not low.

4. Rough grain grain

Quangu’s food is also a "big iron tibetan".All -valley foods such as wheat, oatmeal, oats and barley are also rich in iron, which can help digestion, reduce blood lipids and lose weight, but also improve the level of hemoglobin.

In addition, beans are not only high protein, but also rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

According to research, 11mg of iron and soy flour per 100g of soybeans and soy flour, and the body’s absorption rate is 7%.

Therefore, for vegetarians, eating more beans, soy products or whole grains can also have a good iron supplement effect.

In addition, I also recommend 4 iron -rich home -cooked dishes, which can not only supplement iron for the body, but also satisfy your taste buds.

① Stir -fried duck blood: cut or sliced duck blood, simmer the boiling water for 2 ~ 3 minutes until cooked, wash the chives and cut it for later use; hot pot cool oil, garlic slices produce flavor, leeks are slightly fry, do not fry too soft, do not fry too soft, Add duck blood, salt, cooking wine, stir fry the pan evenly.

② Stir -fried waist flowers: Cut the washed garlic seedlings into sections, and cut green peppers and red peppers and cut them into slices for later use.Wash the waist flowers, remove the fascia and gland, cut into slices, add a little salt, cooking wine, raw starch, and marinate for 10 minutes.Stir the flavor of the garlic, stir -fry the garlic seedlings, green peppers, and red pepper for a while, add the waist flower, add the salt and bean paste to the pot after frying.

③ Stir -fried pork with green pepper: Wash the green pepper and remove the seeds and cut it for later use; the washed pork spine meat into shreds, add a little raw soy sauce, cooking wine, water starch and marinate for 15 minutes; hot pot in cold oil, stir -fry and stir -fry.The green peppers are spare to Microsoft; the hot pot is cool again, the ginger and garlic slices are fried, the fried shredded shredded pork is mature, and the green peppers are added and fry it. Finally, add a little salt to the pan.

④ Pork liver spinach soup: After the pork liver was washed, the cold water pot was removed, removed blood foam, and cooked and removed for later use; spinach was washed, and boiled water for 30 seconds to 1 minute.To avoid affecting iron absorption; re -boil water, add ginger slices, oil, salt, put pork liver and spinach, spinach can be out of the pot.

Have you learned it?

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