Eating oranges will cause nucleic acid results to be "positive"?One article reveals the truth, I know good early

At the end of 2019, the new crown epidemic has been aggressive. It has been developed for three years now, but at this stage, there is another epidemic situation and blossoming everywhere.

Although my country is the first outbreak -out country, my country’s response policy is still very complete, and now it has also changed the epidemic prevention policy that is more suitable for daily life.

There have always been a lot of claims about the new crown epidemic. Some people some time ago have associated oranges and epidemics.

A message on the Internet once made many people feel worried, that is, after eating oranges, they performed nucleic acid testing, and the results were positive.

It turned out that someone was detected by orange juice at home. It was found that the detected result was positive, so people no longer dare to eat oranges before performing nucleic acid testing.

People are worried that if the nucleic acid test results are positive after eating oranges, they may need to be separated and medical treatment.

However, it is not infected with the new coronary virus, and the real result is not positive at all, so it is likely that the new coronal virus is infected during the process of isolation or treatment, which is to lose money.

In fact, as early as 2021, foreign experiments had done experiments. In addition to orange juice, such as soda, Coke, Fanta, Red Bull, Vodka, etc.Positive.

However, the new crown virus was not detected in these beverages. The reason for this is mainly because the new crown testing is incorrect.

I believe everyone knows that the samples of the sample after nucleic acid will be placed in a small tube equipped with a red liquid. This is a sample treatment solution. It can only be detected after processing.

During the experiment, the liquid of these beverages was placed directly into the reagent plate. Without handling it, the results of the detection may be positive.

Therefore, it is not that the nucleic acid test after eating oranges must be positive. I hope everyone can treat this correctly.

The sustainable development of the new crown epidemic has seriously affected people’s normal life and also affects economic progress.

Therefore, everyone is looking forward to the day when the new crown epidemic is over, and even some netizens have a good life after the epidemic on the Internet.

Regarding whether the new crown epidemic will end and when will it end, these questions, the famous Academician Zhong Nanshan has already answered.

Academician Zhong Nanshan said that combined with the current stage of the epidemic situation, it may not disappear, but with the continuous mutation and transformation of the new crown virus, it is not as terrible in the future, and maybe it is likely to be treated as a cold.

Of course, this is just the conclusion made by Academician Zhong Nanshan’s previous development situation. Perhaps one day in the future, the new crown epidemic may also disappear completely.

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, my country actively carried out corresponding response policies, and vaccination was the most critical defense measure.

When the vaccine was initially vaccinated, many people were actively responding, but at the beginning, people just vaccinated three -shot vaccine, accompanied by the continuous development and changes of the new crown epidemic, and there were many claims about the fourth needle.

According to the latest news and reports, it is said that the fourth pins may soon begin to accept, but this vaccination group is mainly the elderly.

This makes people feel that there is almost no chance to go out for the elderly who are very incomprehensible. Why do they specify this object as middle -aged and elderly people?

It turned out that in the past, there were death cases when the Beijing epidemic was serious, and the death cases were basically the elderly.

Therefore, the main reason to introduce this policy may also be to ensure the health of the elderly.

-En improve constipation

If constipation occurs, it is necessary to regulate and control it in time. For a long time, constipation is likely to increase the risk of anorectal diseases. Eating oranges properly is helpful for improving constipation.Can accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach and reduce the burden on the intestine.

-Onfuction of fatigue

For those who are engaged in physical strength, after a day of work, they may feel that their bodies are extremely tired. At this time, they can also consider eating some oranges in an appropriate amount. Perhaps to a certain extent, they can be able to eliminate and improve fatigue.It is also good for health care.

-Beauty and beauty

In addition to actively conditioning and maintenance of the skin, you can also consider eating some oranges in daily life.

–reduce cholesterol

If there are too many cholesterol in the body, it is likely to affect the health of the cardiovascular, and even increase the risk of the disease. Eating oranges in moderation in daily life can to a certain extent to reduce cholesterol.It can also help reduce the effect of cardiovascular.

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