Eating sauerkraut often is good or bad for the body?Doctor: 3 kinds of people are best to eat less or not to eat

Introduction: In this fast -paced life, people are getting busy and even too busy to eat. Even if they squeeze out for a few minutes to eat, they will eat some fast food in the end, so instant noodles become the first choice for many people. These peopleI can’t tell which dish is delicious, but they know which instant noodles are delicious. In addition to instant noodles, many vacuum packaging dishes sold in the supermarket are also their choices. Among them, the most popular is various mustard.

When the weather is cold, because vegetables are not easy to save in winter, many vegetables and fruits will become less produced because of the weather. In order to save vegetables, many people will choose to save.The sauerkraut is marinated, as well as the Northeast, where everyone is marinated with 500 pounds of cabbage for winter. The most common compared to the mustard that everyone bought in the supermarket is sauerkraut, which shows its popularity.

The sauerkraut is really delicious and delicious. Can it be eaten for a long time?In fact, from the perspective of nutrition, sauerkraut is not without any nutritional value. It retains some of the original nutrients of vegetables, such as dietary fiber and plant protein. During the fermentation process, a large amount of beneficial microorganisms will be produced.The nutrients in Chinese cabbage, thereby producing nutrients such as B -e -vitamins, free amino acids such as Chinese cabbage itself or lack of lack of or lacking, so occasionally eat sauerkraut, healthy and delicious.

However, Gao Yanjing from Beijing Diquan Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University said: Adding a lot of salt during the marinating process of sauerkraut is a negative factor for health. The harm caused by high salt diet can be said to be full of body, including high blood pressure, calcium loss loss, Osteoporosis, kidney stones, brain tissue injury, gastric cancer risk, so for health, it is not recommended to eat sauerkraut for a long time. Occasionally, it is enough to have mouth addiction.

1. Patients with hypertension

People with high blood pressure must eat less or not sauerkraut, because the sauerkraut will add a lot of salt during the marinating process. The salt is rich in sodium. After entering the body, it may cause a certain stimulation to the blood vessels, resulting in blood vessel contraction, therebyPromote the increase in blood pressure, so for health, you can eat as little or sauerkraut as much as possible. I hope you can take your heart and not be willful.

2. Stomach patients

The stomach is a very important digestive and absorption organs in the human body. Whether gastrointestinal health may be directly related to human health. Therefore, having a healthy Weibo in daily life is essential for health care.People, especially patients with gastritis and gastric ulcers, should also eat as little or sauerkraut as much as possible, because after the sauerkraut rises to the body, it may cause excessive gastric acid secretion, and it will stimulate the fragile gastric mucosa and further increase the burden on the stomach.Put it on your heart.

3. The elderly, pregnant women and other people

Like the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc., there may be special physical functions. If they do not pay attention or have some bad behavior habits, they may damage their health, so these people should pay more attention in daily diet and life.Eat less or not eat sauerkraut, so as not to hurt your body without knowing it.

Eating sauerkraut diarrhea is mainly because sauerkraut is an acidic food that stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, causes intestinal peristalsis, and causes diarrhea. Salva add salt during the production process.After consumption, it is easy to cause intestinal bacterial infection, leading to acute gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

You need to go to the hospital to test the stool routine to confirm whether there is a bacterial infection. If the amount of white blood cells is found in the stool, antibiotics can be used for antibiotics for anti -inflammatory treatment.Infusion, avoid dehydration.

Eating sauerkraut to lose weight or gain weight, it cannot be generalized, and it cannot be discussed simply according to sauerkraut. You need to discuss other foods intake within a day. Sauerkraut is a low -calorie food that is rich in dietary fiber and has a certain sense of satiety.Eating in moderation is conducive to reducing the intake of other high -calorie foods, which helps to lose weight, but if you have eaten more high -calorie foods, you can take more calories. Although the calories of sauerkraut are low, it may be possibleAs a result, too much calories after eating are not conducive to weight loss. At this time, it will still gain weight.

Losing weight or weight gain is mainly related to the energy intake and consumption of one day. When the energy consumed all day is greater than the total energy consumed, it will not gain weight, but it is not the effect of sauerkraut. If you need to lose weight, it is recommended to start with your diet.It is also necessary to do more exercise, such as running, swimming, etc., which can consume some calories, improve basic metabolism, and maintain good living habits, stay up late, drink more water, which is conducive to weight loss.

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