Eleven pregnancy examinations that must be done

After pregnancy, I have to go to the hospital every month after pregnancy -routine examination, and sometimes I hear the old man at home saying, "No need to check every time. We never went to check it before. The child was not the sameOkay! "At this time, you must not be lucky to obey the old man’s words, because some inspections must be done.

1. Example test: Each time the expectant mother goes to the hospital, these projects such as urine, weight, abdominal circumference and palace high, and fetal heart movement are inevitable for routine examinations.The main purpose of doing these inspections is to monitor the condition of mothers and babies and assist expectant mothers to go through pregnancy smoothly.

2. B -ultrasound: Each expectant mother will receive at least 3 B -ultrasound during pregnancy, about 12 weeks, 24 or 25 weeks, and 36 weeks.In the second trimester, the B -ultrasound can roughly estimate the weight of the fetus, and you can also understand the situation in the palace so that doctors and expectant mothers can decide to produce.If the doctor thinks it is necessary, let the expectant mothers perform more B -ultrasound.Modern B -ultrasound is safe and reliable, and expectant mothers need to worry.

3. Urine sample: Check protein, sugar and ketone body in urine, mirror examination of red blood cells and white blood cells.Under normal circumstances, the above indicators are negative.

4. Pre -production screening of Tang’s syndrome: Donaldiated pre -delivery screening is a high -risk of the high -risk of the congenital stupid fetus with a more economical, simple, and non -damaged detection method of fetal fetuses.individual.

5. Liver and kidney function test: These are mainly to check whether expectant mothers have diseases such as hepatitis and nephritis. The burden on the liver and kidneys is increased during pregnancy.The original disease "worsen the snow".

6. Weight: Called a few pounds of you. Look at the dietary results since the last inspection, estimate that the baby’s pounds in the belly, each time to the weight scale, expectant mothers will always be proud or worried about worrying or worryingThe number of doctors reported the number.If the weight increases too fast, the doctor will open a suitable plan for the mothers to enhance the exercise and control the diet. Of course, if the weight growth is less, the doctor will also recommend that the expectant mothers add more nutrition to allow the fetus in the abdomen to grow smoothly in the abdomen smoothly.Essence

7, abdominal circumference: The baby’s most obvious change in the baby in the uterus is that the belly becomes larger.In the middle and late pregnancy, Mummy’s navel usually bulges, and sometimes there is no umbilical hole, but the entire belly is round.

8. Blood type examination: When the expectant mother establishes archives in the hospital, a comprehensive and systematic examination will be performed, including the blood routine.Through it, whether expectant mothers have the signs of diabetes during pregnancy and whether they have other diseases, they can understand.

9. Hepatitis C (HCV) virus test: Hepatobitis virus is the pathogen of hepatitis C. 75%of patients are asymptomatic. Only 25%of patients include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.Hepatitis C virus can also be passed to the fetus through the placenta.

10. Bacterial examination of gonorrhea: Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by gonorrhea dual -bacteria. It is directly transmitted through unclean sexual intercourse.Give newborns.

11. Ferry heart monitoring: After 36 weeks, the fetal heart monitoring of expectant mothers also begins.At least 15 minutes each time, the baby’s activity will be recorded in the case.If the baby’s activity is not obvious or very small, the baby may be resting, but it may also be that the baby’s situation is not good. The doctor will judge according to the actual situation, or take further treatment measures to the mother.

I believe you also want your child to be healthy and healthy, then believe that science is now scientific. If your child has any problems, it will be resolved early.In addition, during pregnancy, especially in the later period, you must observe the changes in fetal movement in time. If there is any abnormalities, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

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