Eleventh "Ziyu Day" in the first month, keep in mind: 1 taboo, 2 to do, 3 to eat, meaning happiness and happiness

On the 11th of the first month of the first month, the son -in -law of the second day of the New Year took the daughter to return to her mother’s house. As a thank you, the father -in -law of the first month of the first month was to banquet his son -in -law, thank the son -in -law’s care for the daughter, and the daughter’s brother would go out to welcome.

After the ninth day of the first month, the remaining ingredients were finished on the nine of the first month of the first month, and some of the remaining ingredients could not be eaten on the tenth day. Eleven can be used to invite son -in -law to express their respect for son -in -law, and at the same time, it reflects the virtues of the ancient labor people who cherish food.

The folk pays attention to the husband and wife that the husband and wife cannot quarrel, and the days of harmony with beautiful beauty should be smooth.

1. Worship Zi Zi.Ziguo is the room of the big family. She was persecuted in the toilet by her wife because she was jealous.The folk worshiping Zi Zi is not because she is a toilet god, but also because Zigu represents the weak woman who has been oppressed by the feudal tradition, and is the protector of the weak woman.Worship and worship Ziyi to bless the women in the family safe and healthy.

2. By worship in old age.As the old saying, "but the fifteen is the New Year", "There are New Year’s Eve, fifteen is not too late", there may be more relatives and friends who may not be worshiped for a few days in the New Year.

What is good to eat "Ziyu Day"?These three foods are on the table, which means auspiciousness, and the family is happy and happy.


On the 11th of the first month, the father -in -law banquet invited the son -in -law to be a co -son daughter to eat. "Hezi" is also called "box". The traditional Chinese "co -in" implying family harmony, harmony and happiness.

1. Prepare a pink bar and pour the hot water just boiled for 10 minutes.500 grams of pork, peel and chop into meat.Add 2 grams of salt, 1 gram of pepper, 1 grams of pepper powder, 10 grams of raw soy sauce, 10 grams of ginger mud, stir well, and add 2 grams of old soy sauce.Stir and beat for 2 minutes to make the meat stuffing.

2. Remove the soft noodles, cut the small section first, and then chop it.Add 2 grams of old soy sauce and color the noodles.Then take a part of the meat filling and noodles, stir well, and make the filling.

3. Put 200 grams of flour in the basin, 3 grams of yeast, and 2 grams of salt to increase muscles.Prepare an appropriate amount of water, stir on the side and stir, stir into a sticky batter, and continue to stir in the same direction until the batter becomes a group.Chopsticks are raised, and it is enough to drop.Cover with a plate and seal and ferment for 1 hour.It can also be placed in a warm place to promote the speed of fermentation.

4, take out the dough after 1 hour, and apply oil evenly on the dough to prevent the cakes more crispy while preventing hands.Prepare a plate and apply oil to prevent adhesion.The noodles of the meat box are very soft, with ductility, and it is easier to form while making.

5. Put a noodle agent, put it in the plate, gently circle with your hands, thinly, put it with the adjusted filling, gently pull the dough, tighten the opening like a bun,Thin, compact, prevent stuffing.Slightly put the cake to make the cake thin and consistent, and it is easier to cooked, so that the raw billet of the meat box is ready.

6. Boil a little more oil in the pan. After fully moisturizing the pan, leave a little base oil. When the oil temperature is 50 % hot, put the raw blanks, and gently organize the cake to make the cake more rounded.The cake skin is very thin. After the color changes around the cake, you must turn over and keep turning to prevent vagueness.After about 3 minutes, the cake is covered with golden and crispy on both sides.

Second, chicken leg

There is no chicken without a seat. The Chinese people have loved chicken since ancient times, and chicken legs are even more treasures.Grandpa must prepare chicken legs at home, especially with grandchildren, high nutritional meaning, eat legs and feet, and love to run to the house.

1. Prepare a few chicken legs and clean it to remove the blood and excess oil above.Wash it and remove it. The meat of the chicken leg is relatively thick. Use a bamboo stick to push some small holes on the front and back of the bamboo stick.

2. Put it into the pot and pour the onion ginger water prepared in advance, sprinkle with green onions, ginger slices, and pour some Orleans marinade. Add chicken powder, sugar, cooking wine, salt, and repeatedly grab.Then use the plastic wrap to seal the marinating for more than 2 hours, so that the chicken legs are fully flavored, which is also the key to the delicious fried chicken legs.

3. Put half a bowl of flour in the basin, half a bowl of glutinous rice flour, and glutinous rice flour can increase stickiness, which is convenient for powder to stick to the chicken leg.Put half a bowl of starch. The ratio of starch and flour here is 1: 1, soak the powder for a little, and the two spoons of Jishi powder will be fragrant.Salt, thirteen incense, chicken powder foundation.

4. Grab the crispy powder with two pieces, add some water, stir well, and adjust it to brushed water paste.It should not be too thick. If it is wrapped too much, it will affect the taste of chicken legs.

5. Take out the marinated chicken legs, put it in a crispy paste and wrap it well. The thin layer is sufficient. Control the extra crispy paste, put it in the crispy powder and mix well.Stick up on the chicken leg firmly, shake off the extra crispy powder.Crispy powder is easy to explode with scales -like crispy layers.

6. Boil oil in the pot, add a fence, and add 50 % hot in the oil temperature.The fire should not be too large, the oil temperature should not be too high, otherwise the crispy layer is too fast, and the meat inside is not familiar.Keep the heat slowly and heat the heat to penetrate the chicken.With the constant heating, the crispy cortex will gradually explode into golden yellow, and there are beautiful scales on it.

7. Fry for about 5 minutes.Grow the temperature of the oil to 60 % of the heat. Put all the chicken legs into the pot and quickly fry them for 30 seconds. This will not only spit out excess oil, but also the chicken legs will be more crispy and tender, golden and seductive.

Third, poached eggs

The poached eggs are specially used to "return to the door" to entertain the guests. The son -in -law takes the daughter to go home as a noble guest.Expressing the importance to the son -in -law, implying that the family reunion, harmony with the beauty, and the noble child early!

1. Prepare half a onion, cut into slices first, and then cut into pieces, and make four eggs in the bowl without stirring.

2. Boil oil in the pan, pour hot oil after fully sliding the pot, and add cold oil.Hot pot is cold, eggs are not easy to stick to the pan.Pour the eggs gently into the pot and shake it frequently, so that the egg liquid is evenly heated.

3. After the forming is solidified, turn over the other side, worry about the sticky pan, pour some oil along the pot, continue to shake the pan, fry the eggs, fry until all the fixed, pour out the oil control, and cut it into a small piece for later use.

4. Boil oil in the pot, add Douxian Douban sauce, stir -fry the red oil, add the old mane of tempeh, continue to stir -fry the flavor of the sauce, then pour the onion grains, and stir -fry evenly.

5. Pour the fried poached eggs and stir -fry. After the eggs are fried in the taste, pour a little red oil to put it out of the pan.Finally, sprinkle with green onion and red pepper, and make it delicious.

Don’t lose the old tradition, the days are getting red!

First Food Editor: Qiming

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