Emergency treatment!A "negative" baby under a "positive" pregnant women in Nanchang, Jiangxi

China News Network, Nanchang, March 21 (Wu Pengquan Zhu Yixin) On the afternoon of the 20th, a baby boy weighing 7 pounds and 9 pounds successfully was born in the infected building of the Xianghu Hospital of Nanchang University.

Li Xiao (pseudonym), a pregnant woman who lives in Nanchang High -tech Zone, Jiangxi, has been pregnant for 40 weeks. She needs to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment due to infection.

In the afternoon of the same day, the pregnant woman was transferred to the infected building of Xianghu District, the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang University through the 120 ambulance closed -loop to the major public health incident medical center in Jiangxi Province.

"After admission to the hospital, we conducted an examination and consultation with her, and found that the baby’s body was large and could only be performed by a caesarean section." According to Wan Junhui, the director of Xianghuyuan District, the first affiliated hospital of Nanchang UniversityAfter judging the feast of the women’s and gynecology, the medical staff of the isolated area immediately sent the mother to the negative pressure surgery to prepare for surgery.

This is the first time in Jiangxi Province to carry out caesarean section for the BA.2 infected by Omikon.With the cooperation of medical staff, a baby boy was successfully cut out after 25 minutes of surgery.After the baby was born, the medical staff found that the child was suffocating. Under the precise judgment and rapid rescue, the baby turned in danger for 1 minute and made the first cry.

On the afternoon of the 20th, a "positive" maternal gardening baby in Nanchang, Jiangxi.Photo by Yang Zhen

"We comprehensively formed the situation of epidemic prevention and control and daily medical treatment." According to Zhang Wei, the senior expert group of the Jiangxi Province’s epidemic prevention and control emergency response headquarters and the president of Nanchang University’s Affiliated Hospital, for this epidemic,The hospital adopts classified and stratified measures to infect the building, and conduct efficient arrangements, thorough arrangements, and careful deployment of operating rooms, auxiliary inspections and other areas in the building, so that patients can complete the full process diagnosis and treatment activities without the building.

"Whether the new crown virus Omecko strains will be passed on to the child through vertical pathway? This is what we are paying very much. As soon as the baby is born, we have made an oral swab and the nucleic acid first sieves." Jiangxi Province’s major public publicXiang Tianxin, the chief expert of the Health Incident Medical Center and Director of the Institute of Sensor, said that at present, the mother and child are safe, and the baby is isolated in the observation ward.

At present, Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, is trying to obstruct the new crown virus epidemic.Long Guoying, deputy mayor of Nanchang City, said that in order to ensure the needs of the people, Nanchang has set a designated hospital, red and yellow code fixed -term treatment hospital, and hemodialysis designated hospitals.Special groups such as mental disorders provide medical services.(over)

Source: China News Network

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