(End of the full text) For the sake of Bai Xuncai, the shameless mother -in -law even made my boyfriend deliberately let me get pregnant

I was pregnant and talked to my boyfriend with joy and joy, but the good parties met were disgusting by them.

I thought he came to apologize to me, but unexpectedly heard that the shameless mother -in -law instigated my boyfriend to get my boyfriend, so that I could hold me with my child, and naturally married a daughter -in -law who did not want money.

How can there be such a person in this world!I went directly to the hospital to kill the child and sent them all to the police station!

My name is Lin Ya. I am 24 years old this year. I learned that I was pregnant unexpectedly a few days ago.

But now I am in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital, and goes to the operating room to remove the child.

I didn’t regret this move, but I had a sense of joy to get rid of the restraint.

My boyfriend Fu Yuanlang and I have been together since college. It is still two years now. He finally admitted to civil servants. I also found my favorite job in this city.

To say that he really has something to accept, that is, he is particularly unprecedented. The big affair in love is generally I am taking an idea.

Fortunately, he was very gentle and gentle about me, which also made me consider to continue with him after graduation.

My parents are all elementary school teachers. The family of our family is ordinary. There is also a brother in the family who has married a wife and having a child.

My brother and sister -in -law love each other on each other. I have a cute little nephew. The two of them make me look forward to my marriage life in the future.

Last month, my routine holiday did not come on time. I thought it was caused by abnormal work and rest. Who knew that I was pregnant after going to the hospital for a medical examination after a week.

Knowing the news, Fu Yuen Long was very happy, hugged me a lot of laps, and was still thinking about it in his mouth. This is good.

Then he started to call his mother, excitedly saying what mother, what your wishes realized.

I was a little puzzled and asked him why he said that, he explained that his mother was particularly happy since he knew the two of us together. She wanted to have her grandson.It’s right.

After I was excited, I was a little worried. The two of us have not just been working for two years, and they have not saved any money when traveling often. Now I am really not pregnant.

"Yuen Long, should we not want this child, we haven’t got married yet, there is nothing."

"What are you afraid of, since of course you have to give birth, I will go home and ask my mother’s preparations before marriage. Let’s take advantage of your stomach to do the wedding first, and then let my mother find a Yoda Ji Ri. Let’s go.Levate a certificate. "

Although I was still worried, I looked at him because of his child’s happiness, and I also said that I went home to tell my parents about it.

My parents knew that after I was pregnant, I also had the same concerns as me, but after all, it was a small life. In addition, I had a better relationship with me and Fu Yuen Long. They agreed to discuss marriage for me.

We are a well -known province in the country. When my brother got married at the time, the sister -in -law of Xunzi gave 200,000, which was the savings of my parents all their lives.

Since we began to talk about marriage, we have argued five times because of the issue of Cai Li.

He said that his mother pulled him alone, and operated a small bun shop in order to get up early every day. It was not easy, and then asked me if I could be lower.

"My friend’s wedding gifts are nearly 300,000. My parents also know that your family’s situation is 100,000, and this money will still let it follow me to our little home.Very good to make concessions. "

Because he wanted to set this matter, his mother deliberately asked my parents to eat and talk about the gift.

In order to show our family’s importance to this matter, my brother sister -in -law also asked for leave and following my parents.

I thought it was an ordinary meeting of the two people, but when our family arrived in the private room, I found that everyone was full of a house.

"Are these?" Looking at this group of people who stared at, my mother couldn’t help asking about Fu Yuen Long’s mother with a smile.

"Ah, we are all family members of Yuen Long, I am his aunt."

Then the seven aunts and eight aunts began to introduce themselves, and a middle -aged man was hungry. Let us order it quickly.

"Sorry, I heard that our family Yuan Lang was going to discuss marriage. The family attaches great importance to it, so I followed it."

My parents still feel that their family pays so much attention to this matter. Today, they will definitely give things off, and also save a heart disease of their old couples.

Who knows that before he took a seat, the others were a little impatient to eat.

"Xiaoya, don’t mind, they rushed over because of our lunch." Then they apologized for my parents embarrassed.

My dad was a bit dissatisfied, but he endured the occasion today.

The next step is the performance of their family.

"Our Xiaoya has been spoiled by our husband and wife since childhood. She will not let her brush the bowl at home to do housework. If there is anything wrong, I hope you can understand it."

My mother took the lead, and listened to her describing me ten fingers. I was dissatisfied and wanted to speak, but the sister -in -law squeezed her hand gently next to her, and motioned with my eyes to signal me not to speak.

As soon as my mother’s words were finished, Aunt Fu Yuanlang, who was full of meat, couldn’t wait to take out a piece of paper that was densely written.

Before standing up, I did not forget to hold a abalone in my mouth.

"I said Xiaoya’s parents, we have to say something in advance. Our family Yuen Long is a civil servant, but that is an iron rice bowl. Your daughter is waiting for the blessing.

The unit also specially approved a public rental house. Before buying a house, they could live there now.

This is the dowry list listed in our family. How do you say that your woman has to send a 100,000 car, coupled with Yuen Lang, they have to buy a house after they get married.return."

"Yes, there must be a four -bedroom or something in this house. At that time, Yu Lang’s mother can go there to take care of them. We will live in the place!"

Fu Yuen Long’s uncle spit a sputum on the ground, and then said his aunt’s words.

My brows are frowning and tighter. This family obviously comes to grab money. How can it sound what my family wants to do? They wait to sit and enjoy their achievements?

I glanced at Fu Yuen Long on the opposite side, and asked him to stand up and say something. He just wanted to open his mouth and was pressed back by his mother. By the way, he murmured something in his ear.

I looked at my parents worriedly. They were both Swen people. It is also the first time that I have seen such a strange scene.

"The house is out of our house, how much gifts do you get?" After listening to the wine glass in his hand, he put heavily on the table and asked the family.

"You also know that it is not easy for Yuen Long’s mother to bring it alone. We will everything from Cai Li. We buy Sanjin for Xiaoya.

"Fifty thousand !!! You don’t go out to inquire about how much money will you spend now! 50,000 to say that you will not make people laugh?"

My dad slapped the table directly, and the blood pressure came up all at once, and some stood in the forehead.

Seeing this, I hurriedly helped him sit down slowly. Fu Yuen Long’s mother took these smiles and sat there without talking, so that these relatives who looked unable to mess with spoke, she slowly drink tea.

"Fu Yuanlang, do you say that, do you discuss it like this? Have you still thought!"

I was angry at Fu Yuanlang angrily, and when I saw her son, his mother was unwilling to immediately, but still had a smile on his face.

"Xiaoya, don’t be angry, you have babies in your stomach, you should pay attention."

Listening to care, in fact, it was given a new topic of his aunt. Sure enough, his aunt began again.

"Yes, your daughter has already conceived Yuen Long’s child. If we can’t talk about this, we will wear a wedding dress with a big belly … This will let others say three or four, so in person, our two are like this.The discussion is determined, and it will save trouble. "

After speaking, his aunt began to laugh, and then throw the list in his hand hard.

"Daughter, we won’t marry! Let’s show your list for ghosts!"

My dad shook his hands and pointed at the family on the opposite side angrily, and pulled me and my mother and left directly.

Unexpectedly, they were so embarrassed to stop us: "Hey, don’t go, don’t you go, this table dishes always check out?"

Looking at my parents’ grievances, I couldn’t help it anymore. I walked over and grabbed the tablecloth and overturned a table of meals. The sister -in -law quickly helped me. I thought she was going toStop me, who knows she even said to me, "Xiaoya, don’t move, let your brother help you, we can’t get angry in vain!"

Obviously, Fu Yuen Long did not expect that I would directly lift the table. At this time, he and his mother couldn’t hang on his face. When he rushed over, he wanted to ask me.

"Lin Ya, what are you going crazy? Hurry up and apologize to them. You don’t like Lin Ya I know at all."

I was so angry that I directly slapped it, and my palms were slightly numb.

"Fu Yuanlang, how did you promise me at the time? You said that some girls will definitely give me it. Today, just on the table, your family will take such a blood -sucking list, and take my dadMom is so angry, and now has a face quality ask me? "

Fu Yuen Long said that I didn’t know what to say for a while. These were indeed what he said in order to coax me, and he gave it as much as others.The table must be spoiled into a little princess to not be aggrieved at all.

It was not a few days before, in front of these people, he turned his face like a book.

"What do you do to hit my son?! You do n’t check your own, and you seduce our family Yuanlang before you get married. If you have a child, you do n’t converge. This is already our family that it is poor. Otherwise, you are pregnant.There must be no one in the future !!! "

These words made me know the true thoughts of this prospective mother -in -law for the first time. It turned out that their family thought of me so. Is it so unbearable in their eyes?

The boyfriend was still covered with the half -face he was hit, but his mother saw me slap Fu Yuanlang, and rushed directly to hit me.

My brother blocked directly in front of me, and pushed her away, and Fu Yuanlang hurriedly hugged her before falling.

Other people also came around and looked at us fiercely.

My mother helped my dad standing next to me and looked at this group of people alertly.

Seeing such a scene, my eyes were moist. My parents and brother -in -law guarded me like this. They were all because of the person I was blind to seeing him, and they still conceived his child.

"I didn’t expect your family to be this kind of goods. I have only seen your true colors until now. This table dishes are all of you. What does it have to do with us? Sister, let’s go!"

My brother took a wine bottle in front, and our family walked out of the hotel private room.

After I got out of the hotel, I cried well. I kept saying sorry in my mother’s arms. It was me that I saw the wrong talent that made them grievance.

"Okay, Yaya, now people who know what they look like is not too late. Go home with my parents. Even if you do n’t marry someone, you are still the little princess in the hearts of your parents. We will spoil you for a lifetime."

The sister -in -law also hugged me distressed and kept comforting me when she and my brother would raise me for a lifetime. My disappointment with Yuen Long was also accumulated.

The disappointment for him was not a day or two, once twice. It turned out that he thought he had no opinion. Everything listened to me. I enjoyed this feeling of being the master.

But slowly, he appeared more and more times in his mouth, saying that his mother said, and then it is not easy to keep me with me to keep him. It must not be bad for fucking.

At first I still felt that this person was quite filial, but for a long time, the temperament of his mother Baoman completely appeared.

Not only are the underwear waiting for his mother to wash your hands, what to eat and do, you must report to the videos of his mother where you go to play.

After dinner at night, the two people laughed in a bed with a hip bed, no matter how embarrassing me next to me, even in the middle of the night, I had to quietly come over to cover him, scaring me to almost hit the kettle on her head.

There are many such things, but then I and Fu Yuen Long are in love. He is also very good for me. I still believe that he will give me a good future.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I realized how strange the family was, and a meal really saw the family.

Since I lifted the table for a while, Fu Yuanlang asked me to talk to him several times several times.

"Xiaoya, don’t be angry, my mother, they are all for me, maybe the behavior is too much, can we still discuss it?"

After getting off work, Fu Yuanlang stopped me directly at the door of our company, saying that he would talk to me well.

I walked away with the bag directly, but he blocked me again: "Xiaoya, you don’t want the news of your pregnancy to be known by the company? You will be pregnant as soon as you enter the company.","

"Fu Yuanlang, you threaten me?!" I lowered his voice and scolded him, but he laughed.

"So, Xiaoya, I really love you, you just listen to me well."

Forced to be helpless, I followed him to the cafe, and he also gave me a glass of milk.

Before talking, his phone rang, and he glanced at me a little embarrassed, and then hurriedly answered the phone.

I didn’t care who called him, but because the milk splashed a little on the skirt, I wanted to go to the front desk to get a paper towel but heard the phone between Fu Yuanlang and his mother.

"Mom, you can rest assured. I have asked her to make an appointment. She is so simple, and she will go home with me obediently."

"Huh? Child? Children are okay, her baby, I said that the child was counseled, and he obediently came to the coffee shop with me obediently, or you still gave me the idea, otherwise Xiaoya would not get pregnant so soon."

"My mother is the best, and now I can realize your desire to marry a daughter -in -law without spending money. Of course, you can’t make you too hard. When the money will be given to you, if you are not enough, ask her parents!"

The blood of my whole body became cold immediately after hearing these words. It turned out that I was not accidental, but that disgusting woman instigated Fu Yuanlang intentionally, in order to marry me back without spending money.Home, buy a house for them by the way.

"Miss, please give me a glass of boiling water."

I worked hard to keep calm. Although I started to goosebumps because I had some hypoxia due to shortness of breath, I still asked a glass of water at the front desk.

In less than five minutes, Fu Yuen Long came back: "Xiaoya, my mother just let me tell you, let you not mind the last thing."

"Last time? Is she going to travel with me, or did you deliberately break the condom and make me pregnant, or do you want to persuade me not to gift?"

I looked at him with my hands coldly with my hands, and I mentioned these things. My heart was dripping blood. I would believe that such a man would give me happiness to me and the children in my stomach!IntersectionIntersection

I poured a glass of water directly. What I wanted was boiling water, and the water was too cold. When it was on his face, it had become warm water.

"Fu Yuanlang, it’s over between us, don’t come to me in the future."

"Lin Ya, don’tast, do not eat or eat penalty wine. My mother said, a woman who is pregnant, I want to find me like me, it must not be found. I might as well agree to these conditions.You and the children in your belly. "

I watched him desperately: "Your mother, your mother, you are such a big person, what else would you write every day in addition to calling your mother? I ask you, if you and your mother, can you only choose one?"

He was silent, but the answer was deafening. I sneered:

"I don’t want this child, even when I think of you, I will feel extremely disgusting. Do you think you can threaten me with this?

Then you are wrong, thanks to this child, let me really see what you look like, let’s go with your mother in the future."

I didn’t want to listen to him anymore, I picked up the bag and walked out of the door of the cafe.

Back to the company, I no longer had no intention of going to work. I asked for a few days of holiday and went home. When I got home, I told my family about what I wanted to do.

They all asked me if I really thought about it. I nodded firmly. Although it was only three days, I was completely desperate for the man I once loved.

My parents sighed helplessly and agreed with my thoughts.

On the day of the operation, my sister -in -law accompanied me. One second before entering the operating room, I cried and apologized to this innocent child.

But its existence is a mistake. In order not to regret it in the future, I still resolutely entered the operating room.

After taking a break at home for half a month, during this time, Fu Yuanlang did not come to find me again.

It is estimated that they all want to drag me like this. When my stomach is big, I can no longer be dragged, and naturally I will agree with their unreasonable requirements.

But the Ruyi misconduct of their mother -in -law is not spiritual this time, because I have never allowed them to threaten my chips.

But I have never moved. His mother even made a group of evil relatives to my company, saying that I was pregnant before I was unmarried, seduced their son, and had a loss of wind. What was ugly said.

His fucking let us lead me to drive me, or the company’s colleagues called me and I knew this matter.

"Manager, you can call the police directly, don’t take care of me."

Who can do such a shameless thing, and then feel that they are amazing?They are their mother and son.

Fortunately, the company’s leaders did not listen to their words. In the face of their harassment, the manager directly reported the police and brought a group of them to the police station.

His uncle was even more scared to escape. He was seen by the police and checked on the computer. It really was a predecessor with a weapon.

His aunt also wanted to use the original set, crying, two troubles, but the other party was a policeman. They saw more people like a rogue.Don’t dare to speak.

I couldn’t go out, and the police asked my mother to talk in the past. After learning that I was killed, the two were completely dumbfounded.

I originally wanted to use this child to make a penny and let me enter the door. Who knows that I have seen through them without receiving the marriage certificate now.

His mother rolled at the police station, saying that I killed the grandson of their family and shouted to let me pay for my life!

When a female policeman saw her crazy, she wanted to go forward to stop, but was kicked by his mother, and had to take mandatory suppression measures. Fu Yuanlang saw his mother’s overwhelming howling, and rushed directly on it., I also pushed my mother.

The other two policemen came over to pull the frame, and he smashed a computer with excitement. Then the Zi could not eat it directly, and he was detained at the scene.

And because of this incident, my mother was sent to the hospital because she was fainted, and Fu Yuanlang cried and begged me to reconcile, but I saw the person in front of me and resolutely refused to reconcile!

In such a noisy, Fu Yuanlang’s company also knew about it, because his bad records directly fired him and never hired.

And his relatives and mother -in -law were fined because of provocation and ordered that he was not allowed to harass my life.

The child exchanged my soberness with his own sacrifice, but I don’t regret it. If I really marry in the past because of pregnancy, it is the beginning of a nightmare.

Fortunately, everything is too late.

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