Endoscope is too thin?4 Dasao tricks to help you raise your endometrium and enhance the "pregnancy" qi

In recent years, many infertility sisters have encountered the problem of thin uterine endometrium, and the key factor affecting pregnancy is the endometrium. Once it is too thin or too thick, it will affect the fertilized eggs smoothly, so want to go smoothly, so you want to go smoothly.In bed, the endometrium must be conditioned to the appropriate thickness.So, how should the endometrium be improved? Let’s take a look below.

1. Supplementary hormone

To put it bluntly, the endometrium is the "brain residual powder" of estrogen.When the level of estrogen in women’s body rises, the endometrium will become thicker.Instead, when the level of estrogen drops, the endometrium will take the opportunity to "slip away" and bleed.Therefore, in order to prevent the endometrium from exfoliating, women can take estradiol to thicken the endometrium and increase the success rate of embryo bed.You can also take some drugs that indirectly increase the estrogen content in the body, such as gonadotropin to release hormone agonists. It co-operates with the hypothalamus-pituitary = ovarian axis to promote the ovarian estrogen.

2. Improve endometrial blood flow irrigation

Many people think that the endometrium is too thin in the "trigger point" of the lack of blood flow, and other factors are promoted by each other.Therefore, it can improve the blood flow of the endometrium and increase the thickness of the endometrium by taking drugs that improve blood circulation, such as Western Africa, small doses, aspirin, etc.

3. Try to reduce the operation of the uterine cavity

Repeated intrauterine surgery, such as miscarriage, uterine cleaning, placing in -uterine condiments, etc., can easily cause endometrial damage, damage the base layer of the uterine cavity, changes in uterine cavity, intrauterine inflammation and infection, resulting in endometrium endometriumLimited growth.It should be noted that female friends must not choose cheap, irregular, and unreliable hospitals for abortion surgery after accidental pregnancy, because the irregularities of surgery may cause irreversible damage to the endometrium, and even cause life infertility.

4. Develop good living habits


Diet: Eat more foods rich in estrogen, such as soy products, snow clams, bird’s nests, nuts, white fungus, etc. In addition, high protein foods such as beef, mutton, chicken, etc. also help the endometrium thickening.

Keep joy and exercise

Mental: Keep a pleasant mood and avoid excessive mental stress, which is an effective way to regulate endocrine disorders.At the same time, daily exercise can also help women improve the blood circulation of the endometrium, thicken the endometrium, and enhance physical fitness.

Reminder: The endometrium is very important for fertility, so we must protect our endometrium. Once we encounter the problem of thin endometrium, we must take professional treatment in time and reduce unnecessary intrauterine operations.Avoid damage to the endometrium.

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