Enough, don’t let this bad stalk ruin her



The online play stalk is becoming more and more outrageous.

Recently, a new stalk called "He is in CPU".

At first glance, people’s face was stunned.

And this interview from the old opera bone Xu Yan, she mistakenly told "PUA" as "CPU".

It was an unintentional error, and as a result, many bloggers were ridiculed, and they had "CPU literature".

The comment area is also a clear stalk and work.

Many versions were also born, and many unrelated words were added.

"He is KFC you."

"He is in EXO (Note that you do not speak here) you."

PUA’s kernel was easily disappeared.

Instead, there is another nonsense carnival.

In the whole process, few people pointed out that it was inappropriate to play stalks.

Not only that, the serious incidents such as domestic violence, killing wives, etc. are also difficult to escape the fate of being played.

A documentary dives into the front line and takes us to re -understand the "PUA Industry Chain".

It also points to the danger behind social issues being entertaining–

"Come on Game"

The pickup game

Now talk about the pain caused by PUA, it seems a bit old -fashioned.

But this round of playing carnival just confirms the view that "the Internet has no memory".

Exposure the saddest scene-

Many netizens ignore the painful color of the word Pua itself.

Some victims were raped.

A girl in the documentary was talked about by two PUA mentors when she was waiting for the car.

She was attracted by her elegant and friendly temperament.

Without much doubt, follow them to attend the party.

But I did not expect that the instructor was brought into the bedroom as soon as I arrived.

After drinking a lot of wine, she was confused and could only be a mermaid.

Afterwards, I learned from the mouth of rescue her companion that at that time, she was paralyzed in vomit, becoming a tool for the two mentors, and was also ridiculous.

The graceful gentlemen who thought they had become a rapist who had a human face and beastly, which was invincible.

Other victims were forced to go on the way.

In "Honor of Police", girl Wu Yu was inferior for a long time because of her appearance.

When I met a man pretending to care about her, he pierced this relationship.

As everyone knows, the surface tenderness is also a PUA method to cover up the true purpose of cheating money.

Wu Yu was not only manipulated with emotions, but also carried a huge debt.

After suicide was rescued, she still couldn’t get out of trauma.

In the end, he died in front of the police.

The case in reality is even more sad.

Bao Li, a northern college student, was once stabbed by her boyfriend’s "non -virgin" reason.

Under the long -term bombing and degradation, she was completely brainwashed and accepted all the distorted and abnormal views instilled by her boyfriend, thinking that she was really unfaithful and fell into an indescribable guilt.

Therefore, in the face of unreasonable requirements, Bao Li never resisted and tried his best to meet his boyfriend’s request.

She kneeled her boyfriend and slapped her own.

The default boyfriend called her in various words of derogatory personality.

Also promised to take nude photos, tattoos insulting tattoos, removing fallopian tubes …

Bao Li’s chat history, the same

Until the end, he was tortured and struggling and committed suicide.

"You are shining, but I am a piece of garbage."

The concession she made again and again was the degenerate revenge until the end was liberated.

Many people may not know.

PUA not only hurts the victims, but also brings pain to many people who learn it.

These people themselves learn PUA with the idea of looking for love.

But in the process of learning, they became incompetent.

PUA mentor Paul deeply realized the disadvantages of PUA and called himself "executioner" and "war criminals."

During the conversation, he only entered a good conveyance procedure.

And I can’t feel the spark of love at all, nor does it have the passion and excitement of love before.

Just mechanically satisfy the beast desire and play with feelings.

Therefore, although he is familiar with various conversation skills, countless hunting, and the number of sexual partners is exaggerated to the need to summarize on the electronic watch, it will only become more and more empty.

The PUA who learned only in order to find love eventually became the biggest stumbling block on the road to love.

It’s really ironic.

In the end, after being completely out of PUA, he found the part he lost.

The most terrifying thing is that PUA’s alienation of people.

In the second season of "Talk to Strangers", a PUA course student interviewed.

When he quarreled with his girlfriend, he held a secret maliciousness and deliberately said a lot of anger.

It also specializes in sad music to render the atmosphere.

Thoroughly regarding this as a show, he didn’t worry about his girlfriend’s emotions.

I always stand on the perspective of God to look at the whole thing.

"I feel like I am in heaven, and then see me now."

Even after the world of PUA, he will still be in doubt.

On the one hand, I knew that I shouldn’t do this, and I couldn’t dispel the camouflage on the other side.

"The mask has been worn for a long time, it really becomes your face."

Of course, some netizens believe that PUA has been misunderstood.

I feel that PUA is a neutral chatteter and helps men to learn how to get along with women, but now they are generally referred to as emotional manipulation.

So what is the fact?

This documentary traces the source of PUA.

From the beginning of birth, PUA is a product of extremely hateful women’s thoughts.

Rice, the initial figurine of the first -working figurine of the course, once admitted that his starting point was to teach other men how to coax women to bed.

It is also very arrogant to say that everything you do is just want women to hook, and don’t care what they want.

The views of other PUA teaching institutions that were born later were the same, and it was very utilitarian.

Take the pickles and go to bed as a selling point and make it into advertising.

It will even write a report to show off on the forum.

Some PUA tutors still look down on those students who are satisfied with women who are satisfied with women.

Constantly guide students to have closer contact with women.

Fully treat women as tools.

At the same time, some materialized women’s remarks were also promoted.

They were inspired by the previous Battlefield’s novels, and they believed that the powerful Alpha men were the ideal type of women.

As a result, students advocated that they also shaped themselves as that.

Therefore, in the course, women will compare women as puppies, and they feel that women should be obedient, and men can allow punishments.

"She doesn’t go home at night, you wait for her. Tell her to pick her up, she will no longer call you. This is like a puppy to pee, shit, and bite your blankets in your kitchen.Then you walk in and say, puppy, just make it casually. "

Although this kind of speech appears abroad, it is not far from us.

In Bao Li’s suicide incident, her boyfriend said to Bao Li, and "admit it like a dog."

Bao Li’s boyfriend’s text message

Another powerful evidence is that the extensive PUA means now applied the gas lamp effect.

Students must lower their identity by degrading the victims.

Similarly, "If you are higher, I will definitely be affectionate with you."

Then use that kind of psychology to get recognition to gradually grasp women.

In the second season of "Talk to Strangers", the "Five -Step Trap" of PUA Curriculum students is also similar.

Use women’s love to satisfy their perverted sense of abuse and possessiveness.

There is no respect for women throughout the process, let alone normal exchanges.

In this case, the institutions of teaching PUA courses are not simple, and some are even crazy like cults.

The mentors shaped themselves as the omnipotent master and brainwashing men.

Let some men indulge in the friendship of brothers who have been in the same way, and mistakenly worship the mentors as saviors or idols.

It will also brainwash women, forcing them to accept a model of a male N woman.

A mentor gathered all the women who had successfully talked together and held themselves with their "dad".

Enjoy the quarrels of women to compete for him.

Let them have a tattoo with his name uniformly …

Such a PUA has caused the relationship between people to become more and more abnormal.

Just as in "Honor of Police", the police officer said in a word when handling the case:

While they materialized the victims, they also abandoned their morality.

As if the other party is just a thing that is playing with, not a living person.

The word PUA contains many painful and heavy content.

Its category is not limited to the hunting of women, and it also includes emotional control that is not easy to detect in intimate relationships.

From Bao Li’s suicide incident, to Li Lianglei’s small composition, PUA topics were discussed throughout the network several times.

But now, PUA is also reduced to another "Internet rotten stalk", which dilute its own public issue value.

Those either anger, or sad moods are no longer excited.

After playing with a short pleasure, the rest is the numbness that gradually loses the ability to think in the nipple music.

It is also worthy of vigilance that many serious public words are facing similar dilemma.

For example, playing with domestic violence.

Liu Zhoucheng’s ex -wife who had been pregnant many times caused his abortion.

After the scandal in the past few years, the new girlfriend directly announced "I am a new sandbag", and Liu Zhoucheng returned to his fist expression package.

It was not ashamed and surprised.

Netizens in the comment area also cooperate.

They trembled with violence to show their "sense of humor."

There is also a "septic tank warning" that refreshes the lower limit.

After the Hangzhou killer case was reported, many netizens used the crime of the murderer to divide the corpse and throw the corpse evolutionary tank as a joke paragraph to make various emoji packages.

A cruel murder was used as a tool for eyeballs.

It makes people shudder.

At the same time, some movies have been treated similarly.

In the old film "Mother Case", women were sold to 7 labor -renewal at a price of 12 yuan per catty.

Originally, it was the tragic fate of women’s materialization in the old age.

As a result, the comment area compared it to "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs".

There is also a comparison of the "selling price" of a woman.

When involving specific parties, playing stalks also caused secondary damage.

In the divorce storm of Depp and Aper Hurd, this is the same.

Volkswagen regards herself as a judge, and she preconceived her to make a show.

Then start a carnival of network bullying.

Imitation of Hurd’s all kinds of expressions, laughing at her crying too fake, and determined that she was excreted in bed …

It seems that it is not a serious trial, but a reality show of entertainment.

At the same time, the spoofs of Hurd also blurred the discussion of controversial points such as domestic violence and slander.

People can’t wait to deconstruct every hot event with a stalk.

The burden of competing is even more loud.

It is not so much that we are playing stalks, it is better to say that we are being slavery.

In each playing stalk, many people are also driven by this atmosphere and smile.

It becomes no longer sensitive, can’t think, and is lost in this collective carnival.

In the end, I am afraid that it will be said as "Entertainment to Death".

"Cultural life has been redefined as the recurrence of entertainment, and the serious public dialogue has become a naive baby language."

Playing stalks can be a culture.

But if there is only playing stalks, the culture will become a joke.

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