Entering today: Sanzhi, Sanyi, clarify the five health rumors of Sanfu Tian

"Summer solstice San Geng counts the heads", Sanfu Tian is the highest temperature and humid and sultry day in the year.The so -called "Futian" refers to the "Sanfu Sky" of the lunar calendar, that is, the hottest period of the year.Due to the continuous accumulation of surface heat and hotter day by day, many people will be plagued by "bitter summer" and have a lot of physical energy consumption. This is the most difficult summer heat.From July 11 (today), San Futian this year, the best time to treat winter diseases is Sanfu Tian!

2023 three volts

Early ambiguity: July 11, 2023-July 20, 2023

Middle Fu: July 21, 2023-August 9, 2023

End: August 10, 2023-August 19, 2023

Just as people often say that winter is nine nine, and summer is nine.On the day of entering, keep in mind these three taboos and three yes, strengthen maintenance for the body of yourself and his family, and get healthy in summer!

Three taboos


Avoid excessive greedy

Avoid excessive greedy coolness, the temperature of the yang qi is damaged, the temperature is high, the pores of the human body are open, and the qi and blood are outward. At this time, it is too greedy to be cold."The Yellow Emperor’s Canon" said: "If the yang qi is heaven and the day, it will lose his life." It means that the damage to the yang can affect human health.If you want to keep healthy, you can start with diet, and eat warm food such as longan, lychee, and lamb.In addition, combined with physical condition appropriately, soak your feet in warm water before going to bed to promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality.


Avoid sweating

Avoid sweating too much. In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, "sweating is the liquid of the heart". Proper sweating can resist the invasion of the heat and cold evil.If you sweat too much, you will hurt gas, cause panic, shortness of breath, and increase your body loss. Therefore, the hot summer day should prevent excessive sweating.In addition, the "heart" in the five elements in the summer, so it is extremely important to maintain a good heart.As the so -called "quietness and natural coolness", maintaining a calm heart, making the mood comfortable, qi and blood and slowing down, not only conducive to the strong heart function, but also in line with the principle of nourishing the sun in spring and summer.


Avoid lack of sleep

Avoid lack of sleep, restlessness in the summer, people are easy to feel uneasy, and sleep at this time is extremely important.Although the Sanfu season should go to bed late and get up late, do not stay up late, stay up late for a long time, not only hurting the gods and wounds, it will also consume the yin fluid, reduce the human body’s resistance, and be invaded by the disease.The schedule should be conforming to "Sleeping and Sleeping, I wake me up and wake up".In addition, you have to take a nap for 15-30 minutes at noon to make up for lack of sleep at night, keep your body full of energy, and help you to nourish your heart.



Should eat Sambo

Should eat three treasures and eat a reasonable diet

First treasure: dumplings.The old saying often says: "Heading dumplings, two -volt noodles, and the last bakery of pancakes." Since ancient times, people have the habit of eating dumplings with heads.Dumplings have starch and rich protein, vitamins, which can supplement the human body with sufficient nutrition.Eat dumplings on the day of Fusu, and drink a bowl of dumplings soup to let the body sweat, which helps to drive away the "poisonous fire" in midsummer.

Second treasure: mutton.As the saying goes: "A bowl of lamb soup in Futian, do not need to prescribe prescriptions for medicine." Lamb in winter is because the weather is cold and needs to be supplemented. Sanfu Tian eats mutton because it often sweats, which causes body overdraft to make up.Lamb soup can help the human body excrete the humid cold caused by often blowing air conditioners, improve immunity, strengthen the body, nourish yin and nourish qi.

Third treasure: bitter gourd.Fu Tian has been suffering, and it is better than tonic.Bitter gourd is rich in vitamins and crude fiber. It is often eaten to remove fire and detoxify, which is very suitable for hot and humid summer consumption.In addition, bitter gourd contains a "bitter gourdin", known as fat killer, which helps lower blood sugar and blood lipids.


Should hot water soak feet

It is advisable to soak the feet in the hot water. It is the best way to get the spleen and stomach, which is most likely to remove the dampness and cold summer. The best way to get rid of dampness is to soak your feet with hot water.Soaking your feet can relieve summer’s limbs weakness, sleepy, and decreased appetite. In addition, it can also help the human body strengthen the spleen, get rid of dampness, pass the scriptures, and benefit water.The ancients said: "Thousands of cold are easy to remove, and it is difficult to get wet. Wetness is sticky, like oil into the face."Soaking your feet with hot water can get rid of dampness and cold, add some Chinese medicine with dampness, the effect will be better.


It is advisable to exercise moderately, don’t exercise in the morning

It is advisable to exercise moderately, don’t exercise in the morning

The old saying: "Winter training three nine, summer training."

Summer exercise should pay attention to methods and methods. The weather itself is hot and sweaty, so it is not suitable for severe exercise.

If you walk slowly, you can exercise slowly, and you can sweat slightly.

In addition, middle -aged and elderly people should try not to morning exercise at Sanfu Tian. At this stage, the blood pressure is high, the carbon dioxide concentration in the air is high, and it is not suitable for morning exercise.

Clarify the five rumors of Sanfu Tian

Every year, some people are blindly healthy. The following clarify several common rumors:

1. Fu Tian Khan is detoxified after it goes through

When the weather is hot, such as Sanfu Sky, people sweat to better dissipate heat. The skin releases heat and regulates body temperature by sweating. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, too much sweat, too much water loss, is prone to dehydration or even heat stroke.In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there is "sweaty homologous". It means that sweat is transformed from fluid, and the fluid and blood are derived from the spleen and stomach.Virtual.

Therefore, you can sweat slightly, and the time to avoid the heat in time is the positive solution.

2. Futian cannot touch the ice drink

Many people may have heard that Sanfu Tian cannot touch cold drinks. In fact, this requires physical fitness.

If it is a thermal constitution, you can drink ice water or cool drinks in moderation; if it is a deficient physique, you should drink warm water or cool white as much as possible.

It should be reminded that no matter what constitution, drinking cold drinks will affect the health of the spleen and stomach.Even if the weather is particularly hot, you need to drink slowly when drinking cold drinks.

3. Futian Health should be hot with heat

The "hot heat" of Sanfutian actually refers to the sun in the summer. In the solar terms of yang, it is best to pursue nourishing yang, the best effect.

However, "hot heat" is not blindly hot. You can replace the ice drink with warm or room temperature, and take a bath with warm water without taking a bath.

4. Carry with Huoxiang Zhengqi to prevent heat stroke

The main effect of Huoxiang Zhengqi is to solve the wetness and qi and medium. It can treat the heat, chest tightness, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea and vomiting caused by hot dampness, and the wet and bustling (summer wet cold).

Huoxiang Zhengqi water is not used to prevent heatstroke, but for the treatment of summer wet colds.It is an effective measure to prevent heat stroke, stay away from high temperature environment, active cooling, water replenishment, and electrolyte.

5. "Xia Lian Sanfu" is suitable for everyone

Xia Lian Sanfu is a traditional way of health. It means that in the summer, the hottest exercise enhances the heat resistance of the body and prevents diseases such as heat stroke. The main purpose is to improve the body’s adaptability to the environment by exercise.

However, Sanfu Tian has the characteristics of high temperature and high air humidity. "Xia Lian Sanfu" requires skills:

Time: Sanfu is long during the day, and you can go to bed late and get up late in the workshop. It is best to choose the early morning or evening temperature;

Exercise: It is also recommended to swim, yoga, Tai Chi and other exercises, which can strengthen the body and not hurt the body due to excessive exercise.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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