Episode 3 Plants girls are bizarre pregnancy, the murderer is actually male caregiver#movie editing#movie commentary

The vegetative girl was pregnant and pregnant, and the murderer was actually a male caregiver episode 313.

The vegetative who was lying for four years was suddenly found to be pregnant, and the male caregiver guarded by close -ties was instantly pushed into the cusp.But they don’t think men are culprits.

Everyone knows that he is homosexual, and it is impossible to do this at all.However, Awei eventually did not disappoint what everyone was looking forward to.The reason why he did this is to help Aya wake up from the coma.In order to allow Aya to restore all the methods, but the results did not change. There was no way. He decided to take risks and let Aya get pregnant.Essence

After hearing this incident, Tu Ge regretted Awei’s behavior, but only Aya was thinking about Awei.He wanted to know if Ayam was awake. Looking at A Wei, who couldn’t control his love, Bald Brother hesitated again and again, and finally said the truth: Aya died, and the child was not born.Despite this, A Wei still didn’t believe that he wanted Bald Brother to help him complete his desire to complete.So he asked Bald to live in his room and observe the life of the Aya family for himself.

However, what I didn’t expect was that he saw Aya in the practice room again, and Aya did not die.At this moment, the bald brother was in place.He couldn’t believe that Awei’s way really played a role, and he wanted to help Awei explain.So the lawyer was found the next day.Unexpectedly, the lawyer told him that Aya gave birth to the child in the stomach when she was eight months pregnant, but unfortunately the child died as soon as he was born.At this time, Aya also miraculously survived.

Although Awei’s approach helped Aya, he was still responsible for his impulse.Brother Bald gave up. Now he only wants to tell Awei the truth, but when he has not waited for Bald Brother to find A Wei, A Wei first called Bald Brother. On the phone, he told BaldHe is ready to die.He regretted his decision and completely ruined Aya’s life.He didn’t want to continue to live in this world without Aya.

Hearing A Wei’s words, Brother Bu immediately noticed that something was wrong, and immediately rushed to prison.But the person he met became the prison chief.He was still one step late. A Wei died. When he left, he only left a relic to Bald Brother, which was a hairpin hidden in Awei.Bald Brother regretted it in Awei’s Mu Qian, and regretted telling him the truth about the truth earlier that he would not go to extremes.In the end, Bald Brother returned the card to Awei, and then he would not leave.

A Wei is a great and lonely man. In the face of a vegetative without feelings and no response, he can dedicate all his love to the bottom line.Although in the end he really used his own action to get a miracle, but caused him to destroy because of a misunderstanding.No one understands him, and no one is willing to treat him kindly. However, the bald brother can truly feel Awei’s sincerity, but although this is not weak to return to heaven.

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