Every day from ovulation to early pregnancy

July 23 -July 28 Menstrual period 28 days of ovulation on August 5th

Ovulation on August 6th: No feeling

August 7th on the third day: No feeling

On the fourth day of August 8: The lower abdomen rose slightly, a bit like the feeling before menstruation, and some falling feeling.

Fifth day on August 9: In the afternoon, there was a slight rise in the lower abdomen, and the waist was painful in the afternoon.

Day 6 on August 10: The lower abdomen has no feeling of falling, YD has a little secretion

On the seventh day of August 11: The breasts have a little rise in a little bit, there is no pain when pressing, the back of the waist and back is very acidic, YD has secretions

On the eighth day of August 12: The stomach is up in the morning, and the lower abdomen feels like a fork when walking. The RF rises, and there is no obvious pain when pressing. It has a clear pain when it just takes off the bra.It hurts when the lower abdomen moves in the evening, like the feeling of appendicitis

Day ninth on August 13: The whole back of the back of the back is worse, RF rises, there is pain when pressing, and the stomach does not fall.

Tenth day of August 14: The tenderness is obvious in the outside of the breast, and the lower abdomen has a feeling of rising from time to time, like menstruation, and it feels like a diarrhea.

Day 11 on August 15th: In the morning, early pregnancy was tested, and after an hour after an hour (not even watermarks), I felt very sleepy during the day, but I couldn’t sleep.Vaginal secretion

Day 12 on August 16: The stomach is afraid of cold these days, and if there is a breeze blowing, it will feel uncomfortable.

Day 13 on August 17th: Breast Pain

Day 14 on August 18: The waist is very painful, as if it is broken, the color of early pregnancy is deepened, and the watermark occurs.

15th day of August 19: The uterus hurts for more than ten minutes at night

Day 16, August 20: Today should be a day of menstruation. The menstruation has not arrived.

Early pregnancy on August 23

PS: Many sisters have breast pain or before menstruation, but the feeling should be different. The previous RF pain is obvious.When RF is a dull pain, the pain is not obvious when pressing it by hand

And my feeling is that this month of pregnancy is not painful when the menstruation is about to come, but a faint feeling of falling in the early days, it is very uncomfortable.

I will be sleepy, but I can’t sleep again

Successful test in the second month of pregnancy, come and pick up the stick, I wish all sisters a good pregnancy as soon as possible.

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