Example leave has not come late, and accidentally learned that pregnancy must be done. These three things must be done.

Starting from the first wave of women, "Auntie" is fixed once a month like an old friend.If there is no occasional time, there happens to have a X life in this month. Then, the first reaction of female friends is: hurry up and test whether it is the bid.

If you have a pregnancy test, you are already pregnant. Female friends who do not intend to ask for a baby will definitely be able to guard against it and incredible: What?What happened?Did you win the bid for two times?This is not true, is it?And the woman who has been pregnant for a long time, I am afraid I will cry very much: thanks to God, I am finally going to be a mother!

In any case, when you know that you are pregnant, these three things must be done:

Female friends usually test that they may be pregnant through the pregnancy test stick, but the pregnancy test stick is not 100 % accurate.Therefore, once the pregnancy test is prompted to conceive, it is recommended that female friends must go to the hospital for a diagnosis.Friends who have just conceived are generally not recommended to do B -ultrasound, and simply do a blood -drawing examination to be determined.

You just need to sign a number at any hospital closest to your house and say that you need to check whether you are pregnant. Any comprehensive hospital or reproductive hospital can do this check. The general charging price is about 80 yuan.After the blood is drawn, the results can be released for one or two hours.

Female friends who have not got married have unexpected pregnancy, and they may feel very distressed. For this sudden pregnancy, whether to get married or plans to do it separately. At this time, confirm with your boyfriend as soon as possible and communicate with your family.It is not easy for life, it is recommended to consider it carefully.

Female friends who have married but have no plan to ask for babies, and also notify their other half and parents, explain to them, and win their support.The prospective mother who is pregnant in marriage is usually smaller. However, in modern society, female friends generally work pressure. They are worried that due to the baby’s accident, it will still adjust the mentality. Although the work is important, although the work is important.In the future, it may also face workplace discrimination, but the baby is innocent. When the fetus in the abdomen hugs your blood, the will of the mother will still defeat everything.

After communicating with your family, you will go to the hospital for a file.According to the relevant domestic regulations, pregnant women can enjoy some free medical examination items, such as thalassemia screening.At the same time, from the moment of learning that there is a pregnancy, female friends will no longer be alone. Pay attention to listening to the doctor’s suggestions, know more about pregnancy, which should be eaten, which should not be eaten, what behaviors should be done, which ones, which ones, which ones, which ones, which ones should be done.The behavior must be restrained, and at any stage to do regular inspections.

When the hospital is built for you, you can take this pink small book to check on time when you do a pregnancy test. A young and small life has gradually grown in your belly.Be more cherish yourself.Although the work is very heavy, it is necessary to learn to share it. You must know that in the workplace, it is not an irreplaceable, but for your baby, you are his only one.

From this moment, you have to slow down, and you need to be more indifferent to your mood.

The days of pregnancy can also be beautiful.

I am a mermaid mother, a second mother in pregnancy, accompany you to keep pregnancy.

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