Expectant mothers, what if you know what to do if you want to drink flower tea during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea?

After pregnancy, the prospective moms can drink appropriate chrysanthemum tea, which can prevent symptoms such as fire, urination red yellow.However, it should be noted that chrysanthemum tea should not be soaked too thick. Excessive thick chrysanthemum tea drinks the medicine, which may hurt the health of the mother and baby.Therefore, after pregnancy, the quasi -mummy can make some chrysanthemum tea to drink, especially when they feel that they are a little angry, they have a fire effect.Try to drink less aging chrysanthemum and use fresh chrysanthemum as the top.

The function of chrysanthemum tea

After pregnancy, the quasi -mummy should drink a little chrysanthemum tea. It has the effect of nourishing the liver and the purpose of nourishing the liver. A few wolfberry can be added to the chrysanthemum tea, which is better.In the case of poor sleeping mothers, it may lead to symptoms such as acne on the face. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can be improved.In addition to clearing heat and removing heat, nourishing the liver and eyesight, the effect of Ning Shen is a bit dizzy. You can make a pot of chrysanthemum tea to drink. The effect is good.

Pregnant women should not drink green tea

After pregnancy, women should not drink green tea. The reason is that there is an ingredient in the green tea that can cause uterine contraction. After intake, it causes uterine contraction, which can cause malignant accidents such as fetal abortion. Especially within 3 months of pregnancy, women are best for womenDrink less or not drink green tea.Even if you really want to drink, it is advisable to be light. Do not drink strong tea.

Healthy tea drinking method

After pregnancy, the prospective mothers also have a healthy way to drink flower tea. It is not advisable to drink flower tea in the morning, and it is advisable to drink a glass of white warm water; you should not drink flower tea before going to bed at night.Feel a happy life while enjoying the tea drinking process.It is not advisable to add supplements such as ginseng in flower tea. Drinking will make the prospective moms be too excited and cause the quality of sleep. Some people simply can’t sleep.It is not advisable to put honey and other desserts. If you want to put it, put some wolfberry, so that it is healthy.In addition, it is not advisable to drink flower tea before meals, and it is not advisable to drink tea immediately after meals. It is best to drink it about an hour after meals.

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