Experts from the Weifang People’s Hospital answered you: Does the vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy must have a natural miscarriage?

Whether it is a natural pregnancy or an IVF expectant mothers, vaginal bleeding may occur in the early pregnancy.Today, let the experts from Weifang City People’s Hospital see the common causes of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy:

1. Embryo chromosome abnormalities

The abnormalities of embryo chromosomes often cause abnormal embryonic development, failing to get pregnant, and cannot get pregnant.But sometimes the body fails to correct the error in time. After the embryo is successfully bed, the endometrium will exert error correction function and eliminate the abnormal embryo.At this time, the pregnant woman will have vaginal bleeding, brown or bright red, and then the vaginal bleeding will increase naturally. In this case, it cannot be successful by drugs.This type of natural abortion is the result of the self -choice of ingredients and the self -protection of the body, and the result of the self -protection of the body. It is the guarantee of promoting eugenics and human progress.

2. Emulsive hematoma

This is the diagnosis that can only be performed after B -ultrasound. The pathogenesis is not clear. At present, it is generally believed that it is related to autoimmune factors and abnormal coagulation function, auxiliary reproductive technology, and bad hobbies.There are adverse pregnancy history, and pregnant women with positive antibodies are often accompanied by abnormal coagulation function, which is prone to internal hematoma and thrombosis.Some studies believe that patients with assisted reproductive technology are more likely to occur with subordinate blood hematoma, which may be related to IVF or frozen embryo transplantation operations.In addition, the chance of smoking pregnant women with velvet hematoma is significantly greater than non -smoke -absorbers, and it is more prone to premature peeling placenta.At this time, the pregnant woman will have vaginal bleeding, brown or bright red, and there are more time; some pregnant women do not have obvious symptoms, but the B -ultrasound image shows the accumulation of uterine cavity.Emulsive hematoma may have a certain relationship with the results of adverse pregnancy, but it may also get good pregnancy results after active medication.

3. Extra pregnancy

It is also called "ectopic pregnancy", which means that the embryo does not bed in the uterine cavity, and more than 95%of ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube.The diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy needs to be used by ultrasound examination. In the early stage of pregnancy (before 5 weeks of pregnancy), B ultrasound cannot be judged. At this time, vaginal bleeding must be more alert to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Symptoms, closely follow -up monitoring.

4. Port

This is a kind of benign choric membrane disease, with an incidence of about 2/1000. The typical symptom is irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause, and the foaming sample tissue is discharged. However, most of the patients are not typical.Increased, occasionally lower abdomen pain.Diagnosis requires combined with B -ultrasound and pathological results.Because the symptoms are not typical, it is easy to be ignored.

5. Cervical abnormalities

Many pregnant mothers have repeated vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and the treatment effects of various fetal preservation drugs are not good. At this time, gynecological examinations should be actively given. This is the most easily neglected examination during pregnancy.Some cervix abnormalities, such as cervical polyps and cervical erosion, are often difficult to find through B -ultrasound, and often need to be checked in gynecological examinations to detect lesions.Therefore, do not ignore the gynecological examination when vaginal bleeding, and exclude repeated vaginal bleeding caused by abnormal cervical abnormalities.Once diagnosis is confirmed, the cervical treatment can be treated after the pregnancy.

In fact, many pregnant mothers have vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, but not all vaginal bleeding can cause natural abortion.Part of the reason is that the embryo itself is abnormal and cannot protect the fetus.There are also some reasons that we need to screen carefully. After the symptoms, we have a great chance to get a good pregnancy ending.

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