Exposure of 37 -year -old Tong Yao for 5 months!Su Yan Bald Dingfu has a great change of blessing, and the rear seats are exposed to be a mother

Speaking of Tong Yao, there has always been the title of Xiao Zhang Ziyi, but the most impressive thing is not the work of starring, but by Zhang Guoli’s son’s domestic violence.At the beginning, the storm was full of trouble, and became the focus of public opinion on the entire network. Even Zhang Guoli was also involved, allowing Tong Yao to successfully go out.

Since then, Tong Yao seems to have disappeared, there is no news, and even questioned.Until later, he won the recognition of the audience with "Great River" and "Thirty Thirty".The outside world attributed it to the reason that he had married the husband’s husband, so that he improved his resources and killed the siege.

On March 23, Tong Yao updated dynamics through social accounts and was exposed to 37 -year -old she was 5 months pregnant.As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted a lot of onlookers and hot discussions. Is this true?Judging from her writing, it seems that Tong Xiaofei is cute. "A self -deprecating word seems to be revealing something.

You know, as an actress body management, it is very important. Whether it is for the mirror or endorsement, it requires a slender body and delicate features.Therefore, actresses are very harsh in their lives. Not only do you need to pay attention to eating, you ca n’t touch high -calorie things, but also continue to exercise to maintain his body and appearance.

It stands to reason that Tong Yao does not allow herself to gain weight. Now, she takes the initiative to tell everyone a lot of weight, but also her appearance, which has caused various suspicions.Judging from the selfie from the sun, wearing a white lambsca jacket, with short shoulder -length hair, is not as beautiful as on the screen, and there is no domineering woman in the film and television drama.

Instead, the whole person is particularly gentle and cute, as if there are good things. In the face of the bun face that changes with special effects, I even laughed at themselves. I did n’t have any nervousness and sadness at all.What influence.

Judging from her body shape, she is full of pregnancy, like pregnant Baoma, especially her face state, and she is no longer doubtful.When everyone discussed, she also noticed a detail. Tong Yao’s hairline was seriously moved and the baldness was obvious, especially the forehead part, exposed the bright head, the hair was particularly scarce, and the hair loss was very serious.

Suddenly there will be such a situation, and it is suspected that it has a lot to do with her pregnancy.Not only are actresses, there are many mothers in life, and they have obvious hair loss during pregnancy. If they have a second child, they will be more serious.It looks like Tong Yao.

In addition, Tong Yao took a selfie this time in the car. He accidentally took the situation of the back seat. Some careful netizens found that there was a baby chair on the seat in the seat. This detail also exposed Tong Yao as a mother.Families with babies know that for children’s safety, they will prepare baby chairs in advance so that children can take a car safely. Families without children, naturally do not need to prepare.

And now the baby chair appears on the back seat of Tongyao, it is likely to be pregnant. It is also reason to say that she has been 5 months. From her body shape to preparing baby chair, it can be seen that the pregnancy week is not short.Everything is ready.Five months ago, there were media speculation that Tong Yao was pregnant, and it was almost half a year until now, so I think it is estimated to be pregnant for 5 months.

Both friends who like Tong Yao should know that she is also a veritable wealthy lady who marries a wealthy businessman who is 17 -year -old and steps into the ranks of giants.However, after marriage, she did not choose to teach the husband. It seems that with the help of her husband, her resources are getting better and better, and she has successfully won the recognition of the audience with several works.

There have been no children with her husband for many years, and there are a lot of speculation and questioning in the world. It is exposed to 37 -year -old Tong Yao for 5 months!Su Yan’s baldness changes greatly, and the rear seats are exposed to be a mother.If Tong Yao is pregnant now, it is a good thing for her and her husband, and I hope she can be happier and happier.

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