Exposure of Andy Lau’s wife moxibustion and pregnancy to help pregnant men with men

[Introduction] It is reported that 54 -year -old King Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian have a daughter Liu Xiangyi after they got married in 2008. It is reported that Zhu Liqian, who is 50 years old this year, has been pregnant with the second child and is still a son.People familiar with the matter broke the news, and Hua Zi, who begged for her heart, specially arranged for her wife to accept moxibustion and recuperate the cold constitution before she was pregnant.

Exposure of Andy Lau’s wife moxibustion and pregnancy to help pregnant men with men

Exposure of Andy Lau’s wife moxibustion and pregnancy to help pregnant men with men

According to media reports, Andy Lau (Hua Tsai), who likes children very much,, has also arranged for Chen Tai, who has taken care of artificial conception in addition to letting the royal obstetrics and gynecologists Su Weiji in the past two years.Zhu Liqian, who has "Gong Han" with moxibustion, conditioned her physique, and eventually became pregnant.

Chen Tai, known as "Taigo", opened the Moxibustion Nursing Center in Wan Chai, Hong Kong for many years. It is rumored that many artists have asked him to consult him. He also hangs his photo with Hua Zai at the Thai Nursing Center.

People familiar with the matter revealed that both Andy Lau and his wife went to moxibustion. Hua Tsai mainly treats the waist bone, and Zhu Liqian will be recuperated on the issue of "Gong Han".Only then seeking consultation again.

In fact, since Zhu Liqian produced her daughter Liu Xiangyu in 2012, Hua Zai wanted to regenerate a son, and could make up a "good" word.There is joy.When Hua Tsai’s birthday and fans met with fans last year, Songkou wanted to regenerate a son.

Moxibustion: One of the magic weapons for pregnancy

Professor Li Jiakang, a famous Chinese medicine teacher in Hubei, said that moxibustion can indeed help pregnancy, and it is more effective to cooperate with acupoints.Li Jiakang believes that the 50 -year -old conception is not surprising. He has been diagnosed and successful in patients with the largest age.

"For moxibustion, if you think of the role of pregnancy, you must have three elements: time, quality and precision," Li Jiakang emphasized.Time refers to moxibustion once a day, which lasts at least 18 days; quality refers to high -quality moxa; precision refers to the accurate acupoint.

Gynecological experts from Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine pointed out that infertility in traditional Chinese medicine is a process of comprehensive conditioning, and moxibustion is one of the ways to assisted pregnancy.Moxibustion may be applicable to some patients, but it does not mean that as long as moxibustion can be used to get pregnant, the pulse physical condition should be comprehensively regulated, and the moxibustion can achieve better results.

Know moxibustion

Moxibustion, a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that uses the burning moxa suspended moxibustion of human acupoints, originated in ancient times, and is the main means of treating diseases in ancient my country.In the words of traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion has the effects of Wenyang, warm meridians, removing stasis and dispersion, and nourishing qi.

Principles of moxibustion for pregnancy

Regulate the environment in the women’s reproductive system, improve immunity, and create a suitable environment for conception.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine says that women are yin and cold; most of the women infertility are caused by Gong Han. Gong Han causes sperm to unable to survive normally and combine with eggs normally.

Moxibustion to help pregnant acupoints

As mentioned, the principle of moxibustion and pregnancy is to improve the internal environment, so it is to help pregnant acupoints and conditioning palace Han.

Acupoints: Mid wrist, Shenxuan, Guan Yuan, Badao Point, Zusanli, Sanyin Jiaotong

Moxibustion operation method

You can use a portable moxibustion or moxa moxibustion. Each acupoint is moxibustion once a day, 15-30 minutes at a time, and ten days for a course of treatment.


1. Too hungry and too full, you can’t moxibustion

2. Don’t scald

3. Moxibustion can help pregnancy, but the pregnant mother cautious moxibustion

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