Extremely outrageous!What is going on?3 kinds of "toxic preserved eggs" don’t touch

Preserved eggs, also known as Songhua eggs, can be said to be one of the traditional food in China. Many foreigners who are fortunate to try preserved eggs are mostly respectful to this taste.However, many Chinese people "have a soft spot" about preserved eggs. Drinking, gathering, and a banquet, delicious and nutritious.

However, there are many friends such as preserved eggs, but if they are not handled properly, they will still bring new hidden dangers to health.According to the Sichuan News Network on November 7, Ms. Pu’s family in Chengdu was all planted on this small preserved egg.

Obhytosis! The family of 4 in Sichuan eats preserved eggs, and all are poisoned. Why?

According to Ms. Pu’s memories, on the night of the incident, she was preparing dinner for her family. She saw a preserved egg that had been put on hold for a long time in the refrigerator, thinking of clearing the inventory, and made a plate of cold preserved eggs for the family in the evening.

Who knows that while sleeping at night, the four people who ate preserved eggs were spared, and they all had suspected poisoning such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.Ms. Pu’s husband eats the most, and the situation of poisoning is the most serious, and even accompanied by high fever of nearly 40 degrees.When I hurried to the hospital, after examination, it was really the symptoms of food poisoning, and the culprit was the small preserved egg.

Seeing this, many friends may be doubtful: "The small preserved eggs, our family also eats every day, and there has never been a poisoning phenomenon?"

Why does eating preserved eggs still "poisoning"? Doctors said: related to a bacteria related

After further examination and treatment of Ms. Pu’s family, the doctor found that this four cases of preserved egg poisoning were related to a bacteria called Salmonella.

The so -called Salmonella is a common food -oriented germs.In other words, this bacteria usually comes from food and one of the main causes of food poisoning.

The breeding conditions of Salmonella are also very broad. Whether it is room temperature or refrigerator’s refrigerator, it can reproduce and expand.According to research, a single Salmonella does not have much impact on human health, but if Salmonella’s breeding is too much and the food is put on hold and the rotten process is quickly spreading, a toxin will cause poisoning.

On the other hand, looking at Ms. Pu’s family, I just put the preserved eggs in the refrigerator casually, and I have never taken care of again. I will undoubtedly create a very suitable breeding space for Salmonella. In addition, the preserved eggs have been put on hold in the refrigerator for too long. Among them, Salmonella has reproduced a lotThen, the toxins were produced, which caused the Ms. Pu’s family to "recruit".

Later, through a series of treatment processes such as sterilization and gastric lavage, Ms. Liu’s family eventually separated from danger.At the same time, doctors also warn Ms. Liu, foods such as preserved eggs, metamorphic, and the probability of attaching bacterial bacteria is very high. Be sure to keep it properly. Do not blindly throw it into the refrigerator and increase daily diet risks.

Blind possibility of poisoning, how is the correct way to store preserved eggs?

The first is environmental conditions:

Generally speaking, the preserved egg is likely to attach bacterial adhesion, and the possibility of deterioration is high. Try to isolate its contact with the external environment.

Therefore, if you have an endless preserved egg in your home, you can seal it, then put it in an opaque plastic bag, and then put it in the refrigerator, and store it in a cool place., Avoid poisoning.

Followed by time conditions:

The reason why Ms. Pu’s family poisoned eggs and storage for a long time was inseparable from the outbreak of fungus.Therefore, although preserved eggs can be stored, the storage time should not be too long.

Usually, the preserved eggs saved through the above methods can be maintained for about 3 months and the probability of deterioration is very low.Therefore, the longest shelf life of preserved eggs is also about 3 months.If it exceeds this time, even if it is wasted, please throw it away.

Not only that, if you want to completely eliminate the risk of healthy threats of preserved eggs, in addition to being familiar with the storage method, selecting the type of preserved eggs, and avoiding the selection of "toxic preserved eggs’, it is also important.

Three "toxic preserved eggs", the lower limit of the black -hearted merchant, please also avoid

① High -lead preserved eggs

In the past, the old preserved egg production process was made of plant ash, that is, lead, to block the small egg shell gaps and holes by lead to achieve the purpose of sealing and fermentation.However, the content of lead elements in this high leading egg often exceeds the standard, and then it will cause certain damage to people, especially children’s nervous system.

Although the country has now explicitly banned the use of plant ash to make preserved eggs, there are still illegal merchants who may retain this approach, please pay attention.

② Bacteria exceeding the eggs

Sometimes, it is not wrong with the family storage method. Some bad merchants may not control bacterial control during the production of preserved eggs, which then causes bacteria to exceed the standard.

In addition to the above -mentioned Salmonella, such as Listel bacteria and other food -based bacteria, it will also become the source of toxic preserved eggs.If you eat these preserved eggs by mistake, gastrointestinal pain is mild.

③ Rotten and deteriorated preserved eggs

Some preserved eggs seem to be smooth and complete, but sometimes, in fact, it has deteriorated inside, protein is deteriorated, and then combined with fermented ingredients, such as copper sulfate, will also cause heavy metal content to exceed the standard, and then increase the hidden dangers of poisoning.

In summary, eating preserved eggs and wanting to prevent poisoning is healthier. Not only must you start with the storage method, it is also important to identify "toxic preserved eggs".Please also buy preserved eggs, give priority to buying from well -known brands, and when choosing, it is best to smell it, rub it, observe whether the eggshell is complete, whether there is a pungent chemical item, this is mostly "bad list"Please choose carefully.

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