Eyebrows, hair dyeing, and eyelashes, these types of people cannot do!

When you go home during the Spring Festival, you have to see your elders, classmates, first love … see all kinds of people, how can you not be beautiful?IntersectionMake hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, and quickly transform into Meijiao Niang ~ But remind everyone to pay attention to the hidden risks behind the beauty!

Dyeing hair is hot and dyed, but it is not carcinogenic, but be careful of allergies

If the hair is beautiful, it is inseparable from "hot" and "dye", especially the legend of "dye" may cause cancer.Such "legend" stems from a ingredients in the hair dye -phenyline, and its role is to fix the color on the hair.In fact, the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) has evaluated, and believes that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that hair dye will cause cancer.

Compared with carcinogenic, hair dye is more commonly harmful to allergies. Symptoms are severe itching of scalp and facial skin. Allergic symptoms such as redness and swelling, rash, osmotic liquid, and eyelid puffiness are even fatal.If you have never dyed your hair, you must do a skin test before dyeing!

The method of skin testing is also very simple. You only need to apply a little hair dye behind the ear. If the above reaction does not appear within 24 to 48 hours, you don’t have to worry too much about your hair.

These 5 types of people are better away from hair dyeing

● The relatives of allergies to hair dye can only give up this stinky project.

● Pregnant women (especially within three months of pregnancy, exposure to hair dye may cause fetal malformations) and women who are breastfeeding.

● People with damage or severe scalp disease on the head of the head. Toxic and harmful substances are easily absorbed in the body when exposed to hair dye.

● Those who have severe hair loss, the ingredients in the hair dye may increase hair loss.

● People with incomplete liver and kidney dysfunction may increase the burden on liver and kidney in the body after absorbing the components of long -term hair dyeing.

The eyebrows have wounds, and they are alert to infectious diseases

In recent years, "semi -permanent Korean eyebrows" are very popular, but this is not just beauty, it is actually a creative operation.

The eyebrows need to pierce your skin, let the dyes exudate, similar to tattoos, but the dyes used in tattoos will stay in a deeper dermis layer, and the dyes for semi -permanent eyebrows are relatively lighter.The left and right faded slowly.

There are two risks of eyebrows:

1. The technology and aesthetics of the eyebrow division are not good. If you change the crayons in minutes, the beauty becomes "disfigured".

2. After all, the eyebrows will cause skin damage. Our face contains a large amount of capillaries and nerves. If the disinfection is not in place, it may be infected with infectious diseases such as hepatitis B!

So it is best to find a regular medical institution for eyebrows.

Careful 4 people with eyebrows need to be cautious

People with abnormal scar constitution and abnormal coagulation function are best not to tatto their eyebrows.

对 Do not get eyebrows with sensitive skin and dye -allergic girls.

期 During pregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding girls can’t make eyebrows.

近 People who have skin diseases in the recent eyebrows, let’s wait for recovery.

Four things that must be paid attention to after eyebrows

1. If redness and swelling appears at the eyebrows, you can apply ice for 20- ~ 30 minutes to let it swell as soon as possible;

2. Within three days after the eyebrows, do not let the eyebrows dip the water. If you accidentally dip the water, wipe it immediately;

3. Don’t pull off the scabs in your hands, which will affect the effect;

4, sunscreen!Sun protection!Sun protection!

Select the material for grafting eyelashes and eyelashes.

The eyelashes are curved, the eyes are blinking ~ But in fact, most girls are not very satisfied with their eyelashes, they are not dense enough or long enough.However, now there is a technology such as grafting eyelashes and sticking fake eyelashes firmly on your eyelashes. Although it is not forever and for all, it can also be beautiful.

Compared with the two items, grafting eyelashes are relatively safe, but there is no hidden danger at all.

1. First of all, many fake eyelashes are made of animal hair. If disinfection is not thorough, it may carry some bacteria and graft your eyelashes, which may cause local infection.

2. In addition, if the beauticians are operating, their hands are not clean, or the tools are not disinfected, it may also cause the eye to be infected, making the eyes red and itchy.

Still the old saying, do it for health or go to a regular beauty institution ~

If you are allergic to glue or a particularly sensitive eyelids, don’t try it easily. Maybe just grafted, and the eyelashes are all glowed because of allergies and itching.

Can I still wash my face after grafting the eyelashes?

Many girls are worried that washing her face would rub the false eyelashes. I can only say that you think … too right!

1. After grafting the eyelashes, although the glue is dry, it is not completely solidified.Touching water within 6 hours will make the eyelashes easily fall off. You must avoid washing your face, bathing, sauna, swimming, etc.

After 2.6 hours, you can wash your face, but try to use non -oily makeup remover and cleansing milk. Oily ingredients can easily make false eyelashes open, and finish the eyelashes.

3. Do not rub it casually when washing your face. You should wash it with your fingers horizontally from the upper and lower part of the eyelid.

4. Do not flush water directly in the eyes when bathing. The water pressure will deform and fall off the eyelashes.

5. When rubbing your face and skin care products, pay attention to avoid eyelashes. Do not let the fibers of towels or cotton pads hook the eyelashes.It is best to apply it with your fingers near your eyes, don’t apply oil -containing emulsion or frost on your eyelids.

6. Avoid sleeping when you sleep, don’t let the pillow or quilt press the eyelashes!

The trouble is a bit troublesome, but for beauty, this sacrifice is still worth dripping.

Our goal is -to keep healthy and healthy!

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