Faced with changes in breasts during pregnancy, you should do this

The breast is the granary of the baby after birth.Therefore, during the whole pregnancy, the development of breasts has changed with the development of the baby, and its purpose is to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.So, what is the breast tenderness in the early stages of pregnancy?What is the specific process of breast changes during pregnancy?How should pregnant mothers maintain breasts?

Change 1: Breast pain in the early stages of pregnancy

From the moment of fertilized eggs, hormones in women have begun to change.Among them, one of the obvious signs is breast sensitivity and pain.This is caused by the improvement of hormone levels in prospective moms.This pain is very similar to women’s feelings before menstruation, but it is stronger.This signs will improve significantly after 3 months of pregnancy, and your body has adapted to the changes in hormones during pregnancy until then.

Moms can do this:

For the tenderness of breasts in pregnancy, expectant moms can use hot compresses, massage and other methods to relieve.It should be noted that the breasts are very fragile during this period. The expectant mummy should move gently during the care process to avoid damage to the nipple.

Change two: chest becomes larger

The bigger breasts are visible and more obvious changes in all women after pregnancy.Under the action of progesterone, the expectant mummy’s breasts will slowly swell in order to ensure that the baby’s milk is sufficient in the future.During the 3-4 months of pregnancy, the breast growth will increase faster, the growth of the second trimester will slow down, and it will increase in the third trimester.

For what kind of state of the breasts during pregnancy, it depends on the pregnant mothers.Some pregnant mothers ‘breast changes are not very obvious, and some pregnant mothers’ breast growth can even reach three times the usual usual.

Moms can do this:

Faced with the increasingly changing breasts, prospective mummy should choose an underwear that can be adjusted and has a good support.Some pregnant mothers think that the breasts before pregnancy are very strong, and it is more comfortable to wear underwear, but it is easy to cause the breast loss of support and drooping, and this dietnar is still continued and it is difficult to restore.

Change three: the areola becomes black

After pregnancy, while women’s breasts become larger, the areola becomes bigger and black. This is due to the stimulation of sex hormones, prolactin and lutein, breast glands begin to proliferate. The areolas are expanding due to the increase of the sebaceous glands and the precipitation of pigmentation.Cause.Throughout pregnancy, the color of the areola will become darker and continue until after pregnancy, and the size of the areola varies from person to person. Women should face this change with a normal attitude.After the nurturing period, the areola will be appropriately smaller and shallow, but it may not be able to return to the original appearance.

Moms can do this:

As long as the quasi -mommy can do a good job of nipples.You can choose the vegetable oil to apply the nipples to soften the dirt and scaby skin on the surface of the nipple, and then wash the nipples with soap and hot water.

Breast pain in early pregnancy is a common phenomenon.If the nipples have no other secretions, pregnant mothers don’t need to worry too much.However, if the breasts have symptoms such as redness and heat pain or bloody secretions, they should seek medical treatment immediately.

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