Fan Bingbing appeared at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital. The small abdomen was suspected to be pregnant.

Recently, some media showed a group of photos of Fan Bingbing’s appearance in a maternity hospital in Shanghai, which attracted everyone’s attention.

On the same day, Fan Bingbing was wearing a white loose phenomenon, tight -fitting jeans, with a ball head, wearing a mask and sunglasses, casual and low -key, and did not want to attract everyone’s attention.

After coming out of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, Fan Bingbing and his friends were waiting for cars on the roadside. It is not difficult to see that she appeared at her face that day. She still glowed in white, and she was very facial features. It was really Yanba.

During the waiting period, Fan Bingbing kept chatting with her friends. She embraced her hands on her belly, and her condition was very casual.

But it was because of her action that caused heated discussion among netizens. It is not difficult to see that Fan Bingbing’s small abdomen was obvious from the photos. In addition, she appeared at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital that day, so she was guessed that she was pregnant?

In other words, since Fan Bingbing was trapped in a tax storm, rumors about her pregnancy have not stopped.Although her studio issued many times to clarify the explanation, due to Fan Bingbing’s body, she still could not help but make netizens think about it.

Because Fan Bingbing’s little belly is really grabbing!Every time Fan Bingbing appeared, in addition to her superior face value and white skin by everyone, her raised lower abdomen was also the focus of netizens.

Some time ago, she and her mother and her friends went to Putuo Mountain, and she was considered by netizens to ask for a child. I have to say that everyone’s brain is also very big.

In other words, Fan Bingbing is also insisting on fitness to lose weight. Why can’t he lose weight and cause so many misunderstandings? This is too worried.

Maybe because Fan Bingbing has been exposed to "pregnancy" many times, netizens are not surprised by her news. Instead, she also talked about her, saying that Fan Bingbing was thin enough.Is it a medical examination?It ’s really 365 days“ being pregnant ”. If those news is true, Fan Bingbing’ s children are afraid that they will form a class.

In fact, Fan Bingbing was also photographed in the hospital a few days ago. She was wearing a black clothes. Although the picture was blurred, she could feel her thin body.It is reported that she went to the hospital to do a regular medical examination that day, but because she was thin and thin, everyone began to worry about her health.

Recently, Fan Bingbing has appeared in the hospital many times, hoping that she can pay more attention to her body.

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