Fan Bingbing has repeatedly passed on pregnancy and was photographed in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

On February 14th, Fan Bingbing took a food photo on Weibo and wrote: "Valentine’s Day! Happy!" This photo posted by Fan Bingbing was also denying recent rumors about her pregnancy.Fan Bingbing’s food volume should be very large in the previous video, but she ate so much today. Maybe she also saw a lot of news about her pregnancy, knowing that she was fat, began to pay attention to diet, and prepared to lose weight.

Recently, Fan Bingbing repeatedly passed on the news of pregnancy.Hong Kong entertaining Zhupi broke the news that Fan Bingbing was pregnant. She recently ate a lot because she was pregnant with her baby.Fan Bingbing had a video of eating food at night. If it was a female star with strict figure management, it was impossible to eat so much at 10 o’clock in the evening.Therefore, the news of Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy has always caused heated discussion among netizens.

Fan Bingbing was recently taken photos of the lower abdomen. Fan Bingbing was taken in a group of work gaps wearing a real silk robe. She was guessed because of the bulge.This belly looks obvious. If it was not pregnant, it means that Fan Bingbing is really fatter and need to lose weight.

Some time ago, Fan Bingbing was taken photos of the obstetrics and gynecology department. At that time, Fan Bingbing appeared in a very high -end private hospital in Shanghai. The most famous was the birth of the birth. The hospital was also equipped with a high -end confinement center.Therefore, there are many netizens who have believed in the rumors of Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy.

Today, Fan Bingbing showed her photos of her ate. She was reducing her diet and preparing to lose weight to restore her body.Now it is the New Year. Fan Bingbing is at home. He can be so self -disciplined, not seduced by food, and he doesn’t want to see rumors of pregnancy anymore.After all, Fan Bingbing, as a popular unmarried female star, has a great impact on her reputation.In fact, Fan Bingbing has repeatedly denied pregnancy. There are many ways to get pregnant in Fan Bingbing. One is to send Weibo through the studio to admit that he is fat. Because of eating too much, the studio will ask Fan Bingbing to control the amount of food.Fatty.

Fan Bingbing will also take a fitness photo and denies pregnancy.Fan Bingbing is actually easy to get fat, and often becomes fat because she eats too much, so many fans tease her as fat.Therefore, everyone should not be too harsh on Fan Bingbing. It doesn’t matter if the female star is fatter. After all, Fan Bingbing is so good -looking, it is also very enviable.

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