Fan Fan Huai’s twin artificial pregnancy relies on promotion?Inventory of artificial conception stars

The news of Fan Weiqi (Fan Fan) and Chen Jianzhou (black) successfully conceived and pregnant with twins became the target of people’s discussion. While netizens sent blessings, they also considered why the 38 -year -old Fan Fan even had twins?Is the family have twin genes?

Fan Fan Huai twins artificial conception?Row

Subsequently, some media received news that two people were admitted to artificial conception. When the media once again verified Chen Jianzhou, he admitted that Fan Weiqi was indeed artificially conceived.On the 25th, Fan Fan said that pregnancy stitches and ovulated medicine. After stimulating ovulation by "artificial", they successfully made people with her husband at home, not IVF.Li Shimin, a Taiwanese obstetrician, also confirmed: "This is called natural conception."

Chen Jianzhou admitted that in the past, Fan Weiqi really worked hard for a long time and "tried a lot of methods". As for what methods, he did not want to talk more.He revealed: "Fan Fan suffered great pressure before pregnancy, mainly from the care of the outside world, and her sister Amoy was pregnant and gave birth to children. Therefore, the two were artificially conceived and wanted to get pregnant quickly when they were young.Chen Jianzhou was unwilling to talk about related details, only saying that "we just want to share joy now" and revealed that the little name is "big panda".

Fan Fan rely on promoting twins, which brings hope to many women who want to be pregnant, and even some people believe that "there is a disease and cure, and it can be strong."It will not have any impact without being pregnant.

Is this really true?not necessarily.

Theoretically, ovulation -promoting drugs can make the two ovations ovulation at the same time.But can ovulation be more, can it definitely increase the chance of pregnant twins?Not always.

Promotion is the gospel of twins?

1. Naturally nostalgic twins have a low rate

Women generally have two ovaries. When one ovulation ovulates, the other ovaries are closed. The two ovaries have very little chance of ovulation at the same time, and they usually only have one ovation a month.Therefore, twins are rare among pregnant women. Natural pregnancy twins mainly come from inheritance. The chance is about 1.5%. The chance of 3 and 4 twins is smaller, with only 100,000 to 200,000.

2. Promote the rate

Normal women usually discharge an egg at a time, and ovulation -promoting drugs will increase the number of women’s ovulation, so in theory, to a certain extent, the chance of multi -cell twins is increased to a certain extent.But everyone knows that conception is not just about eggs. Mr. Sperm is the key. Stimulating ovulation by promoting ovulation can make it more difficult for sperm to enter the fallopian tube.After all, it is three poisonous medicines, and the eggs become more. It is not necessarily possible to find her sperm successfully!

Inventory of artificial conception stars

Xiaobian is in the mood of gossip, and not to mention, what method Fan Weiqi has been successful in pregnancy, let’s take a look at the stars of the entertainment industry through artificial conception.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, there are many husbands and wives adopting artificial conception. We know that Andy Lau (Hua Zi) and Zhu Liqian. In the 2009 Andy Lau hidden marriage incident, Liu Dehua announced that he had been married to Zhu Liqian.Marriage is to be a test tube baby, and the condition of IVF is a marriage certificate.In the next two years, Andy Lau finally upgraded to be a dad with the current advanced IVF technology.

There are also Li Zi and Ma Tingqiang.After the 39 -year -old Li Zi married her 14 -year -old wealthy businessman Ma Tingqiang, as an elderly pregnant woman, she was very difficult to get pregnant.In the end, I was pregnant with twins with the help of IVF technology and gave birth to two twin daughters.Li Zi was pregnant with an ovulation needle and embryo.

There are also many IVF stars in China, such as Li Jiaxin, Xu Ziqi, etc., as well as 8 twins in Guangdong, which are born through test tube babies.There are also many stars who do IVF, such as the lead singer of "Titanic", Silin Dion, Tianhou, Canada, and the heroine of "Desire City" Sarajesi Capak.

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