Fan Weiqi "lifts oil and save fire"?There are many vulnerabilities of the guard!

This made Fan Weiqi’s face sweeping the floor after three days after her husband Chen Jianzhou was accused of harassment.

At that time, the 38 -year -old Da Ya was accused of sexual harassment by Chen Jianzhou, which means that as early as 11 years ago, Chen Jianzhou had already used his position to openly extend his magic claws inside the company!

As a party, Chen Jianzhou not only did not admit his mistakes, but also hit a big teeth to court.

Just when the people ate melon looked at the farce, the artist Guo Yuanyuan Qiang Qiang stood on the cusp of the wind and stood on the cusp of Chen Jianzhou. Chen Jianzhou had sexually harassed his sexual harassment….

It’s just that the couple didn’t know how to write the word shame. First, Chen Jian’s lion opened the big teeth to compensate 10 million and apologize. Later, Fan Weiqi posted a small composition to play the couple’s affection, and the two who had no audience fate.Word of mouth has plummeted.

But it was surprising that Chen Jianzhou had played so privately, not only Guo Yuanyuan broke the news that he would bring himself to his home during Fan Weiqi’s pregnancy.From the perspective of changing the bed, Fan Weiqi is likely to live here!

Another example is blatantly sent a message suggesting that her room is large, and even a video invites her to see … Although the authenticity of the matter needs to be considered, the authenticity of Chen Jianzhou has reached 99.9%of the allegations of Chen Jianzhou.After tearing the face, more women will join the road to defending their rights.

However, Fan Weiqi, a wife, sent a small composition to support her husband in the IQ. In fact, the sharp -eyed netizens took the two of them along the network line.I do n’t believe that you have only one bed at home as a fake. After all, friends who come to make a room will have only one bed in the preparation room?

Not only that, the number of times she went out during pregnancy was recorded by photos, let alone whether Chen Jianzhou could see it with her.

In short, even if Fan Weiqi cleaned her husband’s suspicion, she couldn’t resist the golden eyes of the eyes. Isn’t this Fan Weiqi clever and cleverly mistakenly put on the evidence of lying on the show?

But don’t forget that she has already been a means of indistinguishable fritters in the entertainment industry for many years, but she never thought that the Internet is also memorable!

Back to the scene of the time up every day, at the time, Qu Ying accidentally said that Fan Weiqi leaked Fan Weiqi to please Han Hong, but said that I liked Zhang Shaohan’s words more.Is the muzzle at Fan Weiqi!

The reason for its reasons to mention the grievances with Zhang Shaohan …

At that time, Zhang Shaohan, who was a sister, made a lot of fans with his outstanding singing skills and face value as soon as he debuted, but Fan Weiqi was still sitting on a cold bench. Fan Weiqi, who has always been with his predecessors, had to bow his head to work with Zhang Shaohan as his sister.

Unexpectedly, Fan Weiqi, who was licking from Zhang Shaohan’s popularity, slowly came up, and became a recognized sister flower with Zhang Shaohan.

Fan Weiqi Zhang Shaohan

However, when the two -person career day, the media could not hold back the gossip’s heart to provoke the relationship between the two. Fan Weiqi, who had already reached Zhang Shaohan’s reputation, apparently moved his mind. In 2008, he exposed the fox tail …

Seeing that Zhang Shaohan had to treat the disease first because of physical reasons and family factors, Fan Weiqi was deducted on the sisters of the former sisters, but Zhang Shaohan was questioned by the driver of interest, so that Zhang Shaohan was questioned for a while.

After that, Zhang Shaohan’s acting career plummeted and disappeared for a while, and Fan Weiqi, a member of the acting sisters, took away Zhang Shaohan’s resources without avoiding it.Still behind!

When Zhang Shaohan strongly proves his innocence, who knows Fan Weiqi snatched her agent in unwillingly, even if Zhang Shaohan was not able to say clearly.

So if you think it was not Zhang Shaohan, this big grievances paved the way for Fan Weiqi. Presumably, Fan Weiqi has already been listed as a small artist of the eighteenth line.Zhang Shaohan, who is carrying black materials, has been cleaned up early, and even once again ushered in the peak of his career by relying on his strength.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that at this time, Fan Weiqi was not surprised at this time again and licking the dog to take the initiative to show Zhang Shaohan.Face placed on the ground and rubbing: I am not grateful to the person who hurts me!

At that time, the rumors of Liang Jingru’s divorce were full of noise, but Liang Jingru did not expect that he had repeatedly closed his mouth, but he was casually said by the good sisters.

At that time, the two were still friends in the circle, and they also used the faint four characters to pick them down directly …

Although Fan Weiqi turned into a small white lotus afterwards, she admitted that her mouth was too fast, but she could not stop the damage to Liang Jingru. After all, for the children’s physical and mental health, it was worth it even to stage a husband and wife’s harmonious drama.

But what is incredible is that Fan Weiqi’s front foot just posted a post to guard Liang Jingru forever. Although she deleted the article so quickly whether she had Liang Jingru’s teachings, it was certain that Fan Weiqi, as a good sister, knew that Liang Jingru was better than anyone else.Soft ribs.

Although they were supporting sisters inside and outside, the end result was that the knife was fatal until the two went away from the beam to avoid Fan Weiqi’s magic claws.

It was just that the host who seized Fan Weiqi’s handle obviously was obviously the news that he had been asking Liang Jingru to ask Liang Jingru. Now Fan Weiqi couldn’t sit completely and took the initiative to use another good sister Xiao S’s secret exchange.

But obviously it is useless. Seeing Fan Weiqi’s popularity with his sister’s guns, it is becoming more and more outrageous. It is no wonder why the media force Fan Weiqi to not put it.The point is far exceeding imagination!

Fan Weiqi Xiao S

As early as 2019, Fan Weiqi posted a post in the early morning that his chin was injured, but Chen Jianzhou, who was a husband, recalled the matter two days later.But what is confusing is that this incident not only failed to attract the attention of everyone. Instead, she laughed at her to live. Some netizens speculated that she was violent by domestic.

Even though Fan Weiqi has already avoided the heat of Liang Jingru’s housework through breaking news, now she has been pulled into her blacklist by netizens.

In the past five years, Fan Weiqi and his wife began to jump in front of the screen. I do n’t believe it. You see that the big teeth exposed Chen Jianzhou’s sexual harassment, and then Fan Weiqi threatened to threaten the parties …

Although it was published in the attitude of the victim, no one believed it, but even if she threatened to donate the money to the foundation, she failed to resist the public mouth pursuing the truth. After allThe operation has been out of date, so it is not difficult to imagine how the two should be argued when the water came out …

Chen Jianzhou Fan Weiqi

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