Feeling distressed Yu Yuming’s throat!Here is Run (small) throat (wonderful) sugar (recruitment)

In the past few days, many people have been screened by Yu Yueming!The throat was dumb and appeared on the hot search list. What is going on?

It turned out that a few days ago, Yu Yueming participated in an event. In the interview with the red carpet, facing the host’s question, when he opened his mouth, he turned into a source of joy -he took the microphone and split the sound as soon as he opened, just like his own demon, just like his own magic magic, just like his own demon.Sound special effects.

However, Yu Minming insisted on answering the question seriously.After that, he also revealed on Weibo that he was really distressed because of his work.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, there are not a few stars who have problems due to overload work.For example, at the end of last year, more than ten consecutive Liu Dehua was sang by the doctor that the throat was inflamed and then sang it. I am afraid that it would cause irreversible damage to the throat. He had to terminate the concert and bowed to the audience with tears.

The life of an adult is easy to get fat, and it is easy to be hoarse in throat, not to mention the lovers with high -intensity work.So please take this eunuch push, use it early early ~

The throat is dumb, shouldn’t you do it?

Yongshui mouthwash NO!

Many family members and friends around you will ask you to try to rinse your mouth with salt water, because the salt has a sterilization function, and the salt water rinse is to help anti -inflammatory and reduce the swelling of the throat.

However, some doctors pointed out that sore throat represents that there are germs that attack the oral mucosa. At this time, if you rinse your mouth with salt water, it will stimulate the swollen inflammation place, which will cause the sore throat to be painful, which may worsen the condition.It’s better to drink more tea or boiled water!

Hotpot barbecue fried chicken NO!

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, barbecue foods or fried fried materials are hot foods. After consumption, it may stimulate the respiratory mucosa, aggravate the symptoms of throat inflammation, make the throat more painful and may be hoarse.

In the same way, it is best to avoid spicy foods when you have a sore throat, so as not to stimulate the respiratory mucosa and make the sputum more difficult to cough.Therefore, it is best not to eat spicy and irritating seasoning such as pepper, mustard, pepper, etc., so as not to exacerbate sore throat.

Eat ice cream yes!

In the eyes of the elders, it is essential to eat the cold ice cream when the throat hurts.In fact, simply sore throat, you can eat ice cream appropriately!

Low -temperature ice cream can cool down the throat, which can play a role in swollen and swollen throat.But if you are cold or a cold and your throat discomfort, you will not be suitable for this trick.

Let your throat be full of blood!

Pomegranate juice

Fresh pomegranate has the effects of relieving pain, swelling, and antibacterial. It not only has good throat, but also has effect on oral ulcers and bad breath.

When the throat is sore, you can peel the pomegranate, mash the pomegranate meat, and soak it with hot water. After cooling, you can remove the seeds and juice. The portion is about 1 to 2.It is effective to relieve your throat.

Lemon honey tea

Lemon contains flavonoids, which can repair the respiratory tract mucosa, while honey has anti -inflammatory, antibacterial and throat effects. Mixing the two to drink, which is useful to alleviate throat discomfort.

The method of making is also very simple. A cup of warm water plus a teaspoon of honey, and add half a lemon to fully mix and stir.

Drink more hot water

"Drink more hot water" is not just a straight man who cares about girls!The body fluid is the main channel for the human body to discharge toxins in the body, so drinking plenty of water is important to detoxify the body.Drinking plenty of water when you hurt your throat, but you can also keep your dry throat and mucous membrane moist.

During the day, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of warm water (about 37 ° C) with similar body temperature every 20 to 30 minutes.In the evening, you can try to put 1 bottle of 1L of boiling water on the head of the bed. When you wake up in the middle of the night, continue to drink water. Drink 4 to 5 times a whole night. It is said that the effect will be unexpected the next day.

Use a hot towel to make a horse killing chicken with a hot towel

Applying the neck with a hot water bottle and hot towel can promote blood circulation and relieve sore throat and discomfort.At home, chamomile can use chamomile to help massage the throat, and the pain relief effect is better.

The specific operation method is as follows: First, add 1 tablespoon of chamomile flower to 1 large cup of hot boiling water for 5 minutes. After filtering, the clean towel is immersed in the tea tea.

Lao Guang Herbal tea is a good thing

Traditional herbal tea in the Lingnan area, such as white flower snake tongue tea, five -flowering tea, grassy grass tea, etc., can be soothing for simple sore throats, but it is not everyone can drink herbal tea.Avoid drinking herbal tea, and people who are prone to stomach pain and diarrhea should also drink carefully.

important hint!

Because there are many causes of sore throat, if it is a popular cold, etc., sore throats caused by viruses will often cause systemic discomfort, so you should seek medical treatment early to avoid delay treatment

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