Female breast pain is normal?These 4 factors may wish to look at it, or if you don’t think so seriously

Many women often have breast pain in life. Some women show intermittent breast pain, while some women show continuous breast pain.

Many people think that female breast pain is a normal phenomenon and does not require special treatment.So is this a normal phenomenon?

Is it normal for female breast pain?

Whether female breast pain is normal, it is necessary to determine the cause of breast pain.There are many causes of breast pain, which are generally divided into physiological and pathological.

If it is physiological, you only need to do a good job of daily nursing work. Generally, special treatment is needed.If it is pathological, it must be treated early.Otherwise, female breast health will be severely damaged.

What are the causes of female breast pain?

1. High estrogen level

If women have breast pain during the developmental period, special treatment is generally not required. This situation is caused by the high level of estrogen in the body.

When women enter their adolescence, the large amount of estrogen secretion will cause breast catheter to continue to grow.Women’s breasts will have some discomfort, such as pain or pain.This phenomenon will be recovered soon in a short time, and there are no other discomfort.

Second, pre -menstrual syndrome

Most women will have a tenderness and pain in the days before the menstruation comes, and it will be accompanied by breast enlargement.If it is also accompanied by a series of problems such as mental stress, anxiety, irritability, and headache, and drowsiness, it is generally caused by pre -menstrual syndrome.

Before the menstruation is about to enter menstruation, the progesterone and estrogen in the body will fluctuate.These hormones can be stimulated by the breast tissue, which will cause slight hyperplasia and swelling, which will cause pain.

Third, breastfeeding mastitis

For breastfeeding women, if breast pain occurs suddenly, there will be some hard blocks that are unclear in the breast.Breast skin has red swelling and pain reaction, and is accompanied by increased breast skin temperature, underarmed lymph nodes, body weakness, headache and other phenomena. Generally, it is caused by lactating mastitis.

For lactating women, if the milk is too much or the baby sucks too little milk, it will cause excess milk in the breast to be discharged in time.In addition, when the baby sucks milk, it is easy to cause a certain damage to the nipple area, which will cause bacterial intrusion, which will induce mastitis.

Fourth, breast hyperplasia

For women aged 30 to 50, if breasts have pain and are accompanied by some granular or strip -like nodules, nipples and anxiety will also occur, which is generally caused by breast hyperplasia.

Due to factors such as long -term bad emotions or smoking and drinking, bad eating habits, endocrine function is disordered.The level of estrogen will cause disorders, which will cause the normal structure of the breast to disordinate, thereby forming breast hyperplasia.

All in all, the above four factors are the main causes of breast pain in women.If it belongs to natural physiological phenomena, special treatment is generally not required, and the pain can be used to relieve pain.If it belongs to the pathological breast pain, it is necessary to quickly receive regular treatment.

In addition, do not have some negative emotions and stay up late, and do not wear tight underwear, and pay attention to dietary adjustments.When breast pain, you can use hot compresses to relieve massage, which has a certain improvement of breast pain.

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