Female leaders, forcing pregnant female employees to work overtime, ambulance pulls away …

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The news person is an employee of a large hospital in Jiangsu:

The author has worked in the original company for a long time, and the market is not good. The unit owed money for two years. It was thought that this was already the limit.As a result, I found that I was too naive. Recently, a female leader Y, saying that it is all right, aggressive ……. What happened later, high energy!


The original company had previously hanged a large courtyard in Jiangsu. Now she wants to give up the hospital and transfer to Anhui to find the new courtyard to hang.Some colleagues have been to work in Anhui New Court. As a result, the epidemic was isolated for more than 2 months and did not go home for more than 2 months. Not to mention that they would not pay more money, or even the basic salary did not pay.

Other colleagues who are also in Jiangsu Jiaotong (intended to evaluate social security in Jiangsu), are now forcibly asked to transfer social security to Anhui, and do not transfer, then pay the social security money by yourself!IntersectionIntersection

1. If you do n’t pay money, the provident fund needs to be at your own expense

I heard that Y is always very popular. The new official takes office and treats himself as a "boss" and saves money to the unit everywhere!

The salary is waiting longer. I want to evaluate the title in Nanjing. All the five insurances and one gold actually want me to pay it myself!

I proposed that the five insurance and one -gold unit should have a part of the burden. The reply to me is: This is your own problem. Why do you think your salary should rise?Social security does not go to the new unit and leave it yourself!

2. Low efficiency

I was invalid overtime, and asked her to report her job at 3 pm. She played a mobile phone in the office. The sound of a live broadcast of the whole building can be heard. As a result, she said that I am very busy and wait for you.

When I didn’t come to me at 10 pm, I think she was a phone porridge!

Then I planned to go home and just got off the subway at 10:30. She sent me a video phone pop -up window and asked, "Why don’t you wait for me?"

If you do n’t pay for overtime, check in in the morning!Deducting fifty in one minute late!

In fact, there were subsidies for overtime overtime. Since Y always came, one point was gone. The reason is that the annual salary is about the annual salary.

3. Don’t understand pretending to understand

Y is not a professional origin, and the person in charge of our new architectural solution: "How can you use a alien column?" She didn’t even know anything about the alien column. She was still asking me yesterday!

I really don’t understand that she is here to engage in personnel, or it’s about cross talk.Even when the project was ongoing, "the local Ao culture in Hainan, of course, the plan must be made into a king -eighth shape, otherwise how can the leaders like it?" There are countless remarks, not only everyone admires her quality, but also praises her unique aesthetics.

4. The scandal is full

Why can Y always be in the top, this is not easy to say ~ You can write the book called the dean and Y’s two or three things.

For example, when the director called the dean, he heard the voice of the female leader, faintly, unclear … The female leader was exposed to the baby in the circle of friends, and he was more or less like the dean.The nose is the nose and the eyes are the eyes.

After all, I came to work two years ago. It was just a small personnel. Later, a flying sky became the vice president. We all felt that the dean had contributed.

5. Why do women suffer a difficult woman

Let the pregnant female employees work overtime and pull the ambulance away.Later, the courtyard paid money to calm down, and now female employees have left!

The ending of the story:

Of course, the author is running. Do you not run in the original unit and wait for death.

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