Female nurse does not want to perform surgery for 10 days by accident.

Drug flow, like artificial abortion, is a way to terminate early pregnancy.But drug flow conditions are more harsh than people!

Xiao Li in the same department said: She has been postponed for 10 days. Usually menstruation is regular. There is a premonition in her heart that she should be pregnant, but she and her husband do not want children for some reason.She didn’t want to perform surgery. She felt a bit scary for surgery. She wanted to choose to take medicine and fetes.

What is suitable for drug flow?

Then I popularized some of the problems of the drug flow: pregnancy flow within 49 days, that is, you are so pregnant as soon as you are now.Theoretically, the chance of success can reach more than 90%-95%, but it is not so high clinically. Some people can be discharged after taking the medicine.There will be a situation of adhesion or discharge. During this period, there may be a large amount of bleeding or even severe bleeding.In general, the clinical success rate of drug flow can be said to be more than 70%. Pay attention to increase the success rate during the drug flow period.In addition, the degree of tolerance of individuals will be different, and the pain will be different.It is best to rest first and make a decision after a detailed inspection.

After chatting with Xiao Li, she went to the clinic to find me the next day.After I probably understand the details, because the drug flow needs to be checked, after understanding the detailEmperor related examination.

The results of the gynecological examination that day came out, and they could arrange a drug flow for Xiao Li.

What are the processes of drug flow?

I first arranged for Xiao Li to take a oral meterone tablet 25mg/time, twice a day, and took three days orally. It was fasting for 2 hours before and after taking the medicine to promote the uterine molt degeneration necrosis and cervix softening.On the fourth day, let Xiaoli take a drug with 600ug/time after taking the drug Meso anterior glycol tablet. This drug can excite and shrink her uterus and promote the excretion of the embryo.After taking the medicine, I arranged for nurses to observe Xiao Li’s abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.After 1 hour, Xiao Li had mild abdominal pain and discomfort, and a small amount of bleeding in the vagina.After 4 hours of medication, Xiao Li excreted a complete gestational sac (see the picture), and the amount of bleeding was not much.In the end, I gave symptomatic treatment such as preventing infection and promoting uterine contraction.

What should I pay attention to when the drug flow?

After softening the cervix of the previous three days, on the fourth day, Xiao Li was discharged all after 4 hours of medication, the amount of bleeding was reduced, and the bleeding continued for 4 days. There was no infection during the period.7 days later, I did a B -ultrasound for Xiao Li and found that there was no abnormal echo in her uterine cavity.In the end, I gave Xiao Li 2 bags/time to take new biochemical particles, 3 times a day, and served for 5 days to promote uterine contraction and discharged congestion.Then followed in January, Xiao Li did not see bleeding or infection.

Drug flow is very harmful to the human body. Especially after the loss of the drug, it is necessary to perform a secondary cleaning palace, which may affect the fertility problems in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of prevention after surgery.Just like my colleague Xiao Li, she attaches great importance to her care during the whole treatment, although she may have had some nursing knowledge by herself.However, this is not important. Regardless of whether there is nursing knowledge or not, after choosing the medicine, you must follow the doctor’s advice, treat and care for the second time to avoid secondary damage.

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