Female star is still "ant waist" 6 months pregnant?The doctor said you can …

"Six months of pregnancy, the state is still like a girl." "The waist of the pregnant person is still so thin" … The figure of the female star during pregnancy has even become a fixed topic on hot search.

Some netizens are "sour", thinking that pregnant women can still maintain the body figure, which is really enviable. Under this gaze, some people will mistake these examples as the truth of life.Those who are pregnant are not self -disciplined.

On the one hand, pay attention to nutrition, endure the discomfort of all kinds of pregnancy, and always maintain a good figure and good state on the other side. Some pregnant women are exhausted.

It is not impossible to lose weight during pregnancy

"Women’s body changes during pregnancy and slowly recover after giving birth. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. These examples are not significant for ordinary people, but for fat -type polycystic ovaries,Patients with syndrome first need to lose weight to lose weight. You can adopt green weight loss methods such as Chinese medicine buried lines to lose weight. The chance of pregnancy will also increase after weight loss. "Zhou Wei said.

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine disease in women, and it is also one of the culprits leading to women’s obesity and infertility.The polycystic ovary syndrome will lead to a large number of women’s eggs and poor quality, ovulation disorders, no ovulation, thereby inducing female infertility. At the same time, due to the hormone level disorders in their body, 1/3 polycystic patients are accompanied by obesity.

Women’s obesity, especially abdominal obesity, can easily lead to insulin resistance in the body, increase the level of insulin levels, directly stimulate the ovaries, and promote androgen synthesis and secretion.Agia can inhibit follicle development and causes infertility.

Obesity · Polycystic Traditional Chinese Medicine Comprehensive Regulation and solution problem

For obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome women or women prepare for pregnant women, Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital has specially launched obesity · polycystic Chinese medicine comprehensive turtle package (TCM physician nutritional physician dual evaluation+acupoint buried treatment 3 times+6 ordinary acupuncture+6 times+6 times+6 times+6 times+6 times+6 times+6 timesMoxibustion 6 times).

TCM expert dialectical treatment combined with ultrasonic inspection indicators, comprehensively and accurate assessment of preparation conditions such as uterine environment, ovarian function, etc., and comprehensively comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine internal treatment and external governance law, such as acupoint buried lines, umbilical therapy, oral Chinese medicine oral administration, etc., safer and fastEliminate inflammation and restore fallopian tube function.At the same time, it is directed to eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, which can be called "lazy people lose weight", and realize that we lose weight while getting pregnant.

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