Five kinds of fruits that are "not welcome" in the uterus or "not welcome", the persimmons are on the list, the first or many people often eat

Now the fast -paced life has brought a certain pressure on many people. For female friends, the problem of uterine health may be ignored. Many people think that the uterus is a simple fertility tool, but it is also an important indicator for women to maintain young.Protecting your own uterine health can prevent some diseases.

Due to the special physiological structure of female friends, the uterus is a fragile organs. If you do not do a good job of cleaning, it may cause excessive bacteria to enter the body, cause some diseases in the uterus, and seriously endanger women’s health.

The uterus in women is also an important factor in the immune system. If the immune system in the body is damaged to a certain degree, it may cause cell lesions in the women’s body. Therefore, you must protect your body.

5, persimmon

Every spring is the mature period of persimmon. At this time, the persimmons are sweet, delicious and soft. Both men, women, and children like to eat. Supermarket malls are sold.But persimmons are cold, and eating persimmons often increases the wet and cold of female friends.

Especially for women’s menstruation, if you eat persimmons often and a large amount of wet and cold gas accumulation in the body, the arrival of menstruation will be delayed, and symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, palace cold will occur during menstruation.

If women eat persimmons during menstruation, menstrual blood will be unclean period, which will cause toxin residues, which is not conducive to the health of the uterus, so women should reduce the intake of persimmon.

4, kiwi

Presumably most women like kiwi. Kiwi is loved by people because of its unique taste, especially the rich vitamin C content in kiwi.

Women often eat kiwi in daily life, helping moisturize the skin, delay aging, beauty and beauty, keep the water in the skin, lock the water in the skin, and prevent water loss.

However, the most important point is that kiwi is a kind of cold fruit. If you eat too much in daily life, it is easy to cause the uterus to receive cold and increase the wet and cold in the body. Especially women in menstrual periods, it is recommended not to eat kiwi frequently.The fruits of the class can avoid the problem of dysmenorrhea caused by Gong Han.

3. Watermelon

Summer is here, and many people will buy a large amount of watermelon at home in order to solve the heat and cool down. Eating a cold watermelon can reduce their body temperature. The watermelon juice is sweet and sweet. It contains more VC content, dietary fiber, trace elements and mineral elements.This is a fruit that is very beneficial to the human body.

Although he can relieve heat and thirst, watermelon is a kind of cold food. Whether in the cold winter or hot summer, if you often eat ice watermelon, you will accumulate too much wet and cold in your body.Eating cold food will undoubtedly increase the burden on the body and increase the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and the cold.

2, plum

Li Zi is rich in nutrition, high nutritional value, rich in dietary fiber trace elements and mineral elements. For women, eating plums can achieve the effect of delaying aging and beauty.It is also cold fruits, and women should eat less.

Especially women in menstrual period, do not eat plums. At this time, the uterus is fragile and sensitive, and it is easy to be attacked by wet and cold. Try to eat as much as possible after menstruation.Excessive incidence leads to the problem of Gonghan.

1. Longan

Longan is sweet and warm. For people with cold constitutions, this is a perfect fruit. It has a very good nourishing effect and is favored by many women.

It can be used for physical conditioning for patients with heart and spleen deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, and is also very suitable for postpartum women. Among them, protein, glucose, sucrose, vitamin A, and B are the essential nutritional elements of the human body.

1. The most important thing is that women must take contraception measures in daily sex to avoid miscarriage and damage to the uterus by accidental pregnancy.

2. Pay attention to hygiene during menstruation and sex to avoid the invasion and infection of pathogenic microorganisms.

3. Do not live sex during menstrual period, so as not to squeeze into the uterine muscle layer, causing endometriosis.

4. It is best not to have sex to avoid the infection of special pathogenic microorganisms.

5. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold stimulation, especially menstrual period, do not eat raw cold food.

6. Develop good living habits, rest on time, do not stay up late, exercise appropriately, and enhance physical fitness.

The uterus is very important for female friends, so female friends can take care of the uterus through their usual diet, and the food that can maintain the uterus is:

1. Carrots and carrots can promote blood circulation, so eating carrots can increase the speed of blood circulation. The blood circulation in the uterus accelerates, and the contraction force will become stronger, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting the uterus.

2. Tomatoes, tomatoes can prevent gynecological tumors. Tomatoes have a strong antioxidant function, and can improve the micro -circulation of women’s uterus and play a role in protecting the uterus.

3. Women can also eat citrus, because citrus can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, reduce the probability of gynecological diseases, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting the uterus.

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