Folic acid is not as much as possible!Doctor: Keep these 3 points in mind and correct folic acid correctly

Folic acid is one of the essential nutritional elements of the human body. Women during pregnancy are also relatively high in folic acid. Whether it is for ourselves or for the development of the fetus, we usually advocate that pregnant women supplement some folic acid during pregnancy.EssenceWhat is the specific effect of pregnant women with folic acid?Is there anything to pay attention to?Let ’s take you to take you to take a look at the little knowledge about pregnant women and folic acid.

Pregnant women with proper folic acid have a good role in promoting the development of nerve cells and brain cells of the fetus. Generally, it is recommended to take it before pregnancy.Development creates a good folic acid nutrition environment so that the fetus can grow better.

If pregnant women lack too much folic acid, it is easy to cause defects in the fetal nerve development, which will cause the appearance of nerve defects such as brainless children.Folic acid is also one of the important substances for the human body to synthesize DNA. Insufficient folic acid can also cause fetal deformities, such as rabbit lips and skeletal deformities.It can be seen that pregnant women supplement folic acid is very important for fetuses.

We often emphasize the "appropriate amount", and it is no exception when pregnant women supplement folic acid.The latest research shows that during pregnancy, if pregnant women do not pay attention to the intake of folic acid, and excessive supplementation of folic acid, not only can not play a role in promoting fetal development, but will cause the probability of futures to suffer from diabetes greatly.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus, in addition to the control of the amount of attention to supplement folic acid, pregnant women also have some particular attention in diet.

1. Eat more foods rich in folic acid:

It is best to put food with high folic acid into daily diet.Many foods contain natural folic acid, such as animal liver, dark green vegetables, beans, nuts, grains, poultry eggs, milk, fresh fruits, etc.

2. It is best to take folic acid supplements:

It is advocated that taking folic acid supplements does not mean that it does not need to pay attention to diet. Although the human body cannot obtain sufficient amount of folic acid from food, other nutrients in food can promote the absorption of folic acid.

3. Don’t be too long for food cooking:

The content of folic acid in food is often unstable, especially the cooking habits of Chinese people, which will cause a large amount of folic acid in the food. Therefore, do not take too long during cooking, minimize the loss of folic acid.

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