Folk story: On the way home, the woman inadvertently saved the black dog essence and changed her husband’s life

In ancient times, there was a kind of carpenter in Yongzhong County, Baoning Prefecture.He has been married to his wife for more than ten years and has never had his own child.The two seek medical medicine, hoping to have a child.When he was 38 years old, he worked out once.When passing by a mountain mouth, he heard the baby’s cry.

Zhang Carpenter walked around and found a basket in the grass.There is a baby in the basket, which looks like five or six months old.When the carpenter saw the baby crying, he hurried forward and picked up the baby.He hummed Xiaoqu coaxing the baby, and the baby slowly didn’t cry, and he smiled at him.Seeing that the baby was not crying, he looked at it carefully.

He found that the baby was a girl, and he saw a letter in the puppet.He opened the letter and looked at it, so he understood what was going on.It turns out that the parents of the baby always want a boy.But the female baby was born for 5 consecutive consecutive vins, and she couldn’t afford it, so she put the baby in Shanyukou, hoping that the people passing by could adopt her.

Zhang Carpenter thought that he was almost 40, and none of them.He felt that he had a fate with this girl and wanted to adopt a girl.He knew that the parents’ parents were definitely nearby.Otherwise, the baby baby herself was gone away by the wolf.Zhang Carpenter said loudly: "I have adopted this child, and I will treat her like a biological daughter."

Zhang Carpenter’s words just fell, and the grass in the distance moved a few times, and then did not move.So the carpenter hugged the girl and returned home. When the wife, Li, saw her husband hug back a baby, and asked what was going on?Zhang Carpenter told his wife 151.Li was very happy to hear the words and picked up the girl to hold it by herself.Zhang Carpenter said: "I picked up this girl, and I wanted to name her Zhang Shiniang, what do you think?"

Li said: "This name is very nice, just call Zhang Shiniang." The couple took Zhang Shiniang as a biological daughter.In the past, Zhang Carpenter often went out to work. Li’s personality was introverted and always stayed alone at home.But since she had Zhang Shiniang, Li’s teased her coaxed her, her own character was cheerful, and her face had more smiles.

Li continued to take Lang Zhong’s medicine, which surprised the couple.I used to take this medicine before, and I have never conceived my child.But less than a year since Zhang Shiniang came to the Zhang family, Li’s found that he was pregnant.Both of the couple believed that Zhang Shiniang had brought blessings to the Zhang family.Ten months later, Li gave birth to a boy.

Zhang Carpenter named him Zhang Youfu.The couple did not love Zhang Shiniang because they had their own children, but they were equalized.Life passed day by day, and the two children gradually grew up.Zhang Shiniang was very sensible and helped Li’s laundry to cook housework, but Zhang Youfu was very naughty.Li sighed: "It’s still the daughter’s intimate and sensible."

Later, Li’s death due to illness, Zhang Carpenter needs to go out to work to make money to support his family.Zhang Youfu was not disciplined, and he was mixed with some people in the village.Follow them to learn drinking and gambling, and do some stolen chickens and dogs with them.Zhang Carpenter asked him to learn woodworking with himself. Zhang Youfu suspected that the carpenter was too tired to learn.

So that it is nothing to do with 20 things, and the reputation is not good.Zhang Carpenter asked the matchmaker to tell him a few family relationships. When the woman’s parents heard that the man was Zhang Youfu, he refused.One day, Zhang Carpenter sat in the yard and sighed.He knew that he was old and he was so living in many years.His only wish is to see his son be able to settle down.

Zhang Shiniang knew why the righteous father was worried, and she walked in front of the carpenter.Said: "Daddy, I have no blood relationship with the blessing, I want to marry him." Zhang Shiniang was well -known, and the needle line embroidered skills were good.Zhang Carpenter was very happy to hear the words and said, "Okay, if you take care of him, I will rest assured."

In the evening, Zhang artisan told his son about this.Zhang Youfu also knew her situation. No girl was willing to marry herself, and Zhang Shiniang was born with white and beautiful, and knew how to embroidery to make money, so he agreed quickly.One month later, the two became pro -pro.Zhang Carpenter died soon after the two met.

The two of their husbands and wives were left at home. Zhang Shiniang persuaded her husband to find some to make money to support her family.Zhang Youfu said: "What fox friends and dog friends, those are my brothers. The so -called brothers are like hands and feet, women are like clothes. I don’t allow you to say so."

When Zhang Youfu was a child, his nature was not bad. He was brought by the fox friends and dog friends who were delicious and lazy.When Zhang Shiniang saw her husband not listening to persuasion, she scolded the fox friends and dog friends.Unexpectedly, Zhang Youfu hit her, and Zhang Shiniang ran back to the house.The current source of life of the Zhang family depends on Zhang Shi Niang to work, and the money earned is difficult to maintain.

And Zhang Youfu drink money with the fox friends and dog friends.If you have no money, go to Zhang Shiniang, and Zhang Shiniang will be beaten by him without giving it.Zhang Shiniang was often beaten up and purple.A good -hearted neighbor persuaded Zhang Shiniang to let her and Zhang Youfu and Li, and find a good family.

Zhang Shiniang said: "The righteous father and mother are so graceful to me, I can’t do it. Since I chose to marry him, he is my closest person. Even if he is ice, I will cover him hotHe was leading the right way. "When the neighbor saw her not listening to persuasion, it was inconvenient to say more.One day, Zhang Shiniang took embroidery products to the county seat.

She sold the embroidery and was on the way back.She found a black dog that fell on the side of the road.The kind Zhang Shiniang stepped forward and found that the black dog’s feet were injured a lot of blood.She took out the handkerchief to bandage the wound to the black dog, and took the black dog home.She took out a bottle of golden sore from the room and painted the black dog.

The black dog’s injuries within a few days are good. This black dog is very psychic.Just listening to Zhang Shiniang’s words, Zhang Shiniang let it east to the east, let it go west to the west.And Zhang Youfu could not use the black dog at all, and the black dog sometimes shouted at him.One day, Zhang Youfu invited a group of fox friends and dog friends to come home to drink and eat meat.

When I didn’t drink it halfway, Zhang Youfu went to find Zhang Shiniang for money to buy wine.Zhang Shiniang said: "There is really no money at home, and I can’t open the pot anymore. How can I still buy you wine and drink meat." Zhang Youfu said: "I don’t believe it, I know you must have moneySaid: "No."

Zhang Youfu saw Zhang Shiniang’s face in front of everyone.So he beat Zhang Shiniang again, and Zhang Shiniang was fainted by him with a slap.Just then, the black dog screamed a few times at him.Suddenly, the black dog fantasized an adult, and he flew Zhang Youfu in one palm.Zhang Youfu hit the big tree of the yard, and his legs were broken.

The fox and dog friend on the side was stunned and stunned there.Black dog walked slowly towards Zhang Youfu, and said to the fox friends and dog friends on the side: "Your brother was beaten, do you not come to him?" Fox Peng and dog friend said: "He is not our brother. We just look at him to look at him.I often get money and ask us to drink and eat meat.

We just played with him, he was a silly hat.How can we be a brother with a big silly hat?His business has nothing to do with us, you continue to fight, we leave first."After speaking, they all slipped away. Zhang Youfu heard his words and spit out a bite of blood. Black dog said," Zhang Youfu, Zhang Youfu, your wife is so good to you, you actually hit herIt’s not as good.

I know who is good to me, and I will treat her.As a person, you are not as good as me, it’s really sad.I have to beat you today."After speaking, he raised his fist and wanted to fight Zhang Youfu. Suddenly, a woman’s voice came:" Stop your hands, don’t hit me."I don’t know when Zhang Shiniang woke up, and when she saw her, she rushed to Zhang Youfu and blocked his fist.

Black dog closed his fist and said, "Ann, he treats you like this, why do you still protect him." Zhang Shiniang said: "He is my father -in -law, my dear person. I can’t watch him hurt." ZhangThe blessings were very moved. His so -called brothers abandoned him at the crisis.

And he used to be so to his wife, and his wife not only stayed without discarding at the crisis, but also protected him with his body.Zhang Youfu felt very guilty and was very guilty.Black dogs said: "I was a black dog essence in the mountains, because I was injured because of fighting with the wolf demon. It was you who saved me. I wanted to help you teach Zhang Youfu.

Since you protect him so much.I have to go back to Shenshan to continue practicing, you take care.After the Black Dog Jing said, he turned back to the original shape and ran towards the deep mountain. Zhang Shiniang helped Zhang Youfu into the house and went to find a Langzhong to treat him. "Without internal injuries, you can heal for a period of time."

Zhang Shiniang said, "There are doctors." Suddenly, Zhang Shiniang had a feeling of vomiting and ran to the door to vomit, but did not vomit.Zhang Youfu said: "Lang Zhong, you can check the pulse for my lady." Lang Zhong heard the pulse of Zhang Shiniang, and then said with a smile, "Congratulations, your lady is pregnant."

Zhang Youfu was glad to say, "I’m going to be a father." Zhang Shiniang was also very happy to hear the words. He gave Lang Zhongzhong and sent Lang Zhong to go out.When she returned to the room, she saw Zhang Youfu constantly pumping her mouth.Zhang Shiniang stepped forward to stop him and asked, "Xianggong, what are you doing?" Zhang Youfu replied: "Lady, I used to be so treating you, I was wrong. You let me take myself."

Zhang Shiniang said: "Xianggong, since you know that you are wrong, you will change it in the future, and you will go to the right way." Zhang Youfu said: "I must correct it. I remember our dad has a" Carpenter Scripture ".I. During this time, I worked hard to study, and I will be a carpenter like my father in the future. In the future, I will make money and feed you and our children. "

Zhang Shiniang cried when he heard the words very happy, and said, "I’m going to get it for you." Later, Zhang Youfu changed to the new and became a carpenter.He was responsible for making money and raising his family. Zhang Shiniang saw his children’s housework at home, and the family lived a happy and beautiful life.

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