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The female anchor and the chaebol went home to see their parents humiliated.

It turned out that Pharaoh learned that Xiying was pregnant, and the chaebol chairman was immediately shocked after seeing his son’s girlfriend.Women never expected that they turned out to be father and son.It turned out that after determining the relationship with Taishan that night, Xi Ying hit a child with a child, and there was a vomiting reaction during the live broadcast.This is a serious live broadcast accident. "The pot was also exploded on the Internet, and they began to speculate whether Xiying was pregnant." In order to suppress public opinion, Xi Ying lay on the bed and asked the assistant to take a photo of herself for himself, and accompanied him.The text said that she was vomiting because of excessive labor.This trick is really effective.

So if you are not prepared this time, the probability of infertility will be high in the future.Xi Ying couldn’t wait to call Taishan and told him to tell him a good news.Taishan also prepared a romantic candlelight dinner.Xi Ying thought that Taishan was prepared because he knew that he had a child.But Xi Yingwan did not expect that when Taishan knew that she was pregnant, the first reaction turned out to let her give up.Taishan believes that he is only 28 years old, and he is not ready to be a father at all.I thought you would be very happy, I never wanted to have children and marriage.

Before leaving, warned Taishan not to appear in front of him, and the two were unhappy.Xi Ying looked at the photos of B -ultrasound, as if he saw his child.Helplessly, she gradually cried.Taishan also slept all night.

The next day he found Xi Ying again and apologized for the injury to the injured last night.Because it was too sudden, he didn’t know how to face it for a while.Then Taishan told Xi Ying to get married. He would be ready for all jobs, and he would take Xi Ying home to see his parents tomorrow.Facing the sincere apology of Taishan, the haze in Xiying’s heart was swept away.

In the morning, Taishan frowned slightly after seeing Xi Ying’s dress.He then took Xi Ying to a high -end Hanbok shop.

Taishan called the boss to customize a set of Hanbok for Xi Ying.Xi Ying asked him what he was doing?Because his parents are more traditional, important occasions especially like to wear Hanbok, you have to have a good impression when you meet for the first time, but Xi Ying insisted on wearing his favorite clothes, so Hanbok did not buy it.Taishan believes that it is rude to see his parents in a short skirt, and Xiying also believes that the old thoughts should be abandoned.The two also quarreled on the road.

Although Xi Ying was used to various scenes, it was inevitable that he was a little nervous after getting off the car. Although he knew that Taishan was a child of rich people, he did not expect to be so rich.The mother glanced at Xi Ying’s dress, her face suddenly became dark.

Their family has always been tradition, and Xi Ying wore a super skirt and almost gone when he kneeled down. He not only made his father feel awkward, but even his mother couldn’t stand it anymore.He grabbed a pillow and lost it, and let Xiying block the skirt with a pillow.

How old is Xi Ying, Xi Ying said that he is 38 years old, just tenacious than Taishan. The two were suddenly surprised.How can I just call her husband’s name in front of my in -laws.Xi Ying immediately became a little overwhelmed. In South Korea, the concept of the door -to -door pair is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.What’s more, a wealthy family like them.When I heard that the Xiying’s house was opened in a snack bar, the chaebol president was even more ridiculed.It is said that they do junk food.After working for a long time, you will have a sour smell.Seeing Xi Ying’s anger’s expression.Mrs. President quickly said that staring at the elders is very polite, facing naked humiliation.Xi Ying thought that he had been forbearing, but he did not expect that the chaebol president said arrogantly that if he wants to marry into their house, he must quit the work of the anchor first.Madam Madam is not a good stubble. Asked if he can have a child at such an old age, have he had a health check in advance?Taishan didn’t notice anything wrong.I wanted to say that Xiying was pregnant, but was stopped by Xi Ying.Seeing that his son was like a quail in front of Xiying, the chaebol chairman of the qi picked up a book and smashed it. It was useless to scold Mount Tai.Their face.You bring this wild woman who does not know the height of the sky and the unwilling to educate home.Xi Ying finally broke out completely, saying that she wouldn’t end even if she asked her to get married!Taishan caught up with Xi Ying, pulled her arm hard, and the rude appearance made Xi Ying even more angry.She scolded the rudeness and strength of Taishan, which was inherited the smelly problems of her father, but Taishan blame Xiying to mess everything.As long as he had endured this level, Taishan also thought that he should be aggrieved because of the relationship between this man’s relationship, letting Xiying take the initiative to upgrade.

Sure enough, Pharaoh learned that Xi Ying was pregnant, so he asked Xiying to agree to host the show with him.Although Xi Ying is currently the most popular anchor, if she is pregnant before she is married, the consequences will be unimaginable.

In order not to lose his job, this Xiying could only promise to let Pharaoh as the assistant anchor.However, Pharaoh must promise to sign a confidentiality agreement, not only to help her keep the secret of pregnancy, but also to help cover in time when she has a pregnancy reaction or needs help.

In order to prevent Pharaoh from crossing the river to dismantle the bridge, Xiying asked Pharaoh to shoot a passionate little dance as a handle, and Pharaoh’s figure was quite good.After the signing of the secret contract, Pharaoh was really trustworthy. Not only did he strongly maintain Xiying in front of his colleagues, he also tried to help cover when he was accidentally accidentally appeared when he had an accident. If you thought Pharaoh was a good person, it would be wrong.

After the work of this day, Pharaoh, who returned to the post, invited the director and colleagues to have dinner. The leaders had to drink with wine employees. The pregnancy of Xiying was obviously unable to drink.

Although Lao Yu’s small algorithm hit, Xi Ying was not so easy to deal with.Everyone was drinking, but only Xi Ying did not drink it alone, but only Xi Ying did not drink.The opposite Pharaoh had an idea. Although we are not male and female friends, we are the best partner in our work. Pharaoh, you are my guardian knight. Pharaoh is very useful, and his heart is happy.

However, the next second, Xi Ying handed the cup to him. Can Mr. Cavaliers help me drink this glass of wine?Pharaoh suddenly eyes was dumbfounded, and he could only take the cup to drink.This also made Pharaoh realize that although he could secretly want some small means, it was difficult to suppress Xiying after all, so he had to catch more handles. It was best to find the identity of his child’s biological father.

On the other side, Xi Ying and Taishan have broken up. She also deliberately avoided the shows she took. She did not know that her girl had long been coveted to Taishan for a long time.After dressed up carefully, she came to the shooting scene. She was all around, but she wore a pair of high heels, and finally settled.I wanted to put some sexy postures to attract Taishan’s attention, but I didn’t expect to accidentally fall into the river.Taishan opened the trunk and took out two clothes from the car for her to replace it on the car.When I opened it, I turned out to be the expensive skirt I have seen in the mall a few days ago, and there are still a pair of red shoes, and my heart was broken.Is Taishan hinting with her?The heart girl did not know that these were returned by Taishan to Xi Ying.

When Xi Ying saw the woman wearing this dress and the Thaishan double -entry pair, her mood became very bad, and she changed the normal situation during the live broadcast at night. All news was sowed in one go.EssenceHowever, the next second, Pharaoh was frightened, and Xi Ying’s bleeding was bleeding.

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