Follow -up: Xiaosan is pregnant, and the wife’s RV can not get it.

On the streets of Shijiazhuang, the man took a small three to drag his wife and dragged his wife. In the end, the three were taken away by the police. They all thought that the man would be punished for "dangerous driving crime".More excessive requirements.

On June 2nd, Ms. Xue, the mother of the two children, took a child and a daughter, riding an electric car to the street. She just saw her car parked on the side of the road. Her husband and a woman were sitting in the front row.The husband also pulled the woman’s hand.

A person who knew what was going on at a glance. Ms. Xue hurried forward and grabbed the co -pilot’s hair on the woman. There were more and more people on the crowd. The husband knew that it was shameful and advised Ms. Xue to go home.

Ms. Xue did not agree to getting on the car because she had endured deception and domestic violence for a long time. As a result, her husband stepped on the accelerator to the end, and tried to turn the steering wheel to throw off Ms. Xue.Ms., Ms. Xue just did not let go, her husband had to step on the brakes as a last resort.

Forced by pressure, her husband got out of the car and Ms. Xue’s theory. The Primary Three was lifted out of the car by everyone. Take a closer look. Xiao San looks full of acne, and it is 10,000 miles away from Ms. Xue.

Xiao San shouted: Brother, baby hurts.The husband quickly said: The baby is sorry.There was no lower limit, and the son and daughter were watching.The daughter was crying next to her.

In the end, her husband was afraid that Xiao San would be hurt again and asked Ms. Xue what she wanted. Ms. Xue said, "The house, car, and houses in my hometown belong to me."The husband agreed and was recorded by the video. Now the husband Lai Lai couldn’t get it off. In the end, the three were taken away by the police.

However, Ms. Xue’s insiders in the same village exposed that the two of them are now divorced. The elderly of the two do not agree with their divorce and advise them not to divorce.

I can understand that my in -laws do not agree to divorce. I worry that I wo n’t see my grandchildren in the future. Why does the mother ’s family do not agree to the divorce why? The husband needs Ms. Xue to raise it. If you buy a car, you can raise the primary three. Can such a man still ask?

This man actually raised the conditions. If divorce, he had to divide the property. The man derailment in the marriage was overwhelmed.

However, Ms. Xue did not touch it here. The people in the same village said that the house of his hometown was a man’s pre -marital property. It is said that the man wrote when the car was bought. I really don’t know what Ms. Xue thought at the time.The savings of eating and drinking, I bought a car and wrote a man’s name.

What’s more, the man also said that he could not divorce, but he couldn’t break with Primary Three because Xiao San was pregnant and he was responsible for Primary Three.

My God’s face can be so thicker to this extent. This is to let Ms. Xue go to work during the day and set up the night market at night.Has he raised a child of the third, he actually wanted a two -wife.

It was a little knife pulling his buttocks and opened his eyes.People can be shameless to this point.

Abandon the wives of the charm, throw off a pair of children, go out to go outside, bring back a younger three, let the wife and him live peacefully, and also have a child to give birth to a child. Is this challenge to the law?What happened.

This Xiao San opened his eyes wide and looked at, a man is not even king of his own children, can you raise your child, you are still pregnant for him.

According to Ms. Xue, the car was bought by her savings. Ms. Xue should now collect the evidence quickly and brought this pair of men and women to court to return her gold and silver jewelry she bought for her.It’s so shameless.

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