For 280 days of pregnancy, these 9 "pregnant women taboo", the pregnant mother keeps in mind and don’t commit it.

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It is said that "pregnant October" is 280 days, and the baby is working hard every day to prepare for healthy birth. The pregnant mother must also take care of the baby in these 280 days. Be careful not to pay attention.Let your "some behaviors" hurt the baby. For example, the following 9 "taboos of pregnant women", pregnant mothers must keep in mind the heart.

I remember listening to my mother saying that it was the neighbor’s family’s daughter -in -law’s second child, but Dabao was still young, and she was more than one year old. I like to stick to my mother all the time all day long.Bleeding, I went to the hospital for an abortion.

During pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, it is not recommended to mention heavy objects. After all, the fetus is fragile and prone to abortion. Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers often hold children.Babies may cause miscarriage in the early pregnancy, and pseudo -contractions or premature births may be caused during the third trimester, especially when holding children when they are tired.

In addition, if children are naughty, they may be kicked or encountered the stomach of a pregnant mother, causing the fetus in the stomach to be premature due to external force.

In the past, the old people would look at the incident of pregnant women from the perspective of superstition. They believed that they would not be lucky, and it was not conducive to the health of the baby in the stomach. In fact, the dangers of pregnant mothers participating in weddings and funerals were not here.

At the wedding, pregnant mothers are vulnerable to the atmosphere and environment at the scene, causing emotional excitement, or too noisy at the wedding scene, causing the fetal movement to intensify, and even the umbilical cord entanglement due to excessive activity, which is not conducive to fetal health.

At the funeral, the emotions of people around them were too depressed, nervous, and sad. Pregnant mothers were easily affected by this live atmosphere, and unconscious sadness was not conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus.

In addition, whether it is a wedding or funeral, there are noisy occasions. Pregnant mothers are easily collided into the abdomen, and the chance of bacterial infection is also high. Especially for pregnant mothers in the third trimester, it will increase the chance of premature birth.If you have to participate in the wedding funeral, you must pay attention to protect yourself and control your emotions.

These two things will affect the fetus because of the tiring or decoration taste.

First of all, when you move, you can’t avoid moving and lifting when moving. For pregnant mothers, it is not suitable for doing such physical labor. Once the abdomen is collided with furniture and other objects, it is easy to cause miscarriage.

Followed by decoration, there are strong pollutants in the indoor air. Pregnant mothers often inhale this pollutant, or live in a house that is just renovated and has not been scattered, which can easily cause fetal deformity.

After pregnancy, in addition to the performance of "drowsiness" in the early stages of pregnancy, in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy, the chance of the pregnant mother’s poor sleep will be very high.It will affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.

When you ca n’t sleep, the pregnant mother may keep playing with the phone. Sometimes it may be very late or I ca n’t sleep. I ’m still playing with my mobile phone. This habit is very unfavorable to the pregnant mother’ s sleep and rest.

We know that the human body is also resting when sleeping. If you do n’t rest on time and stay up late to watch your mobile phone on time, the metabolic toxins in your body will increase, which will affect your health and fetal development.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers develop good sleep habits during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should rest before 11:00 pm. You can drink cups of warm milk or soak your feet in half an hour before going to bed to help promote blood circulation and then promote the promotionSleep.

Some pregnant mothers think that it is not easy during pregnancy, and they will "indulge themselves" in diet, and sometimes they want to eat whatever they want to eat to alleviate their unhappy mood.

However, in fact, you should pay attention to diet and nutrition during pregnancy. You ca n’t eat randomly, especially some foods that are prone to abortion, spicy foods, and food that can affect the development of the fetus on the fetus.

In addition, I also pay attention to taking medicine during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers pay attention to this. Be sure to choose the drugs allowed by the doctor to take. If you feel that your body is not in time, you should seek medical treatment immediately and take the medicine that the pregnant woman can eat.

Good husband and wife life is a regulator for the relationship between husband and wife, but pay attention to after pregnancy, especially in the early three months of pregnancy and three months in the third trimester, it is best to avoid the life of the husband and wife, which may cause abortion or premature birth;In the middle period, if there is a husband and wife life, be careful not to be too severe, control the time and frequency to ensure the safety of the fetus.

Many pregnant mothers know that they must quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy. Pregnant women cannot smoke, because the tar and nicotine in the smoke will enter the fetus through the blood placenta, increasing the risk of treasure fetal deformity.

In addition, pregnant mothers should also stay away from second -hand cigarettes, and second -hand smoke is more harmful to fetal babies.

If the prospective dad smokes can make it quit, it cannot be quit. When you smoke, go to a ventilated place to smoke.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers have changed their mood due to hormone reasons, worries about the fetus, and their physical uncomfortable. They often get angry, cry, and lose their temper.Laughing for a while, it is not good for the development of the fetus.

Throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers must relax their mood. Once you have sad and anxious mood, you can do your best to divert your attention, such as reading books, listening to music, watching movies, sports, etc.

Exposive and outgoing pregnant mothers must change their temperament after pregnancy. Don’t be upset, avoid falling or bumping into the stomach, otherwise it is easy to have a miscarriage or premature birth.

In addition, you should pay more attention to wearing shoes and wearing shoes. Try to wear loose clothes and wear flat and comfortable shoes. Pay attention to protecting your belly in a lot of people.

During the 280 days of pregnancy, how many of these things have you done before?In addition, you know what "taboo during pregnancy", please leave a message to share experience.

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