For her, before choosing an emergency contraceptive, you need to know these precautions

It has always been emphasized that emergency contraceptives cannot be used as a traditional contraceptive method. Unless it is forced to eat this last time, in fact, condoms and short -acting contraceptives are reliable and suitable for contraception methods for traditional use.

I have read news before.A 19 -year -old female college student took more than three emergency contraceptives a month, and symptoms such as severe menstrual disorders, bleeding, and vomiting occurred.

However, there are always accidents. If you need to take emergency contraceptives, what should you eat, what side effects will there be?

Emergency contraceptives, you must grasp the gold 72 hours

Once again, emergency contraceptives are a measure of supplementation of contraceptives. It must not often be used as a regular contraceptive method. Generally speaking, taking emergency contraceptives within 72 hours (3 days) can effectively reduce the possibility of pregnancy, but still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still there are still.The chance of failure, so the earlier you eat, the better.

Principles of emergency contraceptives

The tadpoles can survive for 5 days in women’s body. After the ovaries are discharged from the ovaries, the female fallopian tube can survive up to 24 hours.Emergency contraceptives are the use of the following three operations to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

1. Supplement hormone (hormone) to interfere with the original hormones, affect the normal ovulation cycle, and inhibit or delay ovulation.

2. Change the environment of fertilized eggs in the uterus, so that the fertilized eggs cannot go to bed smoothly to achieve contraceptive effects.

3. Change the secretion of cervical mucus is relatively viscous, sperm is not easy to swim to the eggs, reducing the probability of pregnancy.

Common side effects of emergency contraceptives

(1) Nausea

Most girls will have different degrees of nausea and retching after taking emergency contraceptives, but generally do not exceed 24 hours.It is recommended to take it after meals or before going to bed to reduce nausea.

(2) Vomiting

Generally speaking, about 20%of girls will vomit after taking, but if vomiting within 3 hours after taking, emergency contraceptives will vomit before fully absorbing.At this point, they need to add one.

(3) Irregular bleeding in private parts

Taking emergency contraceptives generally does not make menstruation immediately, but it is usually more advanced or delayed than the original time. If irregular bleeding often occurs after taking, and menstrual delay for more than one week, you need to go to the hospital to find a doctor for examination.

(4) Breast pain

Because emergency contraceptives contain large doses of estrogen, it is normal for breast pain for a day or two.

(5) Headache and dizziness

This problem also belongs to the scope of side effects, generally does not exceed 24 hours.

TIPS: After taking emergency contraceptives, we cannot take anti -inflammatory sedatives at the same time, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.If you have chronic diseases, it is not suitable for taking emergency contraceptives.If you need to take emergency contraceptive measures, you must consult a doctor before treatment.

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