For seven years in love, he suddenly said that he was going to get married, but the bride was not her. She became a third party.

Chapter 1 Unknown Wife

"Congratulations to Miss Shi, you are pregnant …"

Shi Mu Ning carefully stroked his belly, and the corner of his mouth filled with a happy smile.

After seven years, they finally have children. If Jian Yuchen knows, it should be very happy.

Thinking of this, Shi Mu opened the door with joy, but smelled a pungent fragrance.

The woman sitting on the sofa seemed to be a heroine’s look, and Li’s mother was trembling.

Shi Muning stepped forward, frowned and asked, "Who are you and who allowed you to come in?"

The woman disdain her: "I? I am the hostess here, Yuchen’s fiancee, the young lady of the Jiang group, Jiang Shuxue."

"I’m here today, just to tell you, get out here!"

Shi Mu Ning was split in a moment. She heard that Jiang Shuxue and Jian Yuchen had a scandal, but Jian Yuchen told her that it was just nonsense.

What is going on now?

She watched the woman with a high toe, barely supporting herself: "I don’t believe it! This is my house, you want to leave, and you leave!"

Shi Mu Ning said that he was very uneasy.

"What are you! Dare to call me!"

Before Mu Ning had time to react, with a "snap", his face was beaten.

Jiang Shuxue contempt: "People like you, I see a lot, do you want money? You also match!"

This insult made Shi Mu’s shivering, and turned back and returned.

"If you don’t leave, I will call the police!"

Jiang Shuxue covered his face, and immediately fired.

"Okay, a thing dares to ride on my head, come, come, throw her out!"

"What are you! Dare to call me!"

Before Mu Ning had time to react, with a "snap", his face was beaten.

Jiang Shuxue contempt: "People like you, I see a lot, do you want money? You also match!"

This insult made Shi Mu’s shivering, and turned back and returned.

"If you don’t leave, I will call the police!"

Jiang Shuxue covered his face, and immediately fired.

"Okay, a thing dares to ride on my head, come, come, throw her out!"

The bodyguard behind her immediately listened to Mu Ning when she was restrained.


The familiar voice sounded from behind, and Shi Mu Ning was happy and relieved: "Yuchen …"

But Jian Yuchen turned a blind eye to her and walked straight in front of her.

Shi Mu Ning’s hand stretched out in the air, and the whole person stayed in place immediately, and his brain was blank.

"Why are you here?" He walked directly to Jiang Shuxue, his tone was bland, making people look emotional.

Jiang Shuxue immediately held Jian Yuchen’s arm intimately and said coquettishly: "Yuchen, we are about to get married soon, how can you let her live here."

Shi Mu Ning’s face was pale for a moment, and she looked at Jian Yuchen unbelievable, with stubbornness in her eyes.

But Jian Yuchen’s next words made her like an ice cellar.

"You don’t need to come here in person, I will drive her out."

This sentence is like a sharp knife, and when she cuts away, Mu Ning refuses to face the truth.

She trembled and asked, "Jian Yuchen, what do you mean?"

Jian Yuchen glanced at her sideways, her eyes deep.

The indifference at that glance trembled sharply.

Shi Mu Ning was particularly persistent at this time: "You don’t make it clear, I won’t go!"

She seemed to have fallen into a ridiculous dream, and she was a boyfriend who had been in love for 7 years, but turned into a fiance of others.

Jiang Shuxue pulled Jian Yuchen’s arm softly: "Yuchen …"

Jian Yuchen glanced at her, Jiang Shuxue trembled, and closed his mouth.

Hands slowly grasped the fist, and the bottom of his eyes flashed with resentment.

Shi Mu Ning, you’d better hide from far away, maybe you can still live for two days, otherwise I will make you better!

Jian Yuchen didn’t say a word, but Shi Ming’s heart was like a knife, and suddenly felt like a jumping beam clown!

Obviously her own home, obviously her boyfriend, but at this moment she looks like an outsider and is involved in their third party!

She stood stubbornly, staring at Jian Yuchen persistently.

Seeing that he had a trace of irritability, he waved his hand and said to the bodyguards: "Ravel it out!"

Chapter 2 My Woman

Shi Mu Ning was sent to another villa.

The indoor air conditioner was very warm, but she was cold, waiting for Jian Yuchen to give her an explanation.

Jian Yuchen came over at night, and Shi Mucing was sitting in front of the dining table, but the meal was not moving.

"Why not eat?"

His performance is as usual as usual, as usual, as if nothing happened during the day.

Shi Mu Ning looked at the man who had loved seven years, but his heart was sour: "Shouldn’t you explain to me?"

The knife fork in Jian Yuchen paused and said, "You live here today. If you need any need, he will command Li Ma."

Shi Mu Ning’s camouflage mood was almost defeated, and his whole body was bitter and cold.

After a bitter smile, she asked lonely: "Will you marry me?"

She looked at Jian Yuchen all the expression, this was the last hope in her heart.

But she was still disappointed. Jian Yuchen’s tone was resolute: "It is impossible to change when marrying Shu Xue."

The tone suddenly became cold, and it was faintly accused.

When Mu Ning’s nose was sour, she almost burst into tears. The sourness in her heart was about to corrode her, and she couldn’t say a word.

After seven years, seven years of feelings have been in exchange for such a sentence.

Ironically, at first she still had a family of three dreams, but it turned out to be crushing instantly.

"Jian Yuchen, since your bride is not me, what are you still doing?" Her tone was a sorrow of forbearance, and her hands were fist tightly.

Jian Yuchen frowned: "Even if I get married, you are still my woman."

Shi Mu Ning can no longer control her emotions, she stood up sharply: "So, what do you think of me, your mistress? Still the third!"

Her emotions were excited and her eyes were red.

Jian Yuchen was a little irritable, and he "banged" and threw the knife and fork in his hand: "Unreasonable to make trouble!"

Unreasonable to make trouble?In the end, she got these four words!

Shi Mu Ning was as if she was a thousand swords. She was almost suffocating, but she felt funny.

For seven years, she thought his wife would definitely be her.

But it turns out that she is so naive and ridiculous!

"You know, I can never get involved in other people’s families!"

He knew that she made an oath because of her mother’s affairs that year!

But he didn’t care about anything …

Jian Yuchen frowned, and he did not expect that Mu Ning’s reaction would always be so docile.

Shi Mu Ning took a deep breath and said with the last trace of expectations: "If I say, am I pregnant? Are you still going to marry her?"

Jian Yuchen was surprised for a moment, fleeting, and a cold attitude: "Then give birth, Shu Xue will not mind."

Shi Muen stayed in place, as if a bucket of ice water was splashed on a heavy snowy day, cold from head to heart.

For the first time, she realized the true face of this man.

"Break up." When Mu Ningqiang supported the only self -esteem, his heart was as painful as the ants who were densely died by ants.

Jian Yuchen finally gave birth to anger: "Shi Mu Ning, don’t think about breaking up! You just stay here!"

Jian Yuchen left after speaking.

Shi Mu Ning was resolute, but as soon as he arrived at the door, he was stopped.

Looking at the bodyguard inside and outside the villa, she knew that she was imprisoned!

Realizing this fact, Shi Mu Ning took a pain in his heart and returned to the room like walking.

In the middle of the night, she was suddenly awakened, and there was a pain under her, and Shi Mucing looked at the bloody blood, and she immediately picked up the phone in a panic.

At this moment, the first thing she thought was Jian Yuchen.

After a few sounds, I heard a female voice.

It is ambiguous, hot, as well as the breathing of men and the woman’s snoring.

The nails were fiercely poured into the meat, but she was ignorant.

The mobile phone fell beside the bed, Shi Mu Ning looked at the ceiling with empty eyes, letting the blood below the blood …..

Chapter 3 Wedding

When Shi Mu Ning woke up, he was in the hospital, and only Li Ma was around him.

She subconsciously covered her belly: "Children, are you still there?"

Mother Li watched her wake up and comforted: "Miss Shi doesn’t have to worry. The doctor just had a fetal needle, and the child was still there."

Shi Mu Ning was relieved, and it felt complicated about the child.

Li Ma’s phone was just rang, and Jian Yuchen’s voice came.

Shi Mu Ning sideways, and now she doesn’t want to hear his voice at all.

Li Mom hung up the phone and walked to her again and said, "Sir have something to do today, saying that it can’t come for the time being."

Shi Mu Ning couldn’t help but feel sour, but pretended to close her eyes without care.

Hearing the movement of Li’s mother, she turned on the TV and wanted to shift her mood.

The entertainment news on the TV was broadcast on the wedding of Jian Yuchen and Jiang Shuxue live.

Shi Mu Ning was stunned, and suddenly rushed towards the door of the ward, stumbled, and the whole person’s expression was unusually sad.

It turned out that today was his wedding. No wonder she entered the hospital. When the child had something wrong, he refused to take a look!

She was still weak, her footsteps, sweating every time, but still stubbornly stopped a taxi.

When I arrived at the scene, the wedding was playing for a song. The auditorium was a scene she had dreamed of. The man was wearing a black dress, just like the handsomeness he imagined, but the self that should be standing beside him, but it turned into another.Woman.

Everything she fantasized, she turned into a dream, but only herself.

Shi Mu Ning stood at the door, and all the strength disappeared at this moment.

I do n’t know when I have burst into tears, my heart is like a hole in my heart, as if someone is deliberately polishing, it is slow, lasting pain.

She watched the two of them said that I was willing to exchange the ring. The two of them held their hands and brightened the diamond ring on their hands.

The moment Shi Mu Ning saw the ring, his eyes were incredible. This ring was simply a ring he designed!

At that time, she thought that she would become Jian Yuchen’s wife, so she designed her favorite ring for herself, fantasizing that she could wear it during the wedding.

But now, we wear Jiang Shuxue’s hands!

Her body could no longer support it, sliding down the wall, and the whole person kneeled to the ground.

Crying and laughing, crying painlessly, smiling stupidity, Wan Jian’s painful pain, and painful her body trembled.

She couldn’t wait to leave, but every step seemed to have a heavy weight, making her unable to lift her feet at all.

There is a popular congratulations, but Mu Ning seems to be abandoned by the world. In this bustling world, she could not find a destination alone.

Jian Yuchen, how can you be so cruel to me!

In the end, she still forced herself to stand up. To leave, she had to keep her dignity and not make herself so embarrassed.

When he returned to the ward, Shi Muning’s whole person seemed to be dead, his face was dull and calm.

Standing in front of the window for a long time, he stroked his stomach, as if thinking.

When the sky was dark, finally, she seemed to have a decision and turned away from the ward to find a doctor.

"Hello, please help me arrange abortion surgery as soon as possible."

The tone is bland, and it is a kind of desperate emptiness.

Soon, Shi Muen was lying on the operating table. For a while, she seemed to be a empty puppet, watching the ceiling, but she left two lines of tears in the corner of her eyes.

It was really impermanent in the world. When she just woke up, she thought to keep the child, but now, she decided to kill him in person.

The doctor prepared for surgery, and at this moment, someone suddenly broke in.

"Shi Mu Ning, you dare to flow off my child!"

Chapter 4 Threats

Jian Yuchen pushed the doctor angrily and pulled her up from the operating table. His forehead rose and looked very terrible.

"Aren’t you getting married today, what are you coming here?"

Shi Mu Ning thought that she had been ashamed, but at the moment when he saw him, his heart still trembled.

He was also wearing a wedding suit, which was really dazzling.

Jian Yuchen’s expression seemed to tear her and clamped her chin fiercely: "Shi Mu Ning, this child is flowing in my body, whether you want or not, you must stay!"

Shi Mu Ning smiled bleakly.

This is the man who has loved for seven years. While marrying another woman, he still wants to let him give him a child?

"Is he born and let him be an illegitimate child? You dream!"

Jian Yuchen’s face was gloomy to drip water, gritted his teeth: "Shi Mu Ning, don’t be toasting, don’t eat and punish wine!"

Shi Mu Ning smiled suddenly, but just smiled and was extraordinarily desolate: "Unfortunately, if I really know so much."

She won’t be so painful for this man.

Jian Yuchen looked at her, and said with a threat: "Don’t forget, you have your mother!"

Shi Mu Ning froze, but her chest was unwavering up and down. She didn’t expect that Jian Yuchen would threaten herself with her mother.

She has only such a relative in this world, which is also her only weakness.

"Jian Yuchen, why are you so despicable!" Shi Mu was angry.

Jian Yuchen held it into a fist and let go, and finally sneered, saying ruthlessly, "You should never tell your mother and my identity?"

Shi Mu Ning’s heart was tight: "What do you mean?"

Jian Yuchen seemed to see her through her and said, "If I tell you that my mother I am married, what do you think she thinks?"

What a shameless thought of her daughter, she made a primary three and lost her face!

Shi Mu concentrated his meaning, trembling, and angered: "Jian Yuchen!"

Jian Yuchen didn’t speak, just waiting for her answer.

When you tell others the weakness, you should think that either pick up the weapon to protect your weaknesses, or he holds your weaknesses to hurt you.

Shi Mu Ning was extremely angry, and she bit her lip, forcing herself to suppress her anger.

"I can give birth to a child, but you have to promise to let me leave."

Jian Yuchen didn’t expect her to say that, her eyes suddenly tight, as if seeing her stubbornness, and suddenly a ridiculous laugh: "Okay."

Shi Mu Ning suddenly became sour. It turned out that he really just wanted a child!

After Jian Yuchen left, Shi Mu Ning’s phone suddenly rang.

As soon as I picked it up, I heard Jiang Shuxue’s angry voice: "Mu Ming, did Yuchen go to you!"

Shi Mu Ning didn’t say a word, frowned, trying to hang the phone.

Jiang Shuxue saw that she didn’t speak, and was even more angry: "Smart, don’t blame me to be polite."

Facing this woman who has become Jian Yuchen’s wife, Shi Mu Ning laughed at himself.

"It’s okay, I’ll hang it first."

Jiang Shuxue heard the busy sound over there, and smashed his phone fiercely on the ground.


Shi Mu Ning was imprisoned in the villa and could only access the Internet.

The final of the National Jewelry Design Contest she participated in the National Jewelery Design Contest began, and she was not shortlisted.

After getting the news, she was unable to restrain the disappointment. For the five years of hard work for this game, she did not even shorten.

She opened the website and wanted to take a look at the winning works.

After seeing the gold award design on the homepage, Shi Mu stood up.

She read it wrong. It was the necklace designed by her half a year. How could it be Jiang Shuxue’s name!

Chapter 5 Design Draft

She remembered that Jiang Shuxue was not polite before, is this incident?

Shi Mu Ning pursed his lips tightly and called Jiang Shuxue.

When the phone was connected, Shi Mu Ning immediately asked, "Have you stole my design draft?"

Jiang Shuxue laughed with ridiculous: "Slutter, it is your honor to use your work."

Shi Mu Ning only felt that the anger in his chest could not be suppressed: "Miss Jiang, you scolded me a bitch, what you do is really despicable!"

Jiang Shuxue snorted, but he didn’t get angry: "This is just a beginning, I will be better to die sooner or later!"

Shi Mu Ning gritted his teeth: "Jiang Shuxue!"

Jiang Shuxue deliberately provoked: "You can find Yuchen for you!"

After speaking, it seemed to be reacted: "You won’t be naive to think that this is the incident, right? If this is the case, then I really want to tear in sympathy for you."

Shi Mu Ning stayed in the same place, and his lips bite white, feeling that the blood in the whole body was frozen.

… …


Jian Yuchen pushed the door and stared at him, suppressed his emotions: "Jiang Shuxue stole my design draft, do you know this?"

Jian Yuchen frowned, but was silent, and silence was the best answer.

Shi Mu Ning’s eyes flashed intangible anger, as if a mines that tightened the string, which would explode at any time, letting her directly sweep the cup on the table on the ground.

Jian Yuchen frowned, but what she said was cold and thorough: "Enough! How much money do you want, I bought it for her."

Shi Mu condensed his anger and condensed, but felt that his heart seemed to be stabbed by him fiercely.

She opened her mouth, and it was difficult to suppress the tremor: "Do you think you can buy my hard work in the past five years?"

In the past five years, in order to be able to stand next to Jian Yuchen, she desperately wanted to prove herself. This game is her only chance!

He knows these Jian Yuchen than anyone else.

Now, he wants to use money to solve her. This approach is tantamount to the price of her mind in all years, which is counted as a buy and selling!

Shi Mu Ning’s excitement frowned. He took out the checkbook and wrote a figure on it.

Then he looked at her high, spit out from the man’s mouth in a cold and ruthless words, with a bitter coolness: "Hold the money, close your mouth!"

Jian Yuchen turned and walked, and the check fell in front of Shi Ming Ning, like her efforts and self -esteem that she stepped on her feet.

After a long time, the room was out of depression, like a wounded little beast, which looked particularly desolate in the empty villa.

… …

Shi Mu Ning became very calm. Since the last hysteria, she seemed to be thinking.

This made the bodyguard at the door relax, and even the surrounding defense was not as tight as before.

Shi Mu Ning looked at all this, and it was calm.

Until the day of the awards of the Jewelry Design Contest, Shi Mu Ning finally escaped.

She didn’t intend to compromise at all. This was her work. She was poured into all emotions, and she had good expectations. She would never let Jiang Shuxue walk as wildly!

The venue of the awards ceremony.

The host is announcing: "Next is the winner of our championship this time, she is -Miss Jiang Shuxue! Now please Miss Jiang to take the stage to receive the prize!"

Jiang Shuxue was proud, and everyone applauded and cheered, but at this time, there was a disagreeable voice.

"Wait a minute, I want to say!"

Chapter 6 His proof

Suddenly the sound of the sound of the sound was shocked, which made everyone look sideways.

Shi Mu Ning was independent in the crowd, and looked at Jiang Shuxue on the stage firmly.

Jiang Shuxue flashed a hint of joke at the bottom of his eyes. I didn’t expect that this woman was really coming, and it was simply insulting!

In the discussion of the crowd, Shi Muning stepped onto the podium and directly grabbed the design draft in the hands of the host.

"Everyone, Miss Jiang won the design draft, which stole my design draft, and I still have the original manuscript here."

As soon as the words came out, everyone looked at each other, and everyone looked at each other.

Shi Mu Ning showed his design manuscripts one by one to the judges, and there were traces of modification.

Jiang Shuxue’s heart was tight, but he was still calm: "It’s a joke. When a designer who has never heard of it can touch the young lady in the porcelain Jiang family casually."

The audience is also discussing.

"Yes, Miss Jiang graduated from a well -known university, that woman, but I heard it."

"Miss Jiang is the young lady of the group. How could it be possible to steal the design draft of an unknown person.

"It is estimated that it is here for reputation.

Shi Mu Ning turned a blind eye and kept silent, because the original manuscript in her hand was her confidence.

She believes that the eyes of the judge will definitely be seen!

Sure enough, the main evaluation committee Ji Ruofeng asked: "Miss Jiang, please, can you prove yourself in addition to being designed as a manuscript?"

Jiang Shuxue panicked: "I, my design is not here."

Ji Ruofeng smiled, but there was an answer in his heart.

Shi Mu Ning said: "In this case, please explain Miss Jiang, the pendant intention of the necklace?"

Jiang Shuxue was proud, which was a piece of cake for her.

"The material of the necklace uses ruby, symbolizing noble and fiery love."

Shi Mu Ning sarcastic: "I’m talking about the design of the pendant."

Jiang Shuxue branch, each designer’s design work has the meaning of his own desire to convey, and this is what Jiang Shuxue never considered it.

"Since you can’t say it, let me tell you."

Shi Mu Ning passed into the ears of everyone’s ears and clearly.

"This design looks like a snail, but it is the design of four -leaf grass on the shell. What I want to express is that even if I am not good, the gap with you is 100,000 miles, but I will become a better oneYourself until you match with you. "

At that time, her heart was full of Jian Yuchen. They did not match their lives, but their feelings were very good. This necklace represented her love.

But now it seems that she is just her ridiculous and ridiculous.

Shi Mu Ning was loud, and even the judges were a little surprised, especially Ji Ruofeng, and her eyes were full of appreciation.

Jiang Shuxue suddenly became angry, and she glanced at the scene of the awards stage in a hurry, saying: "Shi Mu Ning, you stole my design draft, even if you have to framed me in public, why are you so poisonous!"

Shi Mu Ning snorted coldly: "Justice and comfort!"

Ji Ruofeng thought that the matter was very clear, so he appeared on the court to appease the restlessness of the scene: "Please be quiet, I think Miss Mu Mu Ning is very appropriate whether it is the original manuscript or the design concept …"

Seeing this, Jiang Shuxue was so angry that he would say that when he was driving away, Mu Ning.

Suddenly, a sound came from behind the scenes.

"I can prove this."

The low and magnetic sound slipped into the ears of everyone, and Jian Yuchen walked step by step to the podium step by step.

Chapter 7

Shi Mu Ning looked at Jian Yuchen step by step towards Jiang Shuxue.

"Yuchen, you are here." Jiang Shuxue showed a tender smile.

Jian Yuchen was pulled by her.

It was only when Yu Guang looked at Shi Mu Ning, and the complexity of the bottom of the eyes was fleeting.

Shi Muning bit her lips. At this moment, she still had a trace of expectations for the man. He watched her complete this design one by one. Isn’t he really not attentive in the past 7 years?

Jian Yuchen didn’t look at her anymore, and said directly, "This design is indeed designed by Shu Xue. I see it with my own eyes."

This is like a slap, and when it was broken, Mu Ning’s last extravagant hope for him.

Jian Yuchen never stood on his side once.

If you are powerful, it seems to be the most powerful proof, especially the speaker is Jian Yuchen, the president of Jane.

Ji Ruofeng frowned, and his face still smiled on his face: "Miss Jiang is your wife, I think your words can not be used as a certificate …"

"Mr. Ji, I know you still have doubts. Ms. Shi obviously had a hard work. This was designed to me by my wife. Even the meaning was heard by her."

Later, when the words turned around, my tone was indifferent: "As for Miss Shi, how can I know how to know?

Shi Mu Ning listened to these words, and seemed to be suffocating.

It turned out that he knew that the design he designed was telling his feelings for him.

But because she understood, she trampled on her heart unscrupulously, so that her seven -year feelings were all broken into pink!

He even pushed her into the abyss!

This is also good. This design was for our love. Since love is gone, what is the use of this necklace!

This necklace is my memorial service for this relationship!

Shi Muning turned and stepped down without saying a word. The back was stretched by the lights, and she was arrogant!

Ji Ruofeng wants to say something, but you can see Shi Ming’s back, and you know there is still a story in it.

This incident quickly spread, and Shi Muen received a phone call from the venue.

"Shi Mu Ning, I have always been very optimistic about you, and even give you the position of the design director. Even if you steal Miss Jiang’s design draft in the competition, you still dare to do things in public.This big Buddha! "

The chief chief said with his head and face, not even the opportunity to explain her.

Shi Mu Ning kept calling the boss’s call without exception.

She finally collapsed, without love, and now she has no career!

Shi Mu Ning was curled up together, biting his lips, and quickly saw blood.

… …

When Jian Yuchen returned, she watched Mu Ning curled up in the corner of the corner and pace.

Then it seemed that nothing happened: "Take you to the birth check today."

In a word of clouds and light, it directly wiped out everything that happened today.

How could he say this way!


A loud slap directly missed Jian Yuchen’s face and was strong, and soon left a slap print on his face.


Shi Mu Ning gritted her teeth, like hate.

Jian Yuchen’s face was like ink, with strange emotions in his eyes, and hugged her directly, glooming: "You’d better obediently obedient. If you have any problems, you guess your mother?"

The fierce voice stopped Shi Mu Ning’s fierce struggle immediately, and could only look at him sadly.

"Jian Yuchen, what do you want me?"

Of course, no one answered her. The two were obviously so close, but their hearts had long been close to the end of the world.

She is obedient, and she has no way except for obedience.

I went to the hospital silently, and the inspection was silent, as if the puppet was lifted.

And she didn’t notice that behind her, a sharp eyes stared at them, and she kept watching her into the obstetrics and gynecology department …

Chapter 8 Mother

After the inspection, Shi Mu Ning said calmly and said, "I want to go back and see my mother."

Jian Yuchen glanced at her deeply, and said goodbye: "Come back before noon, otherwise I will pick you up in person."

Shi Mu Ning didn’t look at him and got on the car silently.

When his mother saw that Mu Ning suddenly came back, he was a little surprised, "Mu Ning, why did you come back suddenly?"

Seeing her pale face, another worry: "Why is this face so pale, is it sick?"

Shi Mu Ning’s eyes were sore. In this world, only the mother could make herself feel warm.

She beaten her spirit and didn’t want her mother to worry, so she said, "No, may be staying up late."

Shi Langzhi looked at her strangely: "I told you that I have to rest and take a good rest. I am not as important as my body."

Seeing that Shi Langzhi seemed to start to break his thoughts again, Shi Mu Ning immediately said, "I know, the body is the capital of the revolution, and you have said it many times."

Shi Langzhi glanced at her angrily and couldn’t help complaining: "You still think I am annoyed. I don’t know if I come back for a long time to come back to see my mother."

Shi Mu Ning was ashamed, "Waiting for me to finish this, I will come back to accompany you."

Shi Langzhi laughed: "What kind of words, I still find a boyfriend, many people take care of you, I can rest assured, my mom can’t accompany you for a lifetime."

Shi Ming Ning didn’t speak.

She had planned to take Jian Yuchen home for the New Year this year, but now …

Shi Mu Ning worked hard to restrain her emotions and didn’t want her mother to worry.

Shi Langzhi looked at her strangely: "You child, when you talk about the topic, you have no say. Hey, I always have some restlessness in the past two days, and I am afraid that you will happen.

Shi Mu Ning’s eyes are sour: "You like to worry about it."

Shi Langzhi laughed: "Who do you still care about me, you have no conscience."

"Yes, my mother is the greatest."

Shi Langzhi was laughed at: "I knew that I was happy to coax me. By the way, my mother had some sweet potatoes and wanted to bring you to eat, and I never dared to disturb you."

In a word, Mu Mu was sad: "Mom, I’m sorry."

Shi Langzhi scraped her nose lightly: "Say something to my mother, you’re good."

"It’s noon soon, I will give you your favorite sweet and sour fish."

This kind of warmth is too long, like a gentle palm, flattening her trauma.

But he couldn’t wait here for a long time. Jian Yuchen always talked about counting. Shi Mu Ning didn’t want his mother to see him.

So I held my mother and felt guilty: "Mom, don’t have trouble, I have something to do, I won’t eat here at noon."

Shi Langzhi was obviously lost, but still smiled and said, "Okay, you’re busy, wait for you to come back next time, I’ll do it for you again."

Shi Mu Ning looked at the mother standing at the door, and saw her mother waved at her with a smile, showing a shallow smile.

It was not too far away from home, and a car suddenly rushed to her, and Shi Mu Ning took a step back subconsciously.

As soon as the door opened, Jiang Shuxue took the people’s stabbing to stop Mu Ning, and his eyes stared sharply at Shi Mu Ning’s belly.

"Shi Mu Ning, who is the child in the belly?"

When Mu Ning saw that Jiang Shuxue was coming, he was a little panicked.

"It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak, it is impossible for this child to stay anyway."

As soon as the words fell, the person from the car had controlled Mu Ning, and Shi Mu Ning struggled crazy: "Jiang Shuxue, you dare!"

Jiang Shuxue pulled her hair, and her face was a little embarrassed: "What dare I have, Shi Mu Ning, do you also have Yuchen’s child?"

Then he waved and said, "You, send her to the hospital to kill the child."

Shi Mu Ning said lily: "Do you dare to kill the child, don’t you be afraid that Jian Yuchen will find you to settle your account?"

Jiang Shuxue smiled cruelly: "Do you really think that Yuchen will let you give birth to this child? Don’t you be naive, only I am qualified to give birth to Yuchen’s children, what are you!"

Shi Mu Ning couldn’t break away, almost screamed: "You let me go!"

At this time, Shi Langzhi suddenly caught up from behind, holding Shi Ming’s bag in his hand, and was shocked to see the situation in front of you: "Who are you, let go of my daughter!"

When Jiang Shuxue saw that Lange was froze, how could it be her?

Looking at Shi Langzhi, Shi Langzhi’s eyes are incredible.

Jiang Shuxue was afraid that she would say something, panicked, and hurriedly dropped the phrase "Today’s luck" fled.

She parked the car in the corner that they could not see, and looked at them secretly, and kept hitting the steering wheel with irritability.

She couldn’t think of it, Shi Mu Ning would be the daughter of that person!

So, Shi Mu Ning knows …


No matter how much she knows, Mu Ning for one day is a disaster.

Shi Mu Ning was still talking to Shi Langzhi. Jiang Shuxue held the steering wheel tightly and his chest was undulating.

The eyes suddenly became fierce, and suddenly stepped on the throttle, and went straight towards the mother and daughter …

Chapter 9 Explanation

Shi Mu Ning noticed that she looked back, the speed was getting faster and closer, and she clearly saw Jiang Shuxue’s face.

But her brain was blank, and she didn’t know what reaction to make it until someone pushed her away.

In the next second, Shi Mu Ning saw that Shi Langzhi was hit out, like a designed parabolic line, and then fell heavily to the ground.

Suddenly bloody, blood stains flowing to her feet.

As if she was settled, Mo Yan looked at the blood under her feet, raised her eyes, and saw Shi Langzhi’s hand stretched out, looking at her direction.


Shi Mu Ning shouted sharply, his footsteps rushed to the crowd, and the whole person rushed to the ground to help Shi Langzhi up. When he touched her, it was full of blood.

"Mu Ning …" Shi Langzhi was a little difficult to speak, and his face was full of blood.

"Mom, Mom, don’t talk, you won’t have anything to do, you will be fine!"

Shi Langzhi raised his hand to touch her face: "Mu Ning, don’t cry."

Shi Mu Ning held her mother’s hand tightly and choked: "I don’t cry, I don’t cry!"

Shi Langzhi coughed a sip of blood and said, "Mu Ning is sorry for you."

Shi Mu Ning’s eyes blurred: "Mom, don’t speak, someone will come to save you soon."

"In the future, you want, eat well, take good care of yourself."

"I can’t take care of it, mom, you think I’m thin."

"Yeah, how thin, thinner looks like this."

Shi Langzhi was guilty in his eyes: "Mu Ning, I still want to make you your favorite sweet and sour fish."

"Let’s go back to do it, I love you the most sweet and sour fish."

Shi Langzhi had tears in his eyes, and said gently: "Okay, be your favorite sweet and sour fish when you go back."

As soon as the words fell, Shi Langzhi’s hand slowly fell down.

Shi Mu Ning looked at the hanging hand, and her consciousness broke up, and she cried: "Mom, you wake up, isn’t it that you want to go back to make me sweet and sour fish, how do you talk about it!"

"Mom, you get up, don’t make trouble with me!"

"Mom, I haven’t returned to accompany you yet, you can’t leave me!"


No matter how he called, Shi Mu Ning still closed his eyes tightly without a trace of anger on his face.

The ambulance was late, and the doctor checked it, and shook his head regretful: "Sorry, please sorrow."

Shi Mu Ning suddenly felt the sky was cracking, and she grasped the doctor’s white coat tightly, as if grasping the last life -saving straw: "Impossible, there must be saving, you save her, please ask you!"

When Jian Yuchen came, this scene was seen.

Shi Mu Ning stood in a blood pool, and the people in her arms had long been living, but she still begged the doctor, and she couldn’t bear anyone who looked at it.

Jian Yuchen hugged Shi Ming Ning: "Shi Mu Ning, don’t do this, she has gone."

Shi Mu Ning held the fabric in front of Jian Yuchen’s chest and cried hysteria.

Zi wants to raise it and never wait. From now on, she never has her mother.

… …

After crying, Shi Mu passed out in a coma. When she woke up, she was in the hospital, and Jian Yuchen accompanied her.

The memory was overwhelming, making her painless, and the tears in the corner of her eyes rolled down.

"Jian Yuchen, I saw that Jiang Shuxue drove over with my own eyes."

Shi Mu Ning bit his lips, and his bite lips became red.

She will not let go of the murderer who kills her mother!

Jian Yuchen was silent for a long time and said, "I will give you an explanation of this matter."

… …

Three days later, Jiang Shuxue was imprisoned and Lange was buried.

Shi Mu Ning held a bunch of white chrysanthemums in his hands, and looked at the people on the tombstone with tears and smiled softly.

"Mom, the murderer who hurts you has entered the prison, you can rest in peace."

But as soon as the words fell, a ridiculous laugh sounded: "Shi Mu Ning, you are still so naive!"

Shi Mu Ning heard the voice shocked and turned around. Standing behind her, she was Jiang Shuxue, who had been prison in Jian Yuchen’s mouth!

Chapter 10

Draw away, making her almost unstable.

Jian Yuchen even said her mother!

Jiang Shuxue’s words turned into sharp knives, dripping her blood.

I couldn’t restrain the anger in my heart, Shi Mu burst into a drink: "I want you to pay for your life!"

As soon as the words fell, Shi Muning rushed up, as if crazy.

But before encountering Jiang Shuxue’s corner, she was firmly controlled by the bodyguards behind her and couldn’t move.

Jiang Shuxue laughed fiercely, facing Shi Mu Ning’s face with two slaps: "Do not self -measure!"

"I heard that your mother had been a primary school before. Why do you also do this virtue? Sure enough, the mother and daughter are the same cheap."

"You shut up!" When Mu Ning was extremely angry, his eyes were bloodthirsty scarlet, and his teeth were gritted: "Jiang Shuxue, I will not let you go!"

"It’s ridiculous, you don’t have the right to fight now, why do you fight with me!"

Yes, Jiang Shuxue is not only the Jiang Group, but also Jian Yuchen, and she has nothing!

She couldn’t report back!

Jiang Shuxue went away, leaving only when Mu Ning looked at her mother’s tombstone in pain, and her mother seemed to have compassion.

She hates, she is unwilling!

But is there nowhere to be unpopular in the world?

When making up her mind, Shi Mu Ning immediately went back to clean up, but everything she had disappeared. ID cards, passports, bank cards, nothing.

Shi Mu Ning was sitting aside, and she finally understood that the so -called giving birth to her will leave her and leave. It turned out that Jian Yuchen deceived her lies!

Jian Yuchen, seven years of feelings, you are so cruel!


The top floor of the villa.

The slightly cool wind blows Mu Ning’s hair, her expression is calm.

At this time, she was barefoot and sat on the rooftop, looking very dangerous.

She looked at the sky, thinking about her mother’s sound and smile.

The phone was turned on, and the voice of Jian Yuchen came from: "Hey."

"I saw Jiang Shuxue today, did you send her to prison, right?"

Silent over there.

Shi Mu Ning smiled sadly: "Jian Yuchen, I’m stupid, will be played by you as a fool!"

Jian Yuchen sank his tone: "Shi Mu Ning, this matter …"

Without giving him a chance, Shi Mu Ning continued: "These two days are often remembered when I see you for the first time.After you, I also desperately want to bloom flowers. "

Jian Yuchen heard something wrong: "What’s wrong with you?"

"For seven years with you, I thought we would continue like this, but how did I forget that the story of the prince and Cinderella has always happened in the fairy tale story."

"I never greedy things that do not belong to myself. Once a person is greedy, there will be more and more things. Unfortunately, I now understand this truth."

"Shi Mu Ning, what are you talking about?" Jian Yuchen was panicked and couldn’t help but interrupt her.

"Nothing, just want to talk to you. We haven’t said goodbye for a long time. I have seen the child. The doctor said he was very good.

Shi Mu Ning looked at the lower abdomen and said gently: "I used to look forward to this child. I thought I would marry you and then give birth to a cute baby."

"But Jian Yuchen, I have nothing now, my career, love, now I have lost my mother."

The panic in Jian Yuchen’s heart is getting bigger and bigger: "Shi Mu Ning, tell me where you are!"

Shi Mu Ning smiled calmly: "Jian Yuchen, I saw my mother, and I took my child to find her. Our family of three will be very happy."

Jian Yuchen was horrified in his heart: "Mu Ning, don’t mess around!"

"Goodbye, Jian Yuchen, I will never meet you again in my next life."

Shi Muning leaned forward, and the whole person was like a duckweed floating with the wind, and then fell straight down.

Chapter 11 Return

As soon as Jian Yuchen returned to the villa, he saw Shi Mu Ning’s jumping figure.


There was a loud noise in his ear, full of Jian Yuchen’s eardrum.

Shi Mu Ning was lying in front of him so straight, and the blood under his body flowed out, and immediately became red with his eyes.

"Shi Mu Ning, hurry up and give me up!"

Jian Yuchen rushed forward, his voice trembled, but no one answered him.

He was panicked, but he was annihilated by endless panic.

You can only hold Shi Ming Ning tightly and shouted: "Ambulance, why didn’t the ambulance come?"

Jian Yuchen watched Mu Ning’s blood more and more, until the ambulance whistled.

The doctor was doing first aid, and Jian Yuchen looked at it dull.

Shi Mu Ning, you wake up, you must wake up!

Send it to the operating room, Jian Yuchen is outside.

As long as a century, the lights in the operating room finally died.

The painful expression of the doctor came out so that Jian Yuchen had no courage to ask.

"Sorry, Mr. Jian, we tried our best, Miss Shi, her body and two lives."

One corpse and two lives!

"I used to look forward to this child, I thought I would marry you, and then give birth to a cute baby."

Jian Yuchen suddenly remembered what Mu Ning said before. The previous scene was like black and white movies. In front of him, each frame picture seemed to be in Ling Chi.

These four words seemed to overwhelm the last straw of Jian Yuchen, which made him take two steps in horror.

The white cloth launched in the operating room was the last decent to the deceased.

Jian Yuchen trembled and slowly lifted the white cloth. Shi Mu Ning’s unrestrained face hit his sight like this.

Jian Yuchen’s eyes were red, like a injured beast.

The chest is undulating, as if trying to suppress yourself.

Shi Mu Ning, how dare you die!

The villa of the Jiang family was kicked open by the door, and Jiang Shuxue looked at Jian Yuchen’s coldness at the door, and he was stunned.

"Yuchen, why are you here?"

Jian Yuchen’s eyes have no vitality: "Mu Ning is dead."

Jiang Shuxue flashed a trace of pride.

The next second, Jian Yuchen held his neck fiercely: "I said that let you never see her!"

Jiang Shuxue was flushed with his face suddenly: "You let me go!"

"Jiang Shuxue, I can’t wait to kill you!"

Jiang Shuxue was very scared, but he still said, "You dare not, don’t you forget, why did you marry me in the beginning."

Jian Yuchen’s eyes were red, his eyes were cracked, but he suddenly loosened his hands: "Jiang Shuxue, don’t let me see you in the future!"

… …

Five years later, people’s airports.

"Mommy, why don’t we bring your uncle together?" A four -year -old child wrote the sunglasses playing on the woman’s face, and he was not happy to write on his face, but he was still cute.

The cordially capable professional set of people who was called to be a mommy, but in the same time with her son, it eliminated a little sharply.

"Xiao Bao, this matter has nothing to do with my uncle, we can’t always trouble my uncle."

Xiaobao snorted dissatisfied: "When will we go back?"

"When Mommy finish, let’s go back."

Xiaobao finally took the sunglasses and played in his hand, showing a familiar face.

Jiang Shuxue, Jian Yuchen, five years, I am back!

It is time for you to be retributed to my mother’s fame, killing my mother, and forcing me to jump off the building!

Chapter 12 is me

Shi Mu Ning accepted Jiang’s invitation to design a jewelry for them. This is the opportunity to return.

After five years, she has not had a long time before, and she didn’t want to return here, but she still hated in her heart.

As soon as I returned to the settlement of the previously set, I saw a familiar figure as soon as I opened the door.

Xiaobao’s eyes were bright, and his calves would jump down, "Uncle Ruofeng!"

Shi Mu Ning’s face was helpless: "Why are you here?"

Ji Ruofeng took Xiaobao from Shi Mu Ning in his arms and raised his high: "I feel that Xiaobao will definitely miss me, so I will come here."

Shi Mu Ning wanted to say, but looking at Xiaobao’s happiness, it’s still the case.

"Say good, don’t intervene in this matter."

Ji Ruofeng raised his eyebrow: "I don’t want to drip this muddy water."

Shi Mu Ning was a lot of gratitude to Ji Ruofeng. At that time, she jumped off the high -rise building and had a mood of death, but she did not expect that she shouldn’t have a good life and survived.

In the operating room, everyone thought she was dead, and she was just in a state of fake death, so she deceived Jian Yuchen.

People who love or hate in their hearts will not die so easily. These two feelings will always give people huge power.

Therefore, Shi Mu Ning survived, but at that time she didn’t know where to go. Fortunately, she met Ji Ruofeng.

In the past five years, Ji Ruofeng taught her a lot of things and recognized Xiaobao as his son.

But enough, this time she came back to revenge, and I didn’t know what would be encountered, so I must not drag him down.

But he did not expect that he was still here.

"What are the plans now?"

Shi Mu thought about it: "Before I came back, Jiang threw olive branches to me. They planned to list a new jewelry. I wanted me to be a designer, and Jiang Shuxue was negotiated."

"That’s really coincidental. I am looking forward to it now. What would Jiang Shuxue see what you said."

Shi Ming Ning was silent, and she also looked forward to it!

Soon, the phone came, and Shi Mu Ning sneered together, and then pressed the green keys.

The opening is a fluent English, and whoever is, will think that this is an authentic British.

They agreed to the time and place, and Shi Muen hung up.

"You are really bold, even in Jiang’s."

"What are you afraid of, but this is what they rushed to me."

Ji Ruofeng laughed, but it was five years. This woman seemed to have changed a person. Not only did time not polish her smoothly, but she made her more sharp.

But this is also a good thing.

… …

Shi Mu Ning reached an hour, and Jiang Shuxue waited until he was upset.

Phoenix is said to be very good and humble. Whether it is a large and small partner, it praises this designer.

I have never heard of being late, and it really has everyone.

Jiang Shuxue was resentful in his heart, but the designer was invited by Jiang Jiahua’s heavy money and enjoyed a high reputation internationally. As long as it was her name, it was the guarantee of sales.

The door was suddenly pushed away, and a capable woman in a white suit came in, with sunglasses on her face, and she was full of fierce aura.

Jiang Shuxue laughed: "Miss Phoenix, I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

The woman’s red lips evoked, and then slowly took off the sunglasses, and her tone was particularly funny: "It’s been a long time, I have seen it, Jiang Shuxue."

Jiang Shuxue looked at the people under the sunglasses and was shocked.

After a long time, he trembled, and his teeth were gritted. "It was you, Shi Mu Ning!"

Chapter 13 Phoenix

Shi Mu Ning looked at her with a smile: "Of course it’s me."

Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix of Nirvana.

Jiang Shuxue hasn’t been shocked yet: "Aren’t you dead, I know, how can you die for thousands of years!"

"Yeah, I haven’t avenged my mother yet, how can I die like this."

Jiang Shuxue sneered: "So, are you back to revenge?"

Shi Mu Ning looked at her like the queen, word by word, and the words were particularly clear: "Yes, Jiang Shuxue, you owe me, it’s time to pay back!"

Such Mu Ningqi is too terrible, and it is daunting invisible.

"So, can we talk about cooperation now?" When Mu Ning was leaning on a transfer chair, his posture was leisurely.

"We don’t cooperate with you!" Jiang Shuxue roared.

No matter what the purpose she is, this cooperation cannot be made.

Shi Mu Ning seemed to have guessing the current scene long ago, smirked, and threw the previous contract signed in front of her: "You can destroy the contract and compensate for ten times the penalty damage."

Shi Mu Ning’s current value is not the same as before. The ten -fold liquidated damages are not a small number.

Moreover, Jiang had already released the wind and temporarily changed the hexagram.

She obviously had a long time ago, so she was so unscrupulous.

Jiang Shuxue’s trembling, but she couldn’t do anything, she was very aggrieved!

Immediately counterattack: "I heard that Phoenix has always been humble. In the circle, the wind review is very good, and they will play big names. They will wait for customers to wait for you for an hour."

Shi Mu Ning was surprised: "It was only an hour, that should really let you wait. I am naturally humble to others, but for you, you also match!"

Jiang Shuxue is about to vomit blood: "Shi Mu Ning!"

Shi Mu Ning has lost patience: "Let’s start soon, after all, talk to you, I still have a price decline."

Jiang Shuxue gritted his teeth but squeezed out: "Okay, let’s start!"

Shi Mu Ning, you wait for me, I won’t let you live!

… …

After finalizing all the details, Shi Mu Ning left Jiang.

Of course, she would not help Jiang’s jewelry. On the contrary, she had to use this opportunity to wash her own charges that she had been framed before and let Jiang Shuxue defeat her name!

Shi Mu Ning looked at Jiang’s building, and there was a trace of sperm flashed in his eyes.

Before she turned around, she was caught tightly and grabbed her wrist tightly.

Jian Yuchen’s shocking face enlarged in front of her, and her voice was still a little trembling: "Shi Mu Ning!"

Shi Mu Ning was slightly stunned, but she did not expect to meet him so soon, so that she had no preparation in her heart, and a hint of ripples in her heart.

But this time she is not as good as before, at least she can be generous.

"It turned out to be President Jian, fortunately."

If you are polite and alienated, you will stabbed Jian Yuchen.

Since you are still alive, why not come back?

If you want to blurt it out, he turns a bend on his mouth, and then swallowed.

"Can Jian let me go?"

Jian Yuchen still did not let go until Jiang Shuxue’s voice screamed: "What are you doing?"

In a word, Jian Yuchen suddenly loosened his hands, closed his eyes, and hid all his emotions.

Seeing this, Shi Mu Ning still had a little tingling in her heart, but soon, she deliberately said: "President Jane, eat together."

Jiang Shuxue was furious, and almost his slap was about to fall.

Jiang Shuxue’s hand was just raised, but Shi Mu Ning seemed to have expected this scene for a long time to directly control Jiang Shuxue’s hand.

"Miss Jiang, now at the door of your company, don’t you even have an image?"

Jiang Shuxue’s hand was still blocked at high altitude, his face flushed.

Chapter 14 You owe me

"Shi Mu Ning, you’re a primary three before, but I didn’t expect it to die now!"

It’s really mad, so that now I am not talking.

Shi Muning’s face suddenly became fierce and slapped directly on Jiang Shuxue’s face.

"Jiang Shuxue, this slap, you owe me!"

Then took a wet towel from the bag, like something disgusting, and wiped it carefully.

A red slap seal appeared quickly on Jiang Shuxue’s face. When he saw Mu Ning’s movement, he almost rushed up.

Shi Mu Ning frowned and retreated. Jian Yuchen pulled Jiang Shuxue in time.

Jiang Shuxue still wanted to say, but when he saw Jian Yuchen’s eyes, he suddenly stunned, but his eyes were waiting for Shi Ming Ning.

When Jian Yuchen also looked at her, she was so surprised when she was ecstatic. She seemed to have changed a lot, and she wouldn’t do this before.

However, the hand is getting tighter and tighter. In any case, since she is back, she will definitely not let go!

Jiang Shuxue looked at Jian Yuchen’s emotional fluctuations and held his arm: "Yuchen, isn’t it that he would go back to the family banquet, let’s go first."

It is not important for Shi Mu Ning. Throwing the wet towel in his hand to the trash can. In front of Jian Yuchen, he said, "In this case, then I will leave first."

After speaking, go away and leave a chic back.

Jian Yuchen stared at Shi Mu Ning’s back, and Jiang Shuxue pulled him dissatisfied.

Jian Yuchen quickly returned to the previous state, and said coldly, "Let’s go."

… …

Shi Mu Ning was not as free and easy as she thought. She thought that she had already stopped water, but when she heard that they went to the dinner, she was still bored.

After seven years with Jian Yuchen, he never heard him mention his family.

But also, people are just playing, but they have taken it seriously.

A trace of ridicule was hung on the corner of his mouth, but the object of ridicule was herself.

It was just hidden these delicate emotions, and returned to the car to see a gentle smile on the face behind Xiaobao.

"Huh!" Xiaobao just played the toys in her hand, and suddenly she faced when she saw Mu Ning.

What did Mommy do just now and did not let himself go together.

Xiaobao is unhappy, the kind of unhappy!

At a glance, Shi Mu Ning saw Xiaobao’s ghosts, so he pleased, "Xiao Bao is not hungry, should you eat Uncle Mai?"

Xiaobao swallowed, but he still twisted his head aside with a bone.

Shi Mu Ning continued to seduce: "Then add an ice cream."

"Oh yeah!"

Xiaobao almost jumped up, but soon realized that he compromised too fast, and was a little embarrassed.

Shi Mu Ning ordered the tip of his little nose, "Okay, Mommy takes you to eat delicious."

… …

Jianjia dinner.

It seemed to see that Jian Yuchen’s mind was restless. Jiang Shuxue asked angrily: "Jian Yuchen, Shi Mu Ning hooks away your soul as soon as he returned?"

Jian Yuchen Ling Xun’s gaze looked at Jiang Shuxue, warning: "You better shut up with me, otherwise let you try my means."

Jiang Shuxue listened to his heart trembling and never dared to speak anymore.

Just looking at the back of Jian Yuchen’s departure, the anger in her heart seemed to be an upcoming flame mountain. It was silent on the surface, but it had long been turbulent inside.

Shi Mu Ning, you are almost ghost!But I can win you five years ago, and now I can still be!

Chapter 15 Out of the situation

Shi Mu Ning came back with the belly that Xiaobao ate, and when he arrived at the door, he heard Xiaobao’s cheers: "Uncle Ruo Feng, we brought you Uncle Mai."

Ji Ruofeng looked at McDonald’s label, and immediately made a sad expression.

"So, do you abandon me to steal it?"

Seeing a panic, Xiaobao hurriedly pulled the corner of Mu Ning.

Shi Mu Ning said: "It’s okay, whoever let him depend on, we will not take him to eat delicious."

"Hey, Shi Mu Ning, is there a problem with your way to educate your child?"

Ji Ruofeng couldn’t install it anymore, his look was quite helpless.

Xiao Bao knew that his uncle was not really angry, so he played with Ji Ruofeng crazy again.

But at night, Ji Ruofeng still left, after all, the lonely men and widows were not suitable for living together.

Xiao Bao was reluctant to watch Ji Ruofeng, and then he lost Shi Ming’s clothing corner and asked aggrieved: "Mommy, do I want to play with me?"

Shi Mu Ning could not help but emerge in a figure, but when he pushed the face of the man, he still disrupted his thoughts as soon as possible.

Squatting down softly: "Xiao Bao, Mommy can’t play with you?"

Xiaobao sucks his nose: "Okay." Then deliberately pretended to be happy: "That mom, you are coming."

This appearance made Shi Mu Ning softened. Xiaobao has been wise since he was a child. Since he knows that he has no dad, he rarely mentions it, and only occasionally mentioned.

But she really couldn’t give Xiaobao a father, she was guilty about the child’s heart.

"Mummy, what’s wrong with you, come here soon."

Shi Muning held back the emotions in her heart and disguised her smile: "Okay, come immediately."

When Ji Ruofeng went downstairs, he found a person, and the man was cigarette in his hand, and his expression was lonely.

When I saw Ji Ruofeng, he looked up at the third floor, and his eyes couldn’t help but feel a little deep.

"How will you be here?"

Ji Ruofeng raised his eyebrow: "Isn’t this what I should ask you?"

Jian Yuchen threw the smoke in his hand fiercely on the ground, his expression: "In the past five years, she has been with you?"

Ji Ruofeng’s provocation: "Otherwise?"

"Ji Ruofeng!" Jian Yuchen’s face was furious, and the blue tendons on his forehead rose, as if the fist will break Ji Ruofeng’s head in the next moment.

If the wind is not afraid of the wind: "President Jian, are you too wide? Don’t forget, now you are nothing."

Jian Yuchen’s hand was tightly stretched. When he heard this sentence, he seemed to be stepped on the pain, and his expression was even more gloomy.

"Ji Ruofeng, I warn you not to hit her idea, she can not be stunned."

Ji Ruo Feng sneered: "This is what I should say to you, President Jane, you have been out of the situation five years ago!"

… …

Xiaobao was tired, and Shi Mu Ning helped him take a shower.

The doorbell was very abrupt, and Shi Mu Ning was puzzled: Is the Ji Ruofeng forgot what to bring?

Opening the door, he was hugged into a familiar arms.

Jian Yuchen held her tightly, like a rare treasure that would be lost at any time.

When Mu Ning had a meal, forgot to push him away for a while.

"Shi Mu Ning, return to me!"

It was almost overbearing, letting Shi Mu Ning instantly clear, and immediately pushed him away.

"Jian Yuchen, how did you export this sentence, did you forget, who was forced me to a desperate situation at that time!"

Chapter 16 Children

Shi Mu Ning’s words made Jian Yuchen’s face suddenly change.

At that time, Mu Ning’s declined figure appeared again in his mind. The picture has always been his nightmare of his five years, and he was tortured in the midnight dream.

Shi Mu Ning sneered: "Now you say it lightly and let me go back to you! Jian Yuchen, you dream!"

Jian Yuchen’s hand hanging on his side fists fiercely, as if he was suppressing something. After a long time, he said, "Mu Ning, no matter what, since you are back, I can’t let you go."

It’s really shameless!

Shi Mu Ning was resentful. Why did you see it for five years? He became more and more thick.

"Jian Yuchen, go out for me!"

Jian Yuchen was motionless and stared at Shi Ming’s face tightly.

How can a person change so much in five years? When listening to it, Mu Ning’s words are fierce.

Such Mu Ning made him feel strange, but the pain in his heart told him that this was caused by him!

The distress was great, and Jian Yuchen wanted to hug Shi Ming again, but was avoided by Shi Mu Ning in time.

"President Jane, please take the respect, you are already a family."

Every sentence seems to remind Jian Yuchen what hurts her before!

"Mu Ning, this matter …"


Suddenly a tender child’s voice blocked Jian Yuchen’s next words.

Xiao Bao woke up without knowing anything, and his big eyes widened when he saw the two people holding together.

Shi Mu Ning returned in an instant and hurriedly pushed him away, "Xiao Bao, how do you wake up?"

Xiao Bao and the uncle who suddenly emerged were startled and looked at them dumbfounded.

Jian Yuchen’s brain was empty instantly. Where is this child?

Xiaobao glared at his big eyes and asked, "Are you daddy?"

You can’t blame Xiaobao as asking this, after all, this is the first time Mu Ning and a man holding with a man.

But this answer instantly made Jian Yu’s thinking restore Qingming.

"This is……"

Shi Mu Ning seemed to understand what he wanted to ask, and immediately felt cold: "No, this is the child of me and others."

Jian Yuchen stepped back two steps.

Shi Mu Ning was also in a mess, and since she felt that everything had exceeded her expectations since returning.

For example, when I met Jian Yuchen, for example, Jian Yuchen saw Xiaobao.

Jian Yuchen didn’t seem to believe it, and yelled sharply: "It’s mine, who is that?"

Shi Ming Ning did not have a good candidate for a while, and could only stab him with words.

"I jumped from upstairs and it was difficult to guarantee. The child had gone for a long time. Jian Yuchen, the child was less than two months in my belly."

Jian Yuchen was obviously stimulated by such words, and her heart seemed to be stunned by a knife.

"Jian Yuchen, my life is very good now, I don’t want you to disturb us."

After speaking, a "bang" loud him outside the door.

Shi Mu Ning seemed to lose all his strength and leaned against the door weakly.

Seeing Xiao Bao still looked at himself, he beaten and asked, "Xiao Bao, how can I wake up well?"

Xiaobao looked at Shi Ming Ning and did not answer, but said with certainty: "Mommy, that’s Daddy."

Shi Mu Ning hugged him, and said softly, "Xiao Bao, promised Mummy, I would like to see this uncle in the future, don’t care about him, okay?"

Xiaobao’s brain seemed to be thinking, and when he heard Shi Ning, he nodded randomly.

Shi Mu Ning was also immersed in his emotions, and he did not see the cunning flashed at Xiaobao’s eyes.

Chapter 17 You are Daddy

After that, Shi Mu Ning has been worried that Jian Yuchen will come, but now it seems that he is passionate.

While secretly relaxed my heart, I couldn’t help but lose.

It turns out that it is really not important at all!

Did you know it long ago, why do you still have expectations!

After flattening the mentality, Shi Mu Ning began to step up the design of this jewelry. In fact, it had already been embarrassed before, but now it is just drawing the prototype.

In the past few days, Mu Ning didn’t get out of the door almost, but he could break Xiaobao, and the task of bringing Xiaobao was handed over to Ji Ruofeng.

Ji Ruofeng took Xiaobao to visit the nearby park, either in a snack street.

But there are always tails behind him, and Ji Ruofeng is also annoying.

Finally, Ji Ruofeng stopped and just wanted to go back to say something, and the corner was pulled by Xiaobao.

"Uncle, I have something to say to that uncle."

Ji Ruofeng was a little surprised. After thinking for a while, he said, "Okay, go."

Xiaobao ran towards Jian Yuchen with his short legs. Jian Yuchen was a little surprised, but his body trembled, and then squatted down with Xiaobao’s height.


The two words let Jian Yuchen’s heart fall into the sea: "Xiao Bao, I am not …"

Xiaobao wanted to put his hand like a little adult: "I know, in fact you are my father, right, but Mummy said, Xiaobao has no daddy."

Looking at Jian Yuchen, looking at Xiaobao, the fundamental sentence did not have any ability to think about, and in his head, he just wanted to take a good look at his child.

When Mu Ning said those words that day, it was really skeptical for a moment, but after that, Jian Yuchen thought about it carefully that the child could not be someone else.

Coupled with the parent -child identification, he has made him firm.

Xiaobao looked at Jian Yuchen, who didn’t know what he was thinking, and asked, "So, did you offend Mommy, so Mommy said that Xiaobao had no father?"

Listening to the child’s immature voice, Jian Yuchen’s heart was astringent: "Yes, your mother is angry with me."

Xiaobao looked like "I know", and then said, "That uncle is also very ability. Mommy has a good temper, and you can make her angry for so long."

Jian Yuchen silently.

"But you can rest assured, this matter is on me!"

Watching Xiaobao patted his breasts, as if playing tickets, making Jian Yuchen want to laugh.

Smile is a bit bitter: "Okay, thank you Xiaobao."

… …

Time is fleeting, and Shi Mu Ning quickly put into production after finalizing the design draft.

Jiang’s new product launch conference was held because he wanted to use Mu Ning’s reputation.

At the scene of the press conference, Shi Mu Ning held Xiaobao in his hand, and Xiaobao on the right was Ji Ruofeng.

This makes others look like a family of three!

When Jian Yuchen saw this scene, his eyes sprayed on fire.

Jiang Shuxue looked at Shi Mu Ning’s child with resentment. Who is this child?

Looking at Jian Yuchen, she didn’t understand what she didn’t understand. I didn’t expect this hybrid to live!

However, after thinking about what happened at the scene, the corner of his mouth smiled proudly.

Shi Mu Ning, how did I destroy you at the time, it is still possible now!

You, and this child, I won’t let me go!

"Okay, next is our new product launch conference, and Jiang Feng, the president of Jiang’s Group, came to the stage to give a speech."

Chapter 18 So Re -Application

Jiang Feng is nearly 50 years old, but it looks very young, but when Shi Mu Ning sees Jiang Feng, somehow, there will be an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

When she was so embarrassed, Jiang Feng had thrown his words to Shi Mu Ning.

Jiang Feng is a person who is very grasping the audience, and he also understands that the protagonist is this jewelry this time, and as a jewelry designer, Shi Mu Ning is naturally a highlight.

As a Phoenix, she rarely appeared. Before, she was afraid that Jian Yuchen would know her existence.

This time she was still a few when she appeared in the media, so it was naturally looking forward to it.

Shi Mu Ning slowly came to power, first introduced himself, and then unbuttoned the mysterious veil of the jewelry.

Take the jewelry on the stage, but surprised everyone. This jewelry seemed to be a bit ordinary.

Shi Mu Ning didn’t have any surprise on his face, even if this jewelry was not the original designed by her.

She calculated the time and frowned before the reporter asked: "Excuse me, where is my design?"

This is full of uproar.

Jiang Shuxue was secretly proud of his heart, and said, "This is the designed by you. I was still thinking at the time that the famous designer Phoenix would design such ordinary works. I thought it was clumsy and I couldn’t appreciate it."

Jian Yuchen, who was standing aside, immediately understood Jiang Shuxue’s little drama, his face was unhappy, and his brows frowned into a Sichuan character.

Shi Mu Ning counterattacked: "This is naturally not my designed work. My design draft at the time was the purpose of giving Miss Jiang first."

Jiang Shuxue felt that he seemed to be in a trap. After all, he was the person in charge of this incident. Once something happened, he had a blame.

But thinking of a father’s cover, you don’t have to be afraid.

"At that time, it was because we signed a contract, so even if we were dissatisfied, we could only produce according to your design manuscript."

Shi Mu Ning’s mouth raised a weird arc: "At that time, I had completed the design draft half a month in advance. You are dissatisfied, and you can propose it. I still have time to modify it."

Jiang Shuxue couldn’t refute. This was a well -known thing in Jiang’s. After all, the incident at the time still caused a sensation in the company.

But now it has become the best excuse to block Jiang Shuxue.

But Jiang Shuxue wouldn’t just be led by Shi Mu Ning’s nose, so he sneered: "How big Phoenix is a wrist, we can’t offend. After all, when I first started, I played a big name and let me wait for an hour for an hour.","

This is the truth, but unfortunately no one believes.

"How is this possible, Phoenix has always been a monument, how can you do such a thing!"

Whether it is a reporter or the audience, I know Fenix, and naturally speak for Shi Mu Ning.

Jiang Shuxue didn’t expect, but for five years, no one spoke for her.

Suddenly a little angry: "I have a staff member to testify this matter, and I never lie!"

Shi Mu Ning laughed "噗", letting those staff closed her mouth.

"Miss Jiang, you are not kind to do this, let your group employees testify, can I also let my team testify?"

Jiang Shuxue was stunned, when did this woman become so sharp!

What she wanted to say, but was blocked by Shi Ming’s words.

"Ms. Jiang is really dead. Five years ago, you framed me and stole your design manuscript. Can you still want to re -apply now?"

Chapter 19

As soon as this remark, some local reporters instantly thought of the competition five years ago, and a goose egg can be stuffed in the surprise mouth.

"I know this incident, Miss was still a small designer who was not very famous five years ago. At that time, Miss Jiang won the championship of the National Jewelry Design Contest. At this timedraft."

"What is the result?"

The reporter looked at Jian Yuchen a little bit, and then said unknownly: "Anyway, Miss Jiang won with her family."

The content of this sentence is very rich.

That’s not bullying!

In fact, everyone is more convinced of Mu Ning. After all, in recent years, these reporters have almost watched how Shi Mu Ning has emerged, and how it glows and heats, and Jiang Shuxue is generally general.

At least under the crushing of Shi Ming Ning, there is nothing desirable at all.

Seeing that public opinion is now falling, Jiang Shuxue is panicked, and now she understands that when Mu Ning deliberately set up a trap for five years ago!

Really poisonous!

Shi Mu Ning didn’t say anything, watching the people below talked about it, and at this time, Ji Ruofeng appeared.

"I was a judge at that time. I originally thought that there were many doubts about this, but the backing behind Miss Jiang was really incredible, and it turned out to be a hammer."

Ji Ruofeng glanced at Jian Yuchen squinting. I wonder if it was because of the light, making Jian Yuchen’s face darker.

Shi Mu Ning did not expect that Ji Ruofeng would suddenly speak up, and he originally told him to let him not intervene.

"I know that there is no reliance, so I called out the video of the game that year."

After Shi Mu Ning finished speaking, the big screen on the stage showed the picture of the year.

As soon as the picture came out, everyone sighed, and it seemed that they were oppressed.

Jiang Shuxue’s face was pale this woman, just to kill her!

It’s abominable!

Want to let Jian Yuchen say something for himself, but saw him looking at Shi Ming’s gaze.

"Huh, a pair of dogs and women!"

"Miss Jiang, what else do you say?" Shi Mu Ning asked lightly, now she has controlled the overall situation.

Jiang Shuxue is naturally impossible to recognize, "Shi Mu Ning, this matter has been concluded five years ago. This design is mine. Is it because I am not as good as you now, can I not be better than you at that time?"

I knew that Jiang Shuxue would not confess his guilt like this, so Mu Ning released a recording again.

It turned out to be a conversation between Jiang Shuxue and assistant.

"Director, Phoenix has sent her design draft to your mailbox."

After that, it seemed to be quiet for a while, and then he heard Jiang Shuxue scolded: "Smart!"

Assistant trembling: "Director, I think this design is very eye -catching."

As soon as I finished speaking, I heard a loud slap: "You listen, this design draft is mine, do you understand?"

The assistant didn’t dare to speak, and heard Jiang Shuxue’s threat again: "The thing of five years ago, the accomplice is you, but now it is just that you do n’t know, is it difficult for you?"

The little assistant immediately said, "No, I don’t know anything."

The recording stopped abruptly, and Jiang Shuxue looked at Shi Mu Ning like watching ghosts.

Where did she get this thing!

Except for Jiang Shuxue, it is estimated that no one would expect that the young lady in the Tang Dynasty would really do such a thing.

For a while, everyone despised Jiang Shuxue.

Shi Mu Ning said regretfully: "I didn’t want to take out the previous things. Compared with we are now a partner, I didn’t expect you to not repent, then don’t blame me to be polite!"

Chapter 20 Truth

As soon as the words fell, I saw all the drafts of Mu Ning’s design draft when the display appeared frequently, and there was a record of sending the design draft to Jiang Shuxue.

The works in front of them are really dare not compliment.

Everyone can’t understand now.

Shi Mu Ning shook his head and sighed: "I didn’t expect you to frame me. You even ignored the interests of the company."

This is the last straw that defeats Jiang Shuxue. Once the company’s interests are threatened, the shareholders of the company will naturally treat it carefully.

When Jiang Shuxue understood, Mu Ning’s intentions were about to distort.

As if crazy, he rushed towards Shi Ming Ning, and his eyes were vicious.

However, before Mu Ning was close, he was blocked by one hand.

Jian Yuchen held Jiang Shuxue’s death. She is now full of anger, but she is about to protect her.

Jiang Shuxue ignored it and threatened him: "Jian Yuchen, I want you to help me now, immediately, immediately!"

Jian Yuchen looked at her disgusting: "Isn’t it embarrassed enough?"

Jiang Shuxue smiled arrogantly: "Why, now it’s starting, do you think you can confront your family now?"

The blue tendons in Jian Yuchen’s hands were stunned, as if she would strangle her next second.

"Jiang Shuxue, if you want to die, I will satisfy you now!"

Before Jiang Shuxue spoke, he heard Jiang Feng’s calm voice.

"Shu Xue, what are you doing?"

Jiang Shuxue trembled in his heart, and when he saw Jiang Feng’s face, when he looked at Mu Ning, he didn’t dare to have any movements for a while.

Now this farce is getting bigger and bigger. If you do n’t give the public an explanation, I am afraid that it will not be able to calm down at all.

So he thought from the big place, Jiang Feng immediately made a decision -the position of the director of Jiang Shuxue was removed.

Shi Mu Ning looked at the result with satisfaction. Although it was a bit light, Jiang Shuxue could not lift his head in the circle.

When Jiang Feng looked at Mu Ning, Shi Mu Ning nodded politely to respect.

"Things have developed like this, it is really not what I want, but since Miss Jiang is so hateful, I want to work with Jiang’s cooperation. As for the liquidated damages, I will call your company’s account later."

Jiang Feng smiled and couldn’t see it.

"Since it is a little girl, it is naturally not allowed Miss Shi to bear the loss of this time, and Miss Shi’ s cost of this time, we still follow the contract. "

Shi Mu Ningke took some time, and finally accepted happily.

And Jiang Shuxue was even more angry at watching this scene. This woman is simply a manner, not only letting her reputation sweep the ground, but she can get compensation.

It’s a bitch!Body!

Jiang Shuxue was also controlled by Jian Yuchen, but Shi Mu Ning smiled gentlely and slowly walked towards Jiang Shuxue.

It was kindly sorted out the messy clothes for her. Shi Mu Ning said softly: "Miss Jiang, presumably you must not be mixed in this circle, it’s really miserable!"

Jiang Shuxue gritted his teeth: "Shi Mu Ning!"

Shi Mu Ning smiled slightly and looked like a kind and friendly conversation.

"Miss Jiang, our road is still long, take it slowly, not in a hurry."

Shi Mu Ning did not give Jian Yuchen a gaze, but when she was about to leave, Jian Yuchen suddenly pulled her hand.

"Wait for me soon."

Shi Mu glanced at him weirdly, "Can’t Jane think you have helped me this time, will I be grateful?"

Jian Yuchen had ignored it, but called directly: "Miss came out for a while, you stop."

Shi Mu Ning suddenly became angry, bastard!Like it is a bastard!

Chapter 21 Maintenance

Xiaobao was led by Ji Ruofeng to find Shi Mu Ning, just to see the strange picture of the three people.

Xiaobao looked at Jian Yuchen, blinked at him, and then asked with milk and milk: "Mommy, are we leaving?"

When Jian Yuchen let go of Mu Ning’s hand, she didn’t speak, staring at Shi Ming Ning.

Shi Mu Ning immediately hugged Xiaobao: "Let’s go back."

Just as soon as he went out, he was stopped. Shi Muning’s face was not good: "Are you from Jian Yuchen?"

The man shook his head: "It is Ms. Jiang who wants to see Ms. Shi."

This surprised Shi Mu Ning. How could Jiang Feng want to see her?

Is it because of Jiang Shuxue?

Shi Mu Ning handed Xiaobao to Ji Ruofeng: "I’ll go."

There was a lounge with only Jiang Feng in it.

Shi Mu Ning converged, "What happened to Jiang for me?"

Jiang Feng looked at Shi Mu Ning and looked at the person in front of him carefully. After a long time, he said, "Miss Shi!"

Shi Mu Ning is not humble: "Don’t dare, this is to make love doing things, I just just have a justice."

Jiang Feng smiled, but he didn’t reach his eyes: "I won’t cover my daughter, but if someone wants to get involved in my daughter’s marriage, then I will not sit back and ignore it."

I don’t know why, when Jiang Feng said this, she felt boring in her heart.

Maybe she has never felt the maintenance of her father.

Pressing the emotions in his heart, Shi Mu Ning said: "Jiang always is afraid of what is wrong with this matter."

Jiang Feng sneered: "You and Jian Yuchen, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t intervene before because I didn’t think you could become a big deal, but now it seems that I have underestimated you."


Before Mu Ning thought, before he said, he heard Jiang Shuxue’s panic.

When Jiang Shuxue heard Jiang Feng Mu Ning, he was afraid. He didn’t know what his father was looking for her?

And Jian Yuchen looked at Jiang Shuxue’s disappointment in his eyes, his eyes slightly converged, but with a deep look.

This is obviously wrong. Jiang Shuxue should only be happy when he heard the news. How could he be afraid?

Is there any greasy among them?

Jiang Feng looked at Jiang Shuxue and sighed through his heart.

"Shu Xue, why are you here?"

The panic on Jiang Shuxue’s face had not been put away, and asked, "Dad, what are you calling this bitch to come?"

Jiang Feng couldn’t help frowning when he heard Jiang Shuxue’s words, "It’s okay, but just warn her."

Jiang Shuxue was relieved: "What is it to say to her? Dad, you will not care about her business in the future, I will deal with it myself."

Jiang Feng didn’t speak, but just put his eyes on Jian Yuchen, and Jian Yuchen looked at him blandly.

"Yuchen, Shu Xue is your wife after all." In this way, it seemed to be implying something.

When Jian Yuchen glanced at Mu Ning, he cared about it: "Today’s things are very clear about what I am talking about, isn’t it intentionally sheltered?"

Jiang Feng didn’t speak, how could Jian Yuchen feel more and more unscrupulous.

"Mummy Mummy, are you fine?" Xiaobao’s voice came from outside.

Shi Mu Ning said: "Mr. Jiang, can I leave?"

Didn’t wait for Jiang Feng to speak, Jian Yuchen said first, "I’ll send you."

Xiaobao at the door looked at the two figures from the inside, and the hand that released Ji Ruofeng ran towards the two.

Just when Mu Ming was about to catch him, Xiaobao ran straight to Jian Yuchen.

Shi Muning stunned on the spot, and asked, "Xiao Bao, what are you doing?"

Chapter 22 Ironics

Even Jian Yuchen was surprised, but this was the first time he hugged his child, and his body was stiff.

Xiaobao’s body was soft, and Jian Yuchen would really be afraid to accidentally hurt him.

However, he was in the arms of Jian Yuchen’s arms. It turned out that this was like this in the arms of Daddy, which was really different from his uncle’s arms.

But he didn’t dare to say this, after all, Mommy was still angry with daddy.

Xiaobao pouted: "Mommy, let’s let our uncle send us back?"

Shi Mu Ning looked at Jian Yuchen with anger, and it must be what he said to Xiaobao, otherwise how could Xiao Bao be like this!

Jian Yuchen directly ignored Mu Ning’s gaze, but said to Xiaobao loving, "Okay, uncle, send you back."

Ji Ruofeng looked like this. He knew that Xiaobao was always smart, and everything he did now just want to have a father.

"Since nothing happened, I will leave first." Ji Ruofeng laughed on his face, his expression was very idle.

Xiao Bao seemed to feel embarrassed, so he broke away, and then ran to Ji Ruofeng and didn’t know what to say to him.

"If Uncle Feng, I don’t want to let you go back alone."

"I know, you have a small sliding head, hurry up."

Ji Ruofeng straightened up: "I said that I shouldn’t come. I sit back and sore back pain. Go back first. Don’t find me if you have anything. Of course, don’t find me."

Xiaobao pulled a person in one hand, like a little matchmaker among them.

But so that Shi Mu Ning had no chance to ask Jian Yuchen.

However, Xiaobao was not idle in the car. From time to time, he talked to Jian Yuchen. Sometimes he asked some strange questions, but Jian Yuchen also answered particularly seriously.

Shi Mu Ning looked at Xiaobao. This child was obviously different for Jian Yuchen and Ji Ruofeng. In front of Jian Yuchen, it seemed unscrupulous.

Thinking of this, Shi Mu Ning didn’t know what taste in his heart. Is it really because of blood relationship?

But Mu Ning also knew that Jian Yuchen had his wife, so don’t let Xiaobao contact him well.

So when Xiaobao still wanted to ask what, Shi Mu Ning said in time: "Xiaobao, tired or tired, do you want to sleep for a while?"

Xiaobao looked at Mu Ning, and when he looked at Jian Yuchen, he said with interest: "Okay."

So obediently fell asleep in Shi Mu Ning’s arms.

When the carriage was quiet, Jian Yuchen actually wanted to continue talking with Xiaobao. After all, he hadn’t had such a feeling before, as if the sense of responsibility as a father in his heart was surging.

Soon I heard Xiaobao’s shallow breathing sound. After all, she was still a child. Shi Mujing looked at Xiaobao, and her heart was softened.

"Hold the child upstairs, I have something to tell you."

The car stopped at the door steadily, and Jian Yuchen spoke.

Shi Mu Ning agreed quickly, after all, no matter how much he knew it, it wasn’t what he should intervene.

After five minutes, Shi Muning returned to the car and seized people first: "Jian Yuchen, don’t come to disturb our lives in the future."

Jian Yuchen said: "Xiaobao is my child."

He really knew it, but it was not surprising to find out with her means.

"So what, you have a wife, do you still imagine that before, do you give Jiang Shuxue like that before?"

Shi Mu Ning’s tone was more sophisticated, and there was a strong irony inside.

Chapter 23 Small Assists

Jian Yuchen was stiff, and immediately thought of what happened before, but that was all a moment of anger, and he never thought so.

"I have a job now, I can support Xiaobao, and I do n’t need to worry about other things at all. I would rather be a child with no dad, and do n’t become a child of a junior!"

Jian Yuchen looked at Shi Mu Ning, and his eyes contained complex pain.

"I need you to give me some time, just three months, I will deal with everything."

But Mu Ning just wanted to laugh. There are tens of millions of men in this world, but their excuses are the same.

At that time, her father had delayed her mother’s life with such an excuse, and now she will not repeat the same mistakes.

"You still leave this set of words to others, at least you don’t need to do it for me."

Jian Yuchen finally moved anger: "What do you want?"

Shi Mu Ning looked at the person who had a temper and felt funny: "I want you to let us go, can it work?"

Jian Yuchen’s face was full of anger, gritted his teeth: "Shi Mu Ning, don’t think about it!"

Shi Mu Ning wanted to say something, but was kissed by Jian Yuchen, and there was no rules at all, as if it was venting his emotions.

Shi Mu Ning was stunned. When the reaction came, a "snap" sounded, Jian Yuchen’s face was partial.

The air was instantly solidified.

… …

Since the last two people were unhappy, Shi Mu Ning never saw Jian Yuchen again.

Xiaobao was very depressed. Should he help his father again, but his father was stupid, and even mommy could not be sure.

So when she was quiet for a night, Xiaobao watched when she fell asleep, Mu Ning left, quietly closer to the door, and found a call secretly after finding no sound.

When Jian Yuchen received a call, there was a moment of surprise on his face: "Xiao Bao, what’s wrong?"

"Daddy, when do you take me to the aquarium with Mommy?"

The child’s innocent voice made Jian Yuchen’s heart tingling, "Okay, wait for me to be busy."

"Okay, then you must remember."

Xiaobao hung up the phone and rolled happily on the bed. The first step of the family was successful!

However, Mommy is still angry, it seems that it is more difficult.

Xiao Bao’s cute cheek, his face showed a distressed look.

After hanging up the phone, Jian Yuchen thought, it seems that things should be accelerated a little.

He was about to bear it anymore. His wife, his child, separated for five years and should be reunited with a family of three.

So he called again: "Is there a god of moving in the old house of Jianjia?"

"No, they still don’t notice it. Moreover, your business enclosure is too strong recently. Even if the Jian family wants to stare at you, now they are weak."

Jian Yuchen "um": "There are many things recently, sending several powerful bodyguards around Mu Ning and his children secretly protected, don’t let them discover it."

Laughing over there: "Jian Yuchen, you are really persuasion. Since you can’t let go, you will pick them back greatly."

Jian Yuchen was silent, and then said, "After I want to solve the things here, I picked up their brightness. I don’t want to wrong them at all."

After chatting two more words, Jian Yuchen hung up.

After that, there was no drowsiness again, and the sun that looked slowly rising was finally a new day.

Aquarium?It should be a family of three, but Mu Ning should be unwilling.

Waiting, but for three months, everything will be fine, Jian Yuchen believes.

Chapter 24

After the last thing Jiang Shuxue did not appear now.

But Mu Ning would not let her go, after all, blood debt was repaid.

Since returning, Shi Mu Ning has never seen her mother. It wasn’t what she didn’t want to go, but she was ashamed, so she wanted to wait for her to avenge her mother.

However, after five years, even if there are monitoring on the street, it is still not easy to find the surveillance video of five years.

After almost half a month, Shi Mu Ning still found nothing. After all, this year was considered a end. If you can find the person who is back to the pot, it may be easier.

I just know nothing about the person who is back. If you want to know his news, you can only go to Jian Yuchen.

I was a little bit up in my heart. I don’t know if Jian Yuchen knew what he had done in the year.

Regardless, after all, Jian Yuchen is the boss after all. As long as he wants to insert a hand, nothing will be done.

Thinking of this, Shi Mu Ning made a decisive call.

This was the first time she came back to this call. Somehow, it was a little delicate.

The phone was answered quickly, and Shi Mu Ning had a little shortage of breathing. "Jian Yuchen, I have something to find you."

"What’s up?"

"I want to find you about my mother."

There really was silent over there, "Let’s talk about it."


Sitting down so peacefully for the first time, Shi Mu Ning was a little unnatural.

"Do you want Jiang Shuxue to go to jail?"

Shi Mu Ning nodded: "I can’t let her be so happy."

Speaking of the exit, the scenes of the past memories hit her, after all, this incident had a great relationship with Jian Yuchen.

Thinking of the past, Shi Muging’s mood was destroyed.

Jian Yuchen saw her emotional fluctuations, but this incident is not good.

He was hesitant to explain to Shi Mu Ning, but Shi Mu Ning had long seen his mind.

After all, they used to be together for seven years, and they knew each other thoroughly.

Shi Mu Ningxin was erected again: "So you still have to intervene this time?"

The tone is not good, it is as if you have to shake your face at any time.

Jian Yuchen sighed: "It’s not that, just want you to wait, I will not let Jiang Shuxue go."

It was weird to listen to Jiang Shuxue’s ears, and then sneered: "Jian Yuchen, what do you mean by saying this sentence now, let’s put away the deceived one."

Jian Yuchen looked silently, looking at Shi Mu Ning, feeling that she came back and was more and more patient with herself.

"I did not lie to you."

"Then tell me the crime!"

Shi Mu Ning was aggressive. Although she did not want to admit it in her heart, at the moment of Jian Yuchen hesitated, there was a painful pain in her heart.

After all, it is a man who has loved seven years, how can he forget it easily.

I just didn’t dare to love anymore, hurt, tired, and slowly wanted to return to the bland.

"Mu Ning, believe me, I will give you an explanation."

Jian Yuchen must stop her, otherwise she is likely to be dangerous.

Shi Mu Ning’s mouth laughed at the corner of his mouth: "You said that before, but what did you do in the end?"

She didn’t want to mention those injuries, but Jian Yuchen hurt her, and she didn’t want to make this man better.

I just don’t know if she can really hurt Jian Yuchen.

Chapter 25 Don’t Belry

Jian Yuchen didn’t know how to talk about the interests of this matter with her.

So in the end, he could only say one sentence: "You can’t intervene in this matter."

Shi Mu Ning did not waste time with him anymore, but left directly.

Sure enough, it was the most wrong decision, and she even had some expectations in her heart!

It’s ridiculous!

Shi Mu Ning, I think you are still not deep enough, otherwise how can you come to abuse yourself?

He scolded himself fiercely to suppress all the emotions in his heart in the bottom of your heart.

Forget it, even if there is no Jian Yuchen, she does not believe that she can’t find that person.

Before building a good heart for himself, Jian Yuchen followed.

Holding her wrist toughly, it was forbearing in his tone: "Mu Ming, do you ignore what I said, wouldn’t you believe me?"

Shi Mu thought to break free but couldn’t break away: "Jian Yuchen, what are you going crazy?"

Jian Yuchen looked at Shi Mu Ning, and the two were stiff at the gate.

When people came and looked at the two people, Shi Mu Ning was still thinner, and soon blushed.

"Jian Yuchen, can you watch some occasions?"

Jian Yuchen immediately pulled Mu Ning to stuff her into the car.

He held the steering wheel tightly, and his emotions were together.

"Don’t move Jiang Shuxue in these few days."

"Are you warning me?" Shi Mu Ning immediately met his lips.

"It’s not a warning, but you have moved her now, you will be in danger."

Shi Mu Ning had some subtle emotions in her heart, but soon she threw this emotion behind her head.

"Do you think I believe?"

Jian Yuchen’s forbearing temper is finally saturated and is about to erupt: "Since you are so stubborn, then I can only send someone to look at you."

His cold voice made Shi Mu Ning think of the days when he was imprisoned five years ago.

Shi Mu Ning had a panic in his heart: "What do you want to do?"

Before Jian Yuchen spoke, he heard Jiang Shuxue’s voice sounding outside the car.

"Yuchen, are you inside?"

The tense atmosphere just disappeared instantly.

Shi Mu Ning was relieved, at least now she was safe for the time being.

It didn’t take long for Jian Yuchen to open the door, and Shi Muning came out of the car.

Jiang Shuxue’s resentment when he saw it, how could this bitch be here!

"Shi Mu Ning, why are you so shameless and seduce a woman!"

The people around heard the sound and looked sideways.

Shi Mu was stiff, but quickly recovered.

"Miss Jiang, I advise you to care about your man, don’t let him come out to pick people at will." After that, he left with high heels.

Jiang Shuxue looked at Shi Ming Ning. Looking at Jian Yuchen, his teeth were about to bite off.

"Jian Yuchen, I find that you are getting more and more presumptuous now. Don’t you really jeopardize your family’s power?"

Jian Yuchen suddenly changed his face when he heard this: "What are you doing, dare to say these words to me?"

Jiang Shuxue has now been fainted by anger, and he said nothing: "I am your wife, you still miss this bitch!"

"Who said who is a bitch?" The fierce voice burst in his ears, and Jian Yuchen’s face was very powerful.

"I have never admitted that you are my wife, and you are not worthy of my wife!"

After speaking, Jian Yuchen went away, but Jiang Shuxue stayed directly.

She obviously felt that something was out of control, and then she seemed to think of something, and she flashed in her eyes.

I heard that the Jian family was in trouble before, and Jian Yuchen is now so unhappy. Has this man started?

Chapter 26 Father and Son

Shi Muning returned home in panic, and it was really terrible just now. If Jiang Shuxue suddenly appeared, maybe she was caught in the fate of being imprisoned again.

"Mommy, what’s wrong with you?"

When Xiaobao looked at the fear of his face, he asked with a scared expression.

Shi Mu Ning shook his head: "It’s okay, Xiaobao, let’s change a place to live well, it’s not safe here."

Xiao Bao guessed what was going on, so he nodded well, but the news should still tell Dadi.

It was too late to clean up, and the doorbell rang. Shi Mu Ning did not dare to open the door, but Xiaobao had already put in the people outside.

"Uncle, why are you here?"

Compared with Xiaobao’s joy, Shi Muning was cold when he saw Jian Yuchen. It was impossible for him to tie himself back. There is also Xiaobao here.

Jian Yuchen saw her defense and knew that she was anxious just now.

Now you can only stabilize Shi Mu first, and then make other plans.

Thinking like this, Jian Yuchen said to Xiaobao: "Xiaobao, do you want your uncle to take you to the aquarium?"

Although I have always wanted a family of three to go to the aquarium, it seems that it seems a bit deviated with what I think.

Daddy is angry again, why is it so stupid!

It seems that you still have to go out of your own.

Xiaobao made a pitiful look, and said, "Mommy, can we go?"

Shi Mu Ning is still very afraid of Jian Yuchen. Just wanting to say a rejection, Xiaobao first opened.

"Mommy, Xiaobao wants to go to the aquarium, but Mommy has been busy before, and Xiaobao dare not mention it."

Xiao Bao’s words made Shi Mu Ning’s guilt in his child overwhelming again, but did he follow Jian Yuchen?

Seeing that Mu Ning was not as resisting as before, Jian Yuchen said to Xiaobao: "Xiaobao, since Mummy is unwilling, that uncle takes you to go?"

Xiaobao quickly realized the meaning of Jian Yuchen. He couldn’t help but admire it. Sure enough, he was still daddy and knew how to cooperate.

Xiao Ji Ling Gui immediately barely forced: "Let’s forget it, I won’t go."

Shi Mu Ning always feels like she is in a trap, but Xiaobao?


After suppressing his messy emotions, Shi Mu Ning finally compromised.

Xiaobao blinked in Jian Yuchen, cute and unreasonable.

Jian Yuchen’s emotions just disappeared instantly, why is his son so smart!

The two can finally talk well, and Jian Yuchen said that he would not do such impulse.

However, as soon as he said, Shi Mu Ning had no mood to listen.

"If it weren’t for Xiaobao, I wouldn’t come out to tell you these things, no matter what you said, what should I do, I would still do it."

Jian Yuchen was silent, she was still so stubborn.

Since she really wants to do that, go with her, and she will do my best to protect her.

"I tell you who that person is, but this person has been raised by the Jiang family in recent years. I guess it will not help you."

Unexpectedly, he was so loose so soon, and Shi Mingning was a little surprised. After a long time, he said, "I know."

Thank you for the two words. This is what he owes himself, but now it is just a chaos anyway.

No one talks anymore, but the sword between the two people has disappeared a lot.

Xiaobao waited for his big eyes to turn, as if he felt that the two were not as strange as just now.

Well, Xiaobao is really a little ghost!

Xiaobao couldn’t help but get up.

Chapter 27 Breakout Point

Xiao Bao came to the aquarium for the first time and was amazed when he saw anything.

Xiaobao at this time was what a child should have.

Shi Mu Ning’s softened mess may be because he was relaxed a lot, so Shi Mu Ning was almost the same emoji with Xiaobao.

Let Jian Yuchen look at only to laugh, and then he felt guilty, and he seemed to have come to such a place without bringing it.

She had been thinking about it before, but she had a lot of concerns at that time, so she always pushed repeatedly.

She never mentioned it again.

Now think about it, I still owe her a lot.

Jian Yuchen sighed silently and joined them.

Perhaps the atmosphere is too good. Shi Mu Ning has never been as good as before, and it is much gentle to Jian Yuchen.

And Xiaobao watched the two people getting along better and better, and finally fell into a big rock and played happily.

"Mummy, you see, it’s a mermaid!" Xiaobao was lying on the water tank, and his mouth was long and could put a goose egg.

"Dad … Uncle, you can see it, so beautiful."

Shi Mu Ning and Xiaobao were in front, a large smile, letting Jian Yuchen’s movement stopped.

Xiaobao repeatedly urged: "Uncle, come here!"

Jian Yuchen raised his smile at the corner of his mouth, and then stepped forward.

It’s all the cheers of Xiaobao, but this atmosphere has put Jian Yuchen into it.

Jian Yuchen followed two people like a bodyguard. At the beginning, everything was normal, and then he realized that someone was tracking.

It’s just a turn, the aquarium is full of people, and who can’t see who it is at all.

However, Jian Yuchen still followed closely, and no one could hurt them whether anyone could hurt them.

There is nothing to do all the way, and there is no problem when he goes back, but he can be sure, this is not an illusion!

It is really dangerous.

… …

The relationship between the aquarium successfully made the relationship between Shi Mu Ning and Jian Yuchen ease, and as the biggest contributor of this incident, Xiaobao naturally got a lot of benefits.

Jian Yuchen finally found a way to effectively make Shi Mu Ning compromise, but he was quite proud of his son.

However, these two days did not have the opportunity to find two of their mother and son, because of the family affairs, he is now burnt.

Shi Mu Ning used all the time to deal with the crime. She did not act lightly, but instead observed it silently.

Obviously, the Jiang family is very kind to that person, delicious and delicious, but this person is very idle, and now it can still make people support it like this.

Shi Mu Ning investigated the details of this person, but there was no place to use it.

No father, no mother, no wife, no son, no relatives and friends, a real light rod commander.

At that time, Jian Yuchen could find this person for fear of it.

Thinking of this, Shi Mu Ning was a little depressed.

To let such a person help himself, it is very difficult, and he must find his weaknesses and use it.

Shi Mu Ning thought silently, for fear of being the only one who could move him, only money, and fighting with Jiang, she was not so uncomfortable.

There is only the last way.

Shi Mu Ning already had an idea, but what to do to make that person believes is still a problem.

Everything can only be discussed from long.

But soon, Shi Mu Ning found the breakthrough point.

Chapter 28

Jiang Shuxue has been inquiring about the recent news of Jian Yuchen, but the relationship between Jian Jia and Jian Yuchen is subtle. Even if she wants to inquire, she still has nothing to find.

However, the Jian family has indeed happened in the internal problems. Specifically, no one disclosed.

This made Jiang Shuxue suspect, but only what she could find is the news.

However, Mu Ning came to come to find her to make her feel surprised. What kind of moths do this woman wants to do!

Even if Jiang Shuxue hated Shi Mu’s hate, these two times in Shi Mu had a lot of money, which would inevitably make her jealous.

But still let people come in, but now she is afraid of her?

Jiang Shuxue watched Shi Mu Ning, and asked, "What are you doing?"

Shi Mu Ning watched Jiang Shuxue thinking about it. When she was looking for here, she had some doubts, so Jiang Shuxue didn’t live with Jian Yuchen?

When Mu Ning was so silent, Jiang Shuxue was unhappy. She obviously found it by herself. What is high now!

When I wanted to speak, I heard Shi Ming Ning asks: "So your husband and wife turned out to be separated?"

In a word, Jiang Shuxue exploded immediately: "What does our husband and wife have something to do with you? Is your bitch, just to show off today?"

In the past, Mu Ning never thought about the relationship between Jian Yuchen and Jiang Shuxue, but now it seems that there are quite a lot of doubts.

However, this incident is not important for the time being, making that person loose is the top priority.

So Mu Ning changed his smile.

"I just came today just because I heard a strange thing, so I wanted Miss Jiang to help answer."

Jiang Shuxue didn’t talk, and Shi Muen said, "The person who killed my mother before was you, and you found a personal pot, where is that person?"

Jiang Shuxue laughed as soon as he heard this: "Mu Ning, you won’t be so naive, you will expect me to tell you, and then let you grab my handle?"

Shi Mu Ning raised his eyebrow: "I just just ask, I already knew where he actually had a long time ago."

Obviously Mu Ning didn’t believe her words, and narrowed suspiciously.

Shi Mu Ning continued: "In fact, your Jiang family can be regarded as trying to do his best. Not only is it delicious and delicious, but even the usual expenses are very generous."

Jiang Shuxue was tight all over his body: "What do you want to say?"

Shi Mu Ning’s eyes flashed with a trace of sperm.

"You don’t have to be afraid. After all, people like him, I can’t pry his mouth at all. The people you are looking for is very good, but there is no weakness."

"What weaknesses?"

"I found the previous monitoring. As long as I took this thing, who my mother was harmed, it was natural to see it."

Jiang Shuxue was very panicked, and he didn’t even want to speak in an instant.

"I showed him the surveillance, and said that if he continues to the top of the pan, it is not only you, but he will also have a prison disaster, but if he reports, he will deal with the sentence as appropriate, so he promised him without hesitation.","

"What do you tell me these?"

It can be seen that Jiang Shuxue seemed to be doubting that Shi Mu Ning smiled and laughed: "At that time, it was to see you frightened and scared. Jiang Shuxue, just wait for the court’s voting!"

Shi Mu Ning’s words successfully threatened Jiang Shuxue, and Jiang Shuxue was immediately angry.

"This bitch, my father was so good to him, and even ate and made him sin, what happened to him, and did not know!"

Shi Mu Ning raised a smile, but it was not easy to detect. It was good. Jiang Shuxue had been hooked.

Chapter 29

Shi Mu Ning continued: "In theory, your family is not thin to him. He is a person. Even if he really goes to jail, you must take care of him in prison. After coming outGood living conditions, but people just don’t appreciate it. "

In a word, Jiang Shuxue was immediately furious: "This unfamiliar white -eyed wolf, really we feed the dog in the past few years!"

Shi Mu Ning’s purpose has been achieved, so there is no need to stay here, and soon get up and resign.

However, the anger in Jiang Shuxue’s heart was still burning, and he couldn’t wait to teach that person.

So shortly after Mu Ning just left, he took the person to the person’s residence directly.

First, I couldn’t help but say a meal, and then Jiang Shuxue let it go.

"You white -eyed wolf, my dad has raised you for so many years, and when you say you sell it, you sell me, and you roll it out quickly!"

The man’s expression was a little blank, and he didn’t know what happened at all, and even the person was thrown out.

After the response came over, stopped the person immediately.

"Hey, what are you doing, these conditions you promise me from the beginning."

Jiang Shuxue was anxious and kicked him again: "If you pick up things this time, I will throw you out and it is already cheap you!"

Then he said fiercely: "Don’t appear in front of me in the future. As for my business, if you dare to say it, I can’t let you eat it!"

Shi Mu Ning has been watching the scene that happened in the distance, waiting for Jiang Shuxue to leave, and she appeared. The man was very alert and almost discovered her immediately.

"Who are you?"

Shi Mu Ning laughed: "The person who killed Jiang Shuxue was my mother."

The man stared fiercely: "What are you doing here?"

However, this person is also a lot of heart. When you think of the previous scene, there is an answer in his heart.

"So what happened today is you having a ghost?"

It seems that it is smarter than Jiang Shuxue.

Shi Mu Ning nodded: "I just just to return my mother to a fairness. As for you, these will be exploded sooner or later. I just give you a chance to get rid of myself."

The man scolded: "MD, I said how well you came out, it turned out to be you, my life was okay!"

After that, she scolded a lot of unpleasant words, but Shi Mu Ning did not hear it, but frowned.

"Once revealed for the sin for people, it is more than three years in prison. At that time, you and Jiang Shuxue can’t run!"

After all, the man didn’t read many books. When he heard Shi Ming Ning, he was really scared in his heart.

Although he had been in jail, but someone guarded him inside, so he was not guilty.

It seems to see what he was thinking. Shi Mu Ning continued: "At that time, do you think the people in the Jiang family will keep you?"

After all, he had no use value at that time.

"You have been idle. Without a serious job, you have two experiences in jail. If you come out to do things in the future, do you think you will have such treatment?"

In this case, he quickly anger the man and immediately got irritable.

"Damn, you stinky bitch, why do you do this, you have to insert a foot! Smart!"

Shi Mu Ning endured his anger and sneered.

"This incident was originally a mines, but it was just a detonation time or late, but you can rest assured that I will ask you a lawyer to defend, after all, you are also an innocent person."

The man calmed down after a long time. Now he has nothing to do with it, and only to accept reality.

Although it is unwilling, this is also the only solution.

The man hated a sip, and then asked his fate: "What do you want me to do?"

Shi Mu smiled lip, and it seemed that this time she was right.

Chapter 30 Evidence

Jiang Shuxue found out that the matter was wrong after returning. At that time, she was controlled by her emotions, and she did not come up with the key at all.

Now thinking about it, Shi Mu Ning simply gave herself a set, and she even jumped stupidly.

When I wanted to find that person again, that person was gone, and Jiang Shuxue knew that he was really deceived.

She can understand the purpose of Mu Ning’s so. There is no evidence that Shi Mu Ning can use at all, otherwise she will not set up such a large game.

And she wants to use that person, the best evidence.

The current priority is to find the surveillance video five years ago.

I can’t let her take a step first, otherwise she will be really over.

The first thing she was looking for was her father Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng, a person, is very suitable for doing things, but he did not expect that his daughter would be so stupid.

But there is no way, after all, it is his only daughter, and he cannot ignore it.

Jiang Feng’s contacts are naturally more than Mu Ning, but at this time, it was hindered.

Here is what can restrict him, there should be only Jian Yuchen.

Jiang Feng’s expression was gloomy, but he asked Jian Yuchen to come over.

In fact, he knew from the beginning that this marriage could not be happy at all, but he did it for his daughter.

In Jiang Feng’s heart, Jian Yuchen’s person is deep, and Jiang Shuxue can be controlled at all.

What’s more, there are others in Jian Yuchen’s heart. This marriage has not been accepted by Jian Yuchen from the beginning.

Jiang Feng thought about it in his heart, and Jian Yuchen had already settled.

"What happened to Mr. Jiang for me?" The cold tone seemed to be just a partner.

Jiang Feng didn’t care about it, and said directly: "Book Xue’s affairs, presumably you should know, I hope you don’t intervene in this matter."

Jian Yuchen sneered: "Isn’t Jiang also intervene?"

Jiang Feng is a understanding person, so he is not in a circle.

"Yuchen, I know your two days of movement. I have always opened my eyes and closed my eyes, but you have to anger me, I’m afraid your business is not good."

Jiang Feng’s words successfully caused the air pressure on Jian Yuchen to fall sharply, and looked at him sharply.

When he looked at his performance, Jiang Feng knew that he had pressed the chip.

"I don’t want my daughter to go to jail, so I will give it to you to deal with this matter, otherwise, I am afraid that Miss at that time will have the worries of life!"

This is the threat of Chiguo. Jian Yuchen’s eyes were full of yin, but when he looked up, he showed a contempt.

"President Jiang, I naturally protect my woman. Five years ago, I didn’t have this ability. Do you think I am still that me?"

Jian Yuchen’s words trembled with his heart, but after all, he was also a man who had gone through the storm, and soon stabilized his emotions.

"It seems that you really have a bamboo with a bamboo. In this case, let’s try it. After all, I have always had a good relationship with your Jian family except for Jiang’s family."

In fact, when Jiang Feng said this sentence, there was still a little bit of heart. The situation of the Jian family in the past two days did not seem to be very good.

Thinking about this, Jiang Feng looked at the young man in front of him.

In this period of time, there is such ability. Is it designed by Jian Yuchen?

If this is the case, how terrible this young man should be!

Chapter 31

The surveillance video five years ago was found out by Jian Yuchen.

When Shi Mura learned, he admired his efficiency, but Jian Yuchen did not say that the surveillance video had always been kept. Even if he thought Shi Ming died at that time, he hoped that he could get Jiang Shuxue to get her due to her duePunishment.

Soon, Shi Mu Ning had been sued the court, and the evidence of the person was gathered, and there was no reason for Jiang Shuxue to refute.

It’s just that Jiang Feng has always been around the court. Even if it is only cut off, it is much better than the current results.

However, Jiang Feng’s power is still worse than Jian Yuchen.

They would rather offend Jiang Feng, and refused to offend Jian Yuchen.

Jiang Feng’s busy head was bad, but in the end, there was really no way, he could only start with Shi Ming Ning.

This method is similar to forcing. Jiang Feng asked several people with high horses to invite Shi Mu.

Xiaobao was at the scene at the time, but it was not afraid of such a scene.

Instead, when Mu Ning would obediently obediently agreed, he immediately called Jian Yuchen.

This incident has long been in his expectations. After Jian Yuchen hung up the phone, he got up and went to Jiang.

Jiang Feng looked at Shi Mu Ning, somehow, every time he saw a sense of familiarity in her heart, this feeling made him very uncomfortable.

Shi Mu Ning is calm. She has long understood the President Jiang as a person, and it is expected that she should not be dangerous.

"Miss Shi, I invite you to come, I think you should be very clear, please also ask Miss Shi Gao Gui, forgive the little girl."

Shi Mu Ning was a little painful in her heart, and she couldn’t say that the road was unknown.

But soon she ignored the pain and said, "I watched her kill my mother. If I let her go, how can I see my mother?"

Jiang Feng looked up at Mu Ning. In fact, he didn’t want to be tough, so he showed weakness at the beginning.

But if someone is toasting or not eating and punishment, then you must not blame him to be polite.

"Miss Shi, I heard that you have another son, right?"

Shi Mu was stiff, and his expression became sharp.

"Are you threatening me?"

Jiang Feng has both hard and hard: "I just want Miss Shi to understand my father’s mood."

Shi Mu Ning sneered: "Why don’t Jiang Jiang’s mood as a daughter?"

Jiang Feng suddenly had a tendency to get angry, but when he saw that face again, the anger even disappeared.

What exactly is going on?This strangeness makes Jiang Feng feel unreasonable.

"If Miss Shi has to be so aggressive, don’t blame me if you are not polite!"

"What else do you want?"

The door was opened from the outside, and the air pressure dropped sharply, and he did not give Jiang Feng a little face.

Jiang Feng’s face quickly sank: "Yuchen, you are out of."

In a word that is not light, the meaning of pressure inside is extremely obvious.

Shi Mu Ning looked at Jian Yuchen with a shocked look. How could he appear?

When Jian Yuchen saw anything happened, he was relieved, and then laughed.

"What about it?"

The arrogance is extremely arrogant.

Jiang Feng’s eyes change: "Have you controlled this?"

Jian Yuchen didn’t speak, but the meaning of showing was very obvious.

Jiang Feng sneered: "Okay, in this case, don’t blame me."

Just after the ruthless words were finished, Jian Yuchen said a word, so that Jiang Feng was stunned.

"President Jiang, you won’t wait for the Jian family to put pressure on me. I think at this time they may need my help more."

Chapter 32

When Mu Ming came out, he was puzzled.

For example, the relationship between Jian Yuchen and Jian’s family, for example, Jiang Feng and Jian’s family.

But she also knew that she had no qualifications, just like they had been together for seven years before, Jian Yuchen never said these things.

In the end, she still hid all the doubts in her heart.

If he shouldn’t ask, if he really wants to say that he doesn’t need to ask at all.

But this time it was because of him, so he could go out of the Jiang family smoothly.

Although he knows that Jiang Feng would not hurt her, whether you can leave, it is really a problem.

But Jian Yuchen’s recent attitude is really increasingly strange. Didn’t he have a relationship with Jiang Feng?How does it look like at all?

In my heart thinking about these messy things, I didn’t see the stairs under my feet.

One stepped on the air without paying attention. Shi Mu Ning was shocked. When he thought he would fall, he suddenly helped a hand.

"Be careful." Close to the gentle voice made Shi Mu Ning’s voice a shot.

The face was a little flushed, and quickly realized the mentality of her little girl, so that Shi Mu Ning was even more tooth.

It’s not a little girl at the age of seventeen or eight, and because of a word, she is red and red!

Soon, Jian Yuchen sank, but saw her red face, and her heart was much better.

"I will give you back."

Shi Mu Ning refused: "No, just take a taxi by myself."

Jian Yuchen directly pulled her hand and said tough: "I will give you!"


When Shi Mu Ning was about to get out of the car, he found that the door was still locked.

His eyes indicated that Jian Yuchen did not move.

"Jian Yuchen, I’m here."

Jian Yuchen ignored the meeting, just said, "You have to accompany Xiaobao at home in the past two days, don’t go anywhere."

Shi Mu thought to counterattack, but he was silent again.

Thinking of Jiang Feng, she should really protect Xiaobao.

"I know, can I open the door?"

Jian Yuchen opened the door for a long time, and then saw the woman enter the corridor without returning.

"Really no conscience."

Jian Yuchen said silently, but he heard the smell of 缱绻.

He didn’t leave immediately, but thought for a while in the car, and the phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the number above, the expression on Jian Yuchen’s face became contempt.

I thought they could support them, but it was only a month!

The irony of the corner of his mouth was even more, and when the phone rang several times, it turned on.

On the phone is the voice of the father, the father who mixed other women at the mother’s funeral.

My father was rushing: "Jian Yuchen, are you doing this? You really have hard wings. Don’t forget, you are the Jian family."

Jian Yuchen’s face was slightly sinking: "My father is afraid that it is not good, and I have been driven out from you when I was very young."

The person opposite the opposite side was speechless, and he was frustrated immediately.

"Don’t forget, the company in your hand is still from Jian!"

Jian Yuchen sneered: "So what is my father looking for me?"

After silent for a while, it seemed to be suppressing my emotions.

"Yuchen, the Jian family has encountered some difficulties now and needs your help."

Even seeking for help is such a straightforward look, it is really annoying.

"I’m afraid there is no ability."

My father couldn’t help it anymore, and yelled, "Do you think I don’t know that the one who suppresses the Jian family?

Jian Yuchen no longer talk nonsense with him: "In this case, then we have nothing to talk about!"

Then he hung up the phone.

Chapter 33 Necklace

Jiang Shuxue was finally sent to the prison, but Jiang Feng’s beat would not make her suffer.

Shi Mu Ning finally had the courage to look at her mother. She did not tell anyone, but only brought Xiaobao.

First went to the graveyard and held Bai Baiju in his hand.

"Mommy, who is the person in the photo?"

Shi Mu Ning was sore in his heart, saying, "This is your uncle, so say hello to me."

Xiaobao bowed well, and then yelled at the sound.

"Mom, I brought Xiaobao to see you today. I will send the murderer who hurts you to prison. You can rest under Jiuquan."

Speaking of red eyes.

Xiao Bao pulled Mu Ning’s hand and comforted: "Mommy does not cry, Mommy cries, and Xiaobao wants to cry."

After speaking, I really pouted, looking like crying.

Shi Mu Ning instantly suppressed the emotions in her heart and hugged Xiaobao: "Okay, Mommy doesn’t cry, Mommy takes you to see the house that Mommy lives before?"

After saying goodbye to her mother, Shi Mu Ning took Xiaobao back to his hometown.

Because no one took care of, the house was ash.

It is just the memories inside, and these memories have always been burning.

Xiaobao didn’t dislike it at all, but he was very cheerful. Shi Mu Ning looked at Xiaobao, and the depression in his heart was a little less.

Everything was in a hurry before, so many things of the mother had no time to clean up at all.

So this time I came here to leave myself.

Packing up the mother’s things one by one, Xiaobao suddenly didn’t know where to find a box, and ran over.

"Mommy, I found the treasure!" It seemed to be a treasure.

Shi Mu Ning really didn’t know what this box was, so I opened it, and there was a delicate necklace in it.

Whether it is material or workmanship, it is very delicate and valuable.

But how can there be such a valuable thing in this house?

Shi Mu didn’t understand, and asked, "Where did you find this?"

Xiaobao pointed to the tree in front: "Just under the tree, I dug it as soon as I dug it."

This chain makes no reason for others. After all, when the mother has lived here for more than 20 years, it is likely to be the mother’s own.

Shi Mu thought that his mother should not want to let herself know, otherwise it would not be so deep.

Naturally, I thought of the irresponsible father. Shi Mu Ning held the necklace’s hand tightly, and then put it back in the box together.

This chain obviously has a lot of articles. If she can, she wants to find this man.

The first person she wanted to ask for help was Jian Yuchen.

However, the response quickly came over because Jian Yuchen’s change was too great in the past two days that she had a sense of dependence again.

This is not possible. Shi Muning said to herself that although she was swaying in her heart, she couldn’t do it.

But in addition to Jian Yuchen, who else can help her?

It didn’t take long for Shi Mu Ning to return to China. Naturally, it was impossible to accumulate his own connections. No one was available for a while!

There are some frustrations in my heart, forget it, let’s investigate slowly, there will always be a day when the truth is revealed.

Just when I got out of my hometown, I saw a familiar car.

Xiao Bao secretly ecstatic, as if closer to the family was a bit closer.

Shi Mu Ning’s face is a bit unsightly.

Moreover, how did he get the message?

Shi Mu Ning couldn’t help but put her eyes on Xiaobao, and Xiaobao couldn’t help but tighten her body.

Chapter 34

Jian Yuchen was afraid that they had any danger, so they came to pick up people in person.

Listening to follow their bodyguards, it seems that someone has been giving up secretly recently.

It’s just that they are hidden very well. At present, they don’t know which one is.

Even if there is a bodyguard, Jian Yuchen is still uneasy about the two of them.

However, another important reason is that he has been busy recently. He hasn’t seen them for a long time, and can’t help but miss it.

Shi Mu Ning did not refuse, everyone came, and she didn’t need to be arrogant.

Just think of the necklace in your hand …

Shi Mu Ning still spoke: "Jian Yuchen, I have something to ask you to help."

"What’s up?"

"I found a necklace at my mother, and I would like to ask you to check it out, who is the buyer of this necklace."

Jian Yuchen answered very decisive: "Okay."

However, it was a word that made Shi Mu Ning fluctuate. She couldn’t help guessing that when he was talking, there was a bit of sincerity.

Thinking that he was caught in a strange circle of emotions, which made Shi Mu Ning feel helpless.

Jian Yuchen was very efficient, but when he got this result, he caught him in thought.

This necklace was designed by a well -known designer at that time, just like a custom diamond ring. It can only be customized in a lifetime, so this clue is not difficult to find.

It was just a person who customized this necklace made Jian Yuchen a little surprised.

It’s Jiang Feng!

At that time, Jiang Feng was just a poor boy, but he started his own business. At that time, Mrs. Jiang, who had been with him at that time, fully supported it, and even turned over with his family.

After that, Jiang Feng really established his own company. On the fifth anniversary of the two, Jiang Feng gave this necklace to his wife.

At that time, this incident became a beautiful talk in the circle. After all, there was no one in the giants.

It ’s just that the good times did not last long, but Mrs. Jiang died in the end, leaving only one daughter.

After that, Jiang Feng no longer had other women, and he was clean and of self -confidence until now.

Jiang Shuxue, the only daughter, is even more fond of.

But Jian Yuchen found another thing.

Shi Mu Ning’s mother was a nanny at the Jiang family at the time. Jiang Feng often had a business trip, and naturally it was impossible to bring the child with him.

Jian Yuchen touched the necklace unconsciously, and remembered the tension of Jiang Shuxue when he saw when he saw Shi Ning and Jiang Feng.

In my heart, I suddenly had an unrealistic idea, and even he felt ridiculous.

Perhaps because Shi Langzhi stole this necklace at the time, it seemed to be more reliable.

Although I thought so, Jian Yuchen has always believed in his intuition, and intuition tells him what secrets must be.

"Keep checking down!"

In order to continue, Jian Yuchen thought, if this was true, Mu Ning should have a big blow to Shi Ming Ning.

So before the truth was clear, Jian Yuchen did not plan to tell her.

But it is necessary to go to the prison at a glance at Jiang Shuxue. Perhaps she is a knowledgeable person and deceives her.

Why did Jiang Shuxue not expect that Jian Yuchen would come to see herself.

Although she did not suffer any damage in prison these two days, after all, such a day was not easy to feel.

However, there is still no progress over there, all of which are because of the man in front of him.

Now Jiang Shuxue is no longer extravagant to make this man fall in love with himself, as long as he is willing to let him go.

"Jian Yuchen, let me let me go, I promise not to find the trouble of Mu Ning in the future, and never appear in front of you in the future!"

Chapter 35

Jian Yuchen said: "I have something to ask you, as long as you tell the truth, I will consider letting you go."

After seeing him loose, Jiang Shuxue nodded immediately: "You said, what do you want to ask, as long as I know, I tell you."

"You are not Jiang Feng’s daughter."

Almost a culprit tone made Jiang Shuxue face his face.

"What are you talking about, I don’t understand what you mean!"

After being shocked, Jiang Shuxue quickly converged and panicked.

But it was too late, but it was an expression, and Jian Yuchen understood everything.

Jian Yuchen didn’t say much nonsense, and turned directly and left.

Jiang Shuxue’s mood was very irritable. Seeing that Jian Yuchen didn’t listen to her at all, the panic in her heart drowned her instantly.

"Jian Yuchen, I am the daughter of the Jiang family, this is a fact!"

With his hissing of his shouting behind, Jian Yuchen dedled his ears.

Jiang Shuxue was very scared. If the identity of the Jiang family’s daughter was gone, I didn’t know that Jiang Feng would still want to help himself.

Thinking of this, Jiang Shuxue collapsed immediately.

Shi Mu Ning, why don’t you let me go so far!

No, she can’t wait to die like this, she must find a way to leave here as soon as possible.

Forcing herself to calm down, soon she thought of a way, but this method flashed a panic in Jiang Shuxue’s eyes, but now there is only such a way.

Jiang Feng received a call from the prison. He heard that Jiang Shuxue stuffed a blade to the people in it and is now emergency in the hospital.

As soon as he heard the news, Jiang Feng threw the meeting scared and ran directly to the hospital.

Jiang Feng was furious: "What’s going on, who hurt my daughter, where is the blade from the prison?"

This is the negligence of the police. Who knows when they hid, it happened.

When Jiang Shuxue woke up, his neck was wrapped in layers.

Seeing Jiang Feng, Jiang Shuxue was hard to hide, and shrank in Jiang Feng’s arms and cried: "Dad, you save me, I don’t want to die, you save me out."

Jiang Feng’s heart was soft, and his heart suddenly decided.

"Okay, Shu Xue, don’t be afraid, dad will save you right away, don’t be afraid."

Jiang Shuxue heard a satisfactory answer, and the corner of his mouth that was still tearing raised.

Finally, it’s going to leave this ghost place.


Jian Yuchen’s eyes closed in the office.

There is no exact evidence that Jiang Feng must not believe this incident, so you need to do a parent -child identification.

It seems that he can’t be overwhelmed, or wait for the results to come out.

It was only Jiang Feng’s side.

Shi Mu Ning and Xiaobao were abducted, and the bodyguards arranged around were all resolved. The other party used a large number of people to plan the kidnapping case and each took what they needed.

The Jian family estimated that he wanted to use this to threaten himself to settle all his current difficulties for Jian’s family. Jiang Feng was for Jiang Shuxue.

When Jian Yuchen heard the news, she felt angry that she was about to erupt.

He has always been so careful to protect his mother and son so carefully, but he didn’t expect something to happen!

"Can you find them?"

Jian Yuchen has been controlling himself from the beginning to the present. He understands that any emotion cannot solve anything, and only calm can solve the problem.

"It’s now positioning, but the effect is not good."

Jian Yuchen took a deep breath, and then said: "Then wait for them to contact me, they will take the initiative to come to me."

That’s right, Jian Yuchen waited for an hour. Although he didn’t stop looking for it, there were still many suspected goals.

One hour is just like a year. Jian Yuchen has always clasped the desktop with his fingers, and the speed is getting faster and faster, and it is obviously patient.

Suddenly the phone rang, Jian Yuchen’s movement stopped abruptly, and his eyes stared at the flickering name.

Chapter 36 SMS

Shi Mu Ning and Xiaobao were dragged into a dense warehouse.

The dusty smell from the face, as well as the rotten smell of suffocation.

She and Xiaobao were tied together, and the kidnapper drank on the chair next to her.

Shi Mujing whispered to Xiaobao: "Xiaobao, don’t be afraid, someone will come to save us in a while."

Xiaobao is very calm: "I’m not afraid of Mommy, Daddy will come to save us."

When Xiaobao shouted this title, Shi Mu Ning was in his heart, but now he is not talking about this, he still gets off first.

What Shi Mu Ning could think of is Jiang Feng. After all, he had to offend and had the ability to kidnap himself in Jian Yuchen’s bodyguards. Only Jiang Feng was.

Thinking like this, Shi Mu Ning took a deep breath and said to the kidnapper, "I have something to say to you,"

The kidnapper looked at each other, I don’t know if it should be passed on.

"President Jiang takes me over in this way, just hope I can let her daughter, now you tell him that as long as he let us go, everything is good to say."

For a while, the kidnappers murmured, still watched Mu Ning, and then a leader told a few words to leave the warehouse.

Soon, the man returned just now, Jiang Feng behind him.

Jiang Feng’s expression was a little decadent, and when he looked at Shi Ming’s gaze, he had some hate.

Shi Mu Ning was froze and didn’t know what happened.

"Today, Shu Xue was almost killed in prison."

Shi Mu Ning understands. No wonder Jiang Feng hasn’t shot for so many days, and now he has done it.

"I know you have always been trying to remove Jiang Shuxue from the jail. As long as you let us go, I will not investigate this matter."

After all, Xiaobao is still there, she can’t ignore Xiaobao.

Jiang Feng sneered: "But it’s late, now it’s not what I can put at all."

Shi Mu Ning suspected: "What do you mean?"

Jiang Feng took out his mobile phone and said, "Talk to Jian Yuchen."

The sound of Jian Yuchen quickly came in the handset, and at this time, Shi Mu Ning heard only feel sour.

After sucking his nose, Shi Mu Ning choked: "Jian Yuchen."

"You’re okay, how about Xiaobao, don’t be afraid, I will save you."

Jian Yuchen’s voice was obviously rapid, and it made Shi Mu Ning’s eyes red.

Xiaobao said quickly when he heard Jian Yuchen’s voice: "Daddy, you are coming to save me and Mummy, Xiaobao is very good, no fear."

Jian Yuchen was originally chaotic, but when he heard Xiaobao calling his father, he still stunned.

Then he said quickly: "Xiaobao is really good."

The words were hung like this.

Jiang Feng looked at Xiaobao. Although he knew the existence of this child, he still appeared in front of him, and he was still uncomfortable.

Jiang Shuxue’s marriage has long been in a dead end. When Jian Yuchen had sent her into prison, she forced her to sign a divorce agreement.

These have not been made public, but Jiang Feng knows.

But he couldn’t blame Shi Mu Ning at all, and he shouldn’t have been inserted horizontally.

Looking at Jiang Feng’s stare at Xiaobao, Shi Muging’s heart was raised fiercely, for fear he would do what the child.

Moved his body and blocked Xiaobao behind him.

But Xiao Bao spoke: "Grandpa."

Jiang Feng was stiff.

"Xiaobao don’t talk!"

Shi Mu Ning was about to die in time, and he was about to die.

Xiaobao didn’t listen: "I feel that Grandpa is so kind."

Jiang Feng opened his mouth to say something, but the phone suddenly rang, and looked down, the information above surprised him.

What does Jian Yuchen mean?

Shi Mu Ning?impossible!

Jiang Feng glanced at Mu Ning in horror, and fled almost.

Chapter 37 Identity

As soon as the warehouse gate was out, Jiang Feng immediately called Jian Yuchen: "What do you mean?"

There was a little tremor in the sound, but there was a thought in my heart that they were clamoring crazy.

Jian Yuchen said: "I just want to tell you a truth, after all, you have been buried in the drum for more than 20 years."

"This is impossible, Shu Xue is my child!"

The tone suddenly raised, I don’t know if I want to persuade myself or persuade others.

Jian Yuchen is more patient, because he knows that now they must not let people go, and in order to prevent them from suffering from flesh, Jiang Feng must keep them.

"When Mu Ning’s mother, Langzhi was your nanny at that time. At that time, she lived very hard. Even the money for her child had no money. I remember Jiang Shuxue had a surgery when he was a child?"

Jiang Feng’s whole body was stiff, and after a while, he said: "Impossible, how can I recognize my daughter!"

"At that time, both children were still small, and you often traveled again."

Needless to say at all, Jiang Feng understood all.

At that time, he lost his wife, and the whole person was very painful. It was even more sad to see the child’s heart, so he rarely at home during that time, and let the nanny at home take care of the child.

But for a while, he was really difficult to believe, after all, he raised his child for more than 20 years.

After a long silence over there, Jian Yuchen knew that Jiang Feng had shaken.

"If you don’t believe it, when Mu Ning will come back, you can personally do a parent -child identification. At that time, no one can get a ghost."

Jiang Feng sneered here: "In the final analysis, do you want me to let me go?"

Jian Yuchen no longer wants to waste his lips with him: "Now this situation is not what you can control alone, is it?"

This is true, after all, there are people from Jianjia here.

"Then what do you want?" Jiang Feng took a deep breath and asked.

Jian Yuchen said: "I know your purpose is not them. I will do it according to your requirements, but I hope you can protect them and don’t let them get harm."

Jiang Feng hung up the phone in a hurry, and the call made him restless.

Thinking of all kinds of strange feelings before, he couldn’t lie to himself at all.

So, is Shi Muning really his daughter?

But how can there be such ridiculous things in the world?

Jiang Feng also wanted to go in and looked at Mu Ning, but before he had a movement, he received a call from the Jane family.

The Jian family sent Jian Tong and the future heir of the Jian family.

It is not rare for Jian Yuchen to be suppressed by Jian Yuchen as a sister -in -law.

Jiang Feng is in a bad mood now, and there is no good tone: "What is it?"

Jian Tong was a little panicked: "Jian Yuchen seems to have found us, do we want to transfer people immediately?"

Jiang Feng was a little annoyed to listen to it. How did he work with such people at the time?

Jiang Feng rarely smoked, but at this time, one after another.

"Jian Yuchen will not act lightly. We should not start at the foot of ourselves. Besides, haven’t you dragged Jian Yuchen at home?"

It seems that it seems that how much energy can a person have, and now Jian Yuchen should be mediated with his father.

In fact, they expected to be good. This is almost a ring one -loop. First, let people abduct, and then send someone to negotiate with Jian Yuchen, just to block his action.

That’s why Jian Yuchen will call Jiang Feng, just afraid that he will hurt his mother and son in case of one step later.

Chapter 38 Greed

Father Jian never expected that he would be forced by one of his illegitimate children to such a point.

Naturally in my heart, I was resentful, but now that there is a sought for him, I can only lower it.

"Yuchen, we are all a family, why are you doing this?"

As soon as you come up, you will play the family card. If before, maybe Jian Yuchen will still have two words with him, but now he is upset, and there is no such mind at all.

"You can threaten me with my wife and children?"

Jian Yuchen’s face was gloomy, and his words were chilling.

Father Jian was secretly cold, but he couldn’t be afraid of the court in front of his junior.

"What are you, but you are a woman who is raised outside."

Jian Yuchen sneered: "Don’t think that everyone is you, at least in my heart, Shi Muging is my only wife, unlike some people."

Father Jian heard this sarcasm, and he was blocked by Jian Yuchen.

"I don’t have time to tell you this, what do you want me to do, just say it." Jian Yuchen’s expression was so impatient.

Father Jian forcibly suppressed his temper: "Our requirements are simple, you will be withdrawn from the suppression of Jianjia, you can never intervene again in the future!"

"When to let go?"

It seemed that Jian Yuchen would agree to be so fast, and his father was a little bit faint.

But I still laughed in my heart, really stupid as fuck.

But now he needs such stupidity, otherwise things cannot be so smooth.

Since he can do this, why can’t you mention more requirements.

Although Father Jian is old, his thinking is still active.

When Jian Yuchen saw his father, he knew that he would not give up like this.

"I want half of your company’s shares."

It’s really a lion!Jian Yuchen smiled immediately.

This smile made his father "stun" in his heart, and he rose a little bit of fear in his heart.

"It’s really greedy and insufficient!"

Jian Yuchen spit out these words and made Jian Father’s face instantly: "What do you mean?"

Jian Yuchen’s voice is cold and can drip the water: "Literal, but I still want to remind me, are you sure you want to do this?"

His father was suspicious, and when he heard Jian Yuchen’s words, he couldn’t help but retreat.

But in case he is just a bluff?

Father Jian was a little hesitant, but after all, it was the driver of the interests of businessmen, so he quickly dispelled his doubts.

Jane is now much more profitable than Jianjia. Although it is not in the same area, Jane’s rising show has long been able to raise the Jian family’s pressure.

If you can occupy the shares in Jane, just wait for the money.

Jane’s Ruyi abacus was very loud, but he also forgot that since Jian Yuchen can get a dying company at the age of 18, how could it be a good stubble!

Jian Yuchen received all the list, but he originally wanted to leave some room for Jian’s family, but since they have to do things, what still leaves.

After getting the answer that Jian Yuchen was satisfied with, Jian’s toes walked out of the office, full of disdain in his heart.

I thought I could have more skills, but it was a woman who held him.

Later, the ocean was proud. Now not only the crisis of the Jian family is lifted, it also occupies Jian’s shares.

Jian Yuchen’s face stared at Jian’s father all the way, sneered in her heart.

Immediately took out the phone, the sharp voice was like in the ice and snow.

"Immediately kill the Jian family, I want to let them regret everything I do today!"

Chapter 39

The matter of Jian Yuchen and Jian’s family is also an old thing.

At that time, the mother of Jian was a lady, and her father was just a servant of a servant, but Jian Mother fell in love with Jian Father.

The father of Jian only used the mother of Jane, and used the status of Jian Father to help him make contacts and step into the high society step by step.

Jian Father Hua Jian’s money, lied to her that she would do business well and let the Jian family accept him.

Jian’s mother believed that she stole her father’s money and gave Jian Father, but the father did not know after taking the money.

At that time, Jian mother was pregnant. In order to wait for Jian Father, she insisted on giving birth to her child.

But at this time, Father Jian suddenly returned, but had a wife around him.

And that person was a more powerful family than the Jian family. Jian Father naturally abandoned Jane’s mother and quickly suppressed the Jian family and the Jian family went bankrupt.

Poor Jane’s stomach was kicked out, and his father still fell down.

After giving birth to a child, Jian Mother worked even more and worse.

At that time, in order to give her children a good living environment, Jian Mu, in the circle of the upper society, spread the unspoken things that Jian’s father did, forcing Jian Father to recognize Jian Yuchen.

Jian Mu’s body died before living, and his father was unscrupulous to Jian Yuchen. Finally, Jian Yuchen was driven out of the house.

Jian Yuchen remembered everything in his heart, and buried the seeds of hatred when he was very young.

After being kicked out of Jian’s house, Jian Yuchen’s life was unbearable, but this was how the flames in his heart burned became more hot.

After finally, he got a chance.

At that time, it was a friend in front of his mother. He had been abroad before and knew nothing about the mother’s affairs.

When I came back, I found that Jian’s mother had died, and then adopted Jian Yuchen.

At that time, Jian Yuchen had slowly revealed his business talents, and raising her husband was very important to him.

At that time, the son of Jian Father started bankruptcy a subsidiary.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the adoptive father pushed Jian Yuchen out and said that Jian Yuchen could let the company go back to life, but the price was that the company had to transfer to Jian Yuchen’s name.

Everyone was waiting to see his jokes, but but Jian Yuchen made everyone surprised.

Not only will the company be rescued, but also the sound of business.

But at the time, it was already impossible to regret it, so there was now Jane.

Jian Yuchen also knows that after all, Jian is on the bright side. If you want to avenge his mother, what he does is not enough.

But the Jane family stared at him and stared tightly, everything must be done in secret.

At that time, only the good brother struggled with him by him, and he lived very depressed and painful every day.

And Mu Ning appeared at that time.

It’s like a soft light that follows his world.

Since then, I can no longer let it go.

Jian Yuchen did not know how he remembered these pasts. Originally, he didn’t want to remember at all.

But looking at the drooping sunset made his mood just so relieved. Now let’s see if Shu Yue can find Mu Ning’s mother and son as soon as possible.

Shu Yue is the child of the adoptive father’s house. They have ignored each other since they met and now become good brothers. Such feelings are not something others can make up for.

After knowing that Jian Yuchen’s Bai Yueguang had an accident, the two also operated a company together, that is, now suppressing the main force of Jianjia.

Shu Yue rushed in the horse, but Jian Yuchen asked him not to show up for the time being. After all, the Jian family did not know the existence of Shu Yue.

He wants Shu Yue to save people secretly, so as not to make a difference in the middle.

Chapter 40

After hearing that Jian Yuchen had agreed with the request they made, he was inevitable.

At the beginning, he mentioned this idea, and it was everything he Mu Ning when he observed around.

Presumably after this incident is completed, he should receive his father’s praise.Thinking of this, Jian Tong was a little proud,

After getting good news, the tension in his heart naturally disappeared a lot. Since Jian Yuchen could do this for this woman, presumably he dared not mess around.

But this makes Jian Tong curious, what kind of woman can make Jian Yuchen make such a sacrifice.

With a mind, Jian Tong got up.

Jiang Feng saw that he was going out, frowned and asked, "Where are you?"

Jian Tong also presumably: "Go and see Jian Yuchen’s little beauty." After speaking, he had gone out.

The place of their hiding place was not far away at all, but it was a hundred meters away. When Jiang Feng chased out, Jian Tong had already entered.

Jian Tong opened the door, and at a glance, he saw the tied tightly Shi Mu Ning and the child.

Alas, the vision is okay, but there are too many good -looking women, and Jian Tong has seen much.

"Are you Shi Mu Ning?"

The words of lightness have almost become a standard for his talking to a woman, but that’s the case, letting Shi Mu nourish.

"Who are you?"

The tone was very cold, and inexplicably made Jian Tong have the illusion of talking to Jian Yuchen, making him a little cold in his heart.

But he quickly reacted, and he was even more angry. He would be afraid of a woman, and it was Jian Yuchen’s woman!

My heart was secretly resentful, and her face was stunned.

Shi Mu Ning looked at the person who suddenly appeared, and knew that the current situation must not be as simple as he thought.

What happened in the middle what she didn’t know?

"Shi Mu Ning, don’t be angry with me, but now Jian Yuchen is controlled in our hands. What do we let him do, what he can do, thank you still."

Shi Mu Ning listened to this. What does this mean? Do they threaten Jian Yuchen with themselves and Xiaobao!

Thinking of such a guess, all the emotions that had been pressed before came out one by one, which made her unable to think about it now, and it was troublesome.

Jian Tong couldn’t help showing off now, but his show off made Shi Mu Ning understand everything.

"I just said what an illegitimate child could have a chance, even because a woman gave up half of Jane’s shares."

Jian Tong’s words surprised her, what does illegitimate child mean, and Jian Yuchen would do this for them?

Thinking, there was a bad breath in her heart, which made her unable to fight back.

"Even a illegitimate child is more capable than you. If I guess it is good, you should now be out of trouble. Whenever you have a little way, you won’t think of kidnapping us to let Jian Yuchen compromise."

When people stepped on the pain, Jiantong’s face turned red instantly becoming a pork liver color.

"What do you know, that is, the boy is playing Yin, and it looks obedient on the surface, but there is a wild wolf in the back!"

This remark made Shi Mu Ning gradually born in his heart, when Jian Yuchen got married …

This incident has always been a thorn in Shi Ming Ning’s heart. It is better to take this opportunity to ask clearly.

"He even followed you even if he was married.

"Shit!" Jane Tong was irritable. He thought it was the case before. He thought that this person couldn’t make any harm at all, but according to the current situation, this person was simply playing pigs to eat tigers.

The more you think about, the more angry you are: "Jian Yuchen, the king of the eighth calf, is really omnipotent to deceive our trust, otherwise we will not set all our eyes on Jiang Shuxue alone."

Chapter 41

When Shi Mu Ning heard this, she burst into tears, as if she had figured out everything.

No wonder Jian Yuchen never mentioned his parents. No wonder he had never seen his family. No wonder when they were together before, he always dared not take himself out.

The people in the Jian family have always stared at Jian Yuchen in the dark.

Because he was too powerful, he saved a company at a young age, how could the Jane family let him care about him.

But Jian Yuchen was too cautious, and he didn’t leave any handle at all. Even the things that restrained him were the most terrible.

But soon they discovered Shi Ming, but at that time they had no scores. After all, who had not been raised outside the woman?

They were testing, so they moved out Jiang Shuxue, who had always wanted to marry Jian Yuchen.

The test failed, and Jian Yuchen agreed almost without hesitation, which proved that the woman was not important to Jian Yuchen.

However, this is also beneficial, and a pillow man can tell him at any time to inform him at any time.

In short, this incident is good for the Jian family no matter what.

Jian Yuchen didn’t do anything excessively, and even when Mu Ning died, he didn’t see how sad he was.

As for Jiang Shuxue, let alone say something, so they couldn’t say anything, so they wanted to find Jian Yuchen’s breakthrough.

It’s like a delicate balance. Jian Yuchen still develops a good development, but because of this, the Jane family dare not act lightly.

The Jian family wants to take back Jane. After all, it was originally their things, and they were still jealous. Such a large cup should be their right.

But they couldn’t even get a cup of cups, and they lost their balance.

The Jian family has always been looking for a way to deal with Jian Yuchen, but at this time, Shi Mu Ning returned.

And Jian Yuchen was abnormal, and the attention of Shi Mu Ning quickly attracted the attention of the Jane family, but the crisis of the Jian family also arrived at this time.

No one thought it would be what Jian Yuchen did before, after all, Jian Yuchen had always lived under their eyelids.

However, Jiang Shuxue’s report made them look on Jian Yuchen. With a direction, it was easy to find clues.

As a result, it was really Jian Yuchen!

For so many years, they were turned around by Jian Yuchen, which is simply a shame!

When they know everything, they are already weak to return to the sky.

You can only use this way to force Jian Yuchen to fight.

However, in fact, the effect is not bad. Thinking of this, Jian Tong’s heart is a lot.

"Even if he is amazing, isn’t it still in our hands? If I say that the old man is too kind, he should directly return the entire Jian family and leave him to leave him."

Shi Mu Ning’s heart was like being acupuncture, but also the joy that could not help but couldn’t help it.

It turned out that everything he did was for himself. It turned out that he had never discarded the feelings between them!

Looking at Shi Mu Ning cried and laughed, Jian Tong shouted neuropathy, but the woman Jian Yuchen saw was just that.

Shi Mu Ning quickly converged her emotions, and it was not time to flood the emotions.

So when he heard a sentence behind Jian Tong, Shi Mu Ning immediately counterattacked.

"I want me to think that your old man is reliable. If you are really recovered by you, Jane will not be able to pass it to you." You will be hurt by you. "

Jian Tong was even more angry after listening to: "Sure enough, it’s all the same bitch!"

Speaking of raising your hand, you have to fight …

Chapter 42 Repentance

But when his hand was about to fall, he was stopped.

Jian Tong’s swear words were next to his mouth, but when he saw the person, he swallowed.

"What do you stop me?"

Jiang Feng dumped Jian Tong’s hand silently, but looked at Shi Mu Ning.

He had been there for a long time, but he had never been saying, but when he saw the appearance of his anti -lips just now, he reminded him of his dead wife.

At that moment they really looked like they were caught in a illusion of time.

Jiang Feng fell into his emotions next to him. When he reacted, he saw Jian Tong wanting to hit people.

Before he could think about it at all, his body automatically responded.

Jian Tong saw Jiang Feng’s appearance and laughed: "Why, you won’t you look at this girl."

Thinking of the whole person in front of me may still be her own daughter, she could not tolerate the words of Jian Tong.

"What are you talking nonsense, I can be her father!"

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone’s expression was different.

Jiang Feng was stunned. Shi Mu Ning was surprised, but Jian Tong disappointed.

In their family, is the old husband and wife less?

Realizing what he said, Jiang Feng took a deep breath: "You quickly leave me here!"

Jian Tong is now afraid to offend Jiang Feng for the time being, and all can only leave.

The scene was silent, and no one spoke.

At this time, Xiaobao said, as if he did not take Jiang Feng as an outsider.

"Mommy, is Daddy for us? Is he suffering a lot of grievances?"

In a word removed all the armor just now: "Yes, then wait for us to go back, can we live with Daddy?"

Xiaobao nodded well, but only dared to whisper: "Obviously Mommy, you don’t want to be with Daddy."

Shi Mu Ning didn’t hear it. She just thought about it. After waiting, their family would never separate.

"Mummy Mummy, Necklace!"

Xiao Bao’s exclaiming attracted Jiang Feng’s attention, but at a glance, he saw that the necklace was given to his wife.

Shi Mu Ning and Xiaobao were tied up, and they were inconvenient. Shi Mu Ning could only ask Jiang Feng.

"President Jiang, can you trouble you to pick me up?"

Jiang Feng was stiffly moved in place, and his body seemed to be trembling: "Who is this necklace?"

Shi Muning trembled in his heart, saying: "It’s my mother."

"What is your mother’s name?"

Shi Mu Ning shed slowly. Is Jiang Feng the one who cheated his mother for a lifetime?

"Shi Langzhi."

Jiang Feng’s hand on his side fists tightly, and the chaotic mood seemed to be out.

He had long been prepared in his heart, but now the truth is in front of him, and there is still a deep sense of weakness.

In the end, he picked up the necklace and put it in Shi Ming Ning’s hand: "Take it." The voice was astringent.

Shi Mu Ning obviously felt Jiang Feng’s wrong: "So President Jiang really knows my mother?"

Jiang Feng did not answer, but fled.

No, Mu Ning, I am your father!

But now he can’t say that he can’t say it. His biological daughter has been tied to a hostage because of his stupidity, and even because of his own reason.

He was sorry for his dead wife, and his daughter was sorry!

But everything was the fault of the Mother and daughter of Langzhi, but he also raised that person for so many years!

As soon as he went out, Jiang Feng’s eyes exuded tears. I don’t know if it was a little more regrets or more happy.

But now it is not the best time for emotional emotions. I have to take care of my daughter to let it go.

Chapter 43 Save people

While thinking about countermeasures, Jiang Feng heard the sound of Jian Tong’s anger.

"Are you sure it is Jian Yuchen’s person? Didn’t he be dragged by my dad?"

"We don’t know, but the group of people really came here."

Jiang Feng was relieved, and it seemed that Jian Yuchen’s people arrived.

Jian Tong just saw him coming, and hurriedly said, "Did you hear it just now? Let’s take someone away."

I have not been caught now. If people are rescued, everything is over.

But Jiang Feng’s face was bland: "Put someone."

Jian Tong jumped out immediately: "What are you talking about ghost words? After all, Jian Yuchen had a handle in our hands, just let it go!"

Jiang Feng has been determined. Most of the people here are listening to him, "Go and let people!"

If it is tough, it immediately causes Jian Tong’s dissatisfaction: "Jiang Feng, you are really crazy, come, come, take me away!"

Both people look at each other now. I do n’t know what to do. They are obviously allies. Why is it now?

Jiang Feng glanced at his men, and the man dared not stay, and immediately left.

Jian Tong was anxious: "You quickly stop me, otherwise I want your dog life!"

Shi Mu Ning has always been paying attention to the movement outside, as if she was quarreling, but she couldn’t hear their content.

When Mu Ning and Xiaobao gave each other to the other party to solve the rope. When they went out just now, there was no one in the warehouse, and then they gave them a chance.

However, someone came in soon, and the two immediately hid their wrists, followed by one behind.

"No, people can’t put it."

The two were arguing with each other, and they even fought. When they saw it, Mu Ning was confused, but this scene soon ended, and the people who came to save them appeared.

However, the person is not Jian Yuchen, but a stranger, but obviously the other party knows it, and it has been controlled by them.

Shi Mu Ning heard the man and said, "Miss Mu Ning, it’s really a long -time name!"


Shi Mu Ning and Xiaobao were rescued. When they saw Jian Yuchen, they almost burst into tears.

Jian Yuchen hugged the person in his arms in his arms: "Sorry, I should protect you well."

Shi Mu Ning just shook her head, and had a lot of words to say, but she couldn’t say anything.

Behind him was Jiang Feng, he just looked at it from a distance, and he didn’t approach.

Jian Yuchen glanced at him and walked into the car when he was embraced.

Shi Mu Ning found that Ji Ruofeng felt like he hadn’t seen him for a long time.

Ji Ruofeng’s gaze against her and blinked: "Why, wouldn’t it be scared?"

Shi Mu Ning lifted his lips: "Sorry, hurt you."

Ji Ruofeng said indifferently: "Even if you apologize, thank you for how to say, it’s not that I have been covering Jian Yuchen, you come out so smoothly."

Jian Yuchen said: "At that time, please dinner."

"This is like a sentence, okay, we all the idle people and other people have retreated, let your family of three talk about it."

Putting Shi Mu Ning into the car, Jian Yuchen walked in front of Jiang Feng.

"The parent -child identification I show you the one, I haven’t moved my hands and feet, but if you don’t believe it, wait a while."

Jiang Feng shook his head: "No need, I believe."

This is except for saying this, he doesn’t know what he can say, in the end he just watched the car go far.

After a long time, Jiang Feng had moved. It seems that he should go to see the person who has occupied his daughter for more than 20 years and hurts his daughter.

Chapter 44 What she doesn’t know

Jiang Shuxue has always been waiting for Jiang Feng’s good news, but he did not expect that Jiang Feng’s gloomy face was here.

Intuition tells her that this is not a good sign, but she still asked: "Dad, can I go out?"

"Don’t call my dad, I’m not your dad at all!"

The cold sound is not mixed with a trace of tenderness, and it is full of anger.

Jiang Shuxue was very panicked, did he know?

"When your mother is, Langzhi is really a poisonous heart. It has separated us for so many years, and you are also a poisonous heart. You can even hit your biological mother!"

"I don’t know, I don’t know anything about this?"

Jiang Feng sneered: "When you were young, you always took some strange things. When I asked you, you said it was given by a mother, it should be Shi Langzhi."

Jiang Shuxue couldn’t refute, but could only ask for mercy: "Dad, have you raised me for so many years, isn’t it a little bit of love at all?"

It is said that there is no feeling that it is fake, but the pain of the separation of flesh and flesh is true.

"I don’t want to listen to you to say a word. From now on, you will stay in jail. I won’t let them bully you. This is my greatest kindness."

Jiang Shuxue knew that she was really over, and even Jiang Feng gave up her. She couldn’t do without here.

"Dad, you can treat me like this, dad-"

The voice was getting farther and farther, and Jiang Feng finally closed his eyes weakly. Everything he had made a mistake before, he didn’t know the chance of remedy.

He came to Jian Yuchen’s villa. Since Mu Ning was rescued, he was immediately taken back by Jian Yuchen.

Jiang Feng had no courage to see Mu Ning, and could only peek outside the villa, but he didn’t want to be seen by Jian Yuchen just.

Jian Yuchen said: "I haven’t told her yet, I want to wait for a while."

If you have experienced so much, if you come again with heavy bombs, it is estimated that people will not be able to bear it.

"Thank you." He could only say these two words.

Jian Yuchen didn’t talk.

"How are you dealing with Jianjia?"

"All the assets under the Jian family are in my hands, and the real estate will be mortgaged in these two days. Sweep them out of the ground. There is no climate."

Unexpectedly, the famous Jian family at the time turned into his own by Jian Yuchen with his own power.

I felt terrible before, but I was just relieved now.

Such men should give their daughter happiness.

… …

After being rescued and rescued, Shi Mu Ning has silently entangled Shu Yue and asked about Jian Yuchen.

Shu Yue was happy every time, and the two got along very well.

Jian Yuchen has no way to accompany Mu Ning because she wants to acquire Jian family recently, and she opened her eyes and closed her eyes.

However, the more he listened to Shu Yue about those past events, the embarrassment of Jian Yuchen’s situation, and said that he had to have the pain of his beloved.

Shi Mu Ning became more sad. At that time, they should communicate more, otherwise it would not be the result of that.

When I heard it, Mu Ning sighed, Shu Yue said: "Don’t sigh, aren’t you still together now, and there are children, the child is so cute."

Shu Yue always likes Dou Xiaobao, but he can’t help but make Shuyue laugh at Xiao Bao.

Xiaobao said very much like this uncle, and he hid far away when he saw him.

When Shu Yue saw Xiaobao, he thought about it: it seems that there should be a child for himself to play.

Shi Mu Ning understood the words he said to himself, and couldn’t help but turn his eyes.

After Shu Yue finished the matter, he went back. When he left, Jian Yuchen finally took the time to send him.

After teasing Xiaobao, he left chic at him. He didn’t talk to Jian Yuchen very much, but the two were tacit, even if they said nothing, it was better than thousands of words.

Chapter 45 Punishment

When Jian Yuchen was almost busy, he still told Jiang Feng’s affairs when he was busy.

Although Shi Mu Ning was guessing that his father was Jiang Feng, he did not expect that it would be such a twists and turns.

But after looking at parent -child identification, you can only believe it if you don’t believe it.

The world is too fantasy. People who have not seen much at first have become their father in a blink of an eye.

"Jiang Feng closed Jiang Shuxue in prison, without life."

This is the last punishment for Jiang Shuxue.

"I want to see President Jiang."

Jian Yuchen quickly arranged.

Jiang Feng was very happy, and rarely dyed his hair, and wanted to leave a good impression on Shi Mu Ning.

The atmosphere is more harmonious than expected, and Shi Mu Ning is not as hard as before.

Jiang Feng naturally wanted Shi Mu Ning to recognize his ancestor to return, but Shi Mu thought, yes, but don’t do it.

To be honest, because she had no father since she was a child, she has always eager to love father’s love. Before seeing Jiang Feng’s maintenance of Jiang Shuxue, she was still envious of her heart.

So she can quickly accept Jiang Feng, but she is very complicated for her mother who raises herself.

Jian Yuchen accompanied Shi Mu Ning to visit Shi Langzhi. I don’t know if this is a causal retribution. If you do something wrong, you will still be punished.

Shi Mu Ning sighed, but it was useless to say anything.

… …

Unexpectedly, Ji Ruofeng would suddenly go, just like Shu Yue was about to leave.

After Jian Yuchen and Shi Mu Ning invited him to eat, Ji Ruofeng said such a message.

Shi Mu Ning stunned, but Jian Yuchen had no accident.

If there is no excuse to stay, how can Ji Ruofeng be willing to stay in a city that is not related to him.

When I saw Mu Ning’s surprise, Ji Ruofeng laughed: "What are you so surprised, I have enough to do this place, and play in another place."

Shi Mu Ning knew that everyone had everyone’s life, so she swallowed what she wanted to say.

"It’s better, wait for the wedding to end."

Jian Yuchen’s words made both.

"Who gets married?"

Jian Yuchen looked at the silly daughter -in -law: "Of course it is us."

He always remembers that he was not owe a wedding.

Ji Ruofeng laughed: "This is a good thing. Maybe I can still be happy and meet my own good person."

But when Mu Ning was not so happy, he didn’t notify how to inform him. Is this two personnel?

This anger has been brought to the house, and Jian Yuchen is still a little dazed. Did he do something wrong?

After Mu Ning coaxed Xiaobao to fall asleep, Jian Yuchen hugged Shi Mu Ning in his arms.

"Why are you angry today?"

It may be because Jian Yuchen was spoiled in the past two days, and Shi Muging was a little petting and arrogant.

"Why don’t I know you want to get married? Who do you get married?"

Jian Yuchen silently: "Who else besides you?"

Shi Mu Ning was even more angry. What about roses? Diamond ring, kneel on one knee?

Nothing, the ghost will marry you!

So struggling to break away from Kai Jian Yuchen’s hand: "You go to sleep in the study today!"

Jian Yuchen stood blankly with the quilt at the door tightly closed.

Men never know why women are angry!

However, in the end he accepted Shu Yue’s knowledge and began to prepare for marriage proposal.

Finally, Mu Ning came out when Xiaobao was got rid of Xiaobao, and when he came out, Mu Ning was still thinking.

"If you have anything, you ca n’t bring Xiaobao, just come out for a meal."

Jian Yuchen silently endured such accusations, and then took the French restaurant that Shi Muen went.

He actually has no romantic cells, so the scene is really soil.

Shi Mu Ning laughed and couldn’t hit his enthusiasm, but there was no such surprise. At first glance, he saw what he wanted to do.

Chapter 46 Successful

Shi Mu Ning drank the ring in the red wine he was drinking. Although he was not surprised at all, Shi Mu Ning was still pretending to be.

However, the acting skills were too bad, and it was a little annoyed by Jian Yuchen at a glance.

Shi Mu Ning immediately appeased: "It’s really surprising, I’m very happy."

Jian Yuchen still resents: "I said that Shu Yue was unreliable."

Shi Mu Ning was silent, could not find an unexpected person to have an idea, isn’t it his own problem?

However, she didn’t dare to say, dare to concentrate again and again.

At least the at least the ceremony, even if it was a bit vulgar, Shi Mu Ning still felt a little moved.

The wedding was set after half a month, and Jian Yuchen couldn’t wait at all.

Shi Mu Ning only felt that during this time, she seemed to be very tired. She was busy turning around. Ming Yuchen did more things.

Shi Mu Ning was silent, and sometimes the physical gap between men and women was very different.

After half a month after the soldiers, the wedding arrived as scheduled.

This wedding is very huge. After all, Jian Yuchen’s strength is not to be underestimated.

The name of Mu Ningfinix was loud. The combination of these two people was simply the most dazzling existence.

Whether it is a high society or the media, it has given this wedding, and this wedding has become the biggest event.

Shi Mu was dressed in a white wedding dress, holding flowers in his hand, and slowly walking into the hall with Jiang Feng’s hand at the end of the red carpet.

The people around them were amazing. They all said that the most beautiful look in women’s life was during the wedding, and this was really true.

Xiao Bao led some small flowers in front of her small legs and paved the way. It seemed that she also knew that such a scene was particularly solemn, and her face was tight.

It’s just that the child is a child, and when he is in the middle.

When everyone was concerned about the children, Xiaobao immediately got up like loach, and he was stained with petals. He looked solemnly, and it couldn’t help laughing.

Jiang Feng gave his hand to Jian Yuchen, and all emotions turned into a sentence: "Please take care of her for the rest of my life."

Jian Yuchen is also very solemn: "I will, thank you dad."

They said oaths, exchanged the ring with each other, and then kissed and hugged.

Jian Yuchen seemed to have a little red eyes. When he hugged Mu Ning, he said, "Wife, I finally marry you."

Shi Mu Ning was in a mood, so he said tears.

Today, she finally married a young person.

… …

In the guest seat, Ji Rufeng looked at the two people who embraced each other and cursed.

Regardless of whether the two people noticed, he drank the wine he drank anyway, and the wine was respectful. This is not where he should exist.

Ji Ruofeng was the plane tonight. He didn’t tell anyone the itinerary, just like he was silent when he came.

Shi Mu Ning, you must be happy!

This is the only blessing he can give.

He didn’t know if he had loved his outdated Mu Ning. Even if there was it, he couldn’t compare with their seven -year feelings. It seemed to have always understood this, so there was no reason to indulge himself from the beginning.

Fortunately, sometimes his friends are going to come for a long time, and he has harvested two friends, enough.

The figure was hidden in the darkness, and he should go to his destination.

… …

After the wedding for a long time, Jian Yuchen was helped into a new house.

But as soon as people left, Jian Yuchen immediately woke up.

Shi Mu Ning stunned: "No drunk?"

Jian Yuchen laughed and immediately fell into her arms: "Today is our new wedding night, how can others get drunk?"

This posture was a bit dangerous, and Shi Musing moved to the side.

But without moving, Jian Yuchen imprisoned people in his arms.

"Wife, the Spring Festival is worth thousands of dollars."

Shi Mu Ning has no syllables except some ambiguous hobbies.

They have been together for seven years and separated for five years. Now they still choose each other firmly in the vast sea of people.

After all, they ushered in their own complete life!


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