Four major precautions after miscarriage

Pregnant mothers who have experienced miscarriage must be very looking forward to pregnancy again, but they can not get pregnant immediately after abortion.What do you need to pay attention to in the middle?

Under normal circumstances, ovulation will be restored within 6 weeks after miscarriage, and there will be opportunities for pregnancy.However, abortion can also cause damage to the endometrium, which takes time to repair.Therefore, it is not advisable to get pregnant again after abortion. It is recommended to wait for a while.

However, statistics have shown that compared with the pregnant mother with two gaps within 6 months, the chances of abortion and ectopic pregnancy will occur significantly.After the mothers have a miscarriage, they do not have to wait too long, resulting in worse psychological burden, but it is not conducive to pregnancy.How long should I wait for the specific after abortion? According to the recovery of the body after abortion, it is recommended that the pregnant mother consults the doctor.If the doctor feels that our body has been recovered almost, we can start preparing to get pregnant again.

There is no big deal at one miscarriage. The probability of two consecutive miscarriage is less than 5%.However, after two consecutive natural abortion, if you get pregnant again, the probability of abortion will greatly increase, which will be paid attention to.

What should we do to reduce the risk of abortion again?

Moms with two current history history, it is best to perform a comprehensive physical examination before pregnancy, especially chromosome tests, blood tests, ovarian function tests, and thyroid function tests.Find the cause of abortion, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and strive to condition the body before pregnancy again to improve the possibility of the baby’s survival.Before pregnancy, you need to learn the knowledge of threatened abortion in order to continuously monitor your physical condition and find a doctor’s help in time after discovering abnormalities.

In addition, from the beginning of decision to prepare for pregnancy, expectant mothers must start strengthening the supplement to folic acid and provide a good environment for the growth of the baby.After a period of supplementation, go to the hospital to detect folic acid levels and adjust the dose of folic acid.It is also necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a regular schedule.But to change the concept of over emphasis on rest, and adhere to proper physical exercise.You also need to eat reasonably, adjust the diet structure, and enrich the food category, so as to maintain a healthy weight.Obesity and thin expectant mothers should pay special attention to the adjustment of their weight.In addition, the mood of preparing for pregnant mothers is also an important factor affecting the power of pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust your emotions, eliminate excessive tension or anxiety, and strive to relax.

Pregnancy is never a matter of one person. Once you decide to prepare for pregnancy, the prospective dad also gives full support.Both tobacco and alcohol can affect the quality of sperm, thereby affecting the baby’s development and even abortion.Therefore, the prospective father should quit smoking as soon as possible to reduce the probability of sperm malformation.At the same time, we must maintain regular schedules and appropriate exercise with preparing pregnant mothers.In addition, the prospective dad also had a physical examination in the process of preparing for pregnancy with his wife, and a correct assessment of fertility ability to find problems in time.

Generally speaking, prepare for pregnant parents must keep in mind: exercise should be moderate, stay up late, have less mood, and have a regular life.To achieve this can reduce the risk of abortion again.

When preparing for pregnancy again after abortion, don’t have too much psychological burden, just listen to the high half meters!

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