Four months of pregnancy, my mother -in -law concluded that I was pregnant with a girl, and my mother and child jointly forced me to get a fetal (pregnancy)

Four months of pregnancy, my mother -in -law determined that I was pregnant with a few words that the doctor was caught in a few words, and she forced me to get a fetus.

If I do n’t follow, she fell to a show, forcing her mother Baohao to push me down to abortion.

The male fetus was flowing.

I told her mother -in -law that she killed her grandson himself.

She rushed to me crazy.


I heard that I had a great response in the early pregnancy and severe pregnancy. My mother -in -law quickly resigned from the work of a nanny at home and rushed to my house to take care of me in person.

I can’t figure out what my mother -in -law means.But her old man did not agree with her at all. Anyway, it was her driving, and I knew that my mother -in -law was coming.

For my mother -in -law, I am full of suspicion, and I am worried

I blame Zuo Dadong and did not discuss with me in advance.

But Zuo Dadong said that he just told his mother that I was sick in severe pregnancy, but did not expect the old man to come over.

He said that this was an old man’s mind, and it was just a way to let her break the idea of being a nanny in others.In the future, our child will not worry about no one.

My mother wanted me to go home and knew that my mother -in -law was coming. She was very relieved that she was at ease.

Yes, from the perspective of outsiders, as soon as the daughter -in -law became pregnant, her mother -in -law resigned from her job to take care of. No one would feel how good this mother -in -law was to daughter -in -law.

I dare not be picky, I can only express my welcome and gratitude to the arrival of my mother -in -law enthusiastically.


Don’t say, the mother -in -law came out as soon as possible to serve me.

After dinner that day, I saw that everyone had put down the chopsticks. I stood up and prepared to clean up. My mother -in -law quickly stopped it: "Lily, don’t move, I have me, I will not need to control these families in the future.The big grandson is the most important thing. "

"Mom, it doesn’t matter if you do the small things to clean up the chopsticks."

"Don’t be polite to me, take care of my grandson."

One big grandson, oh my god, what if I was not pregnant with a boy?I was worried in my heart.

Da Yong pulled my hand, "Let’s go, let’s sit in the living room for a while. See how blessed you are, your mother protects you like this."

"Da Yong, do my mother especially want a boy? What should I do if I am pregnant with a girl?"

"That must be a boy! Baby, now allow 3 children. My mother said that we have to have at least two boys."

"Why have you had to be a boy? There are two boys, isn’t the girl good?"

Zuo Dadong watched me more real and was holding on haha: "Now don’t entangle this now, my mother said casually."


The next day, I went to work as usual. At noon, I took the elevator and went downstairs to the cafeteria with my colleagues.

As soon as I got out of the elevator, I saw my mother -in -law holding a lunch box in the entrance hall to inquire about which floor I was working on the front desk.

"Mom, why are you here?"

"Give you meals, you need to ensure nutrition during pregnancy."

My mother -in -law carried a few food boxes, bone soup, and shrimp, steamed fish and amaranth. I like to eat it. It is also matched with vegetarian food.

"Mom, it’s too troublesome, don’t send it in the future."

"I am very convenient to ride a bicycle. Which is the cafeteria for pregnant women!"

My colleague looked at it, and it was really good to praise my mother -in -law to me, and expressed envy of me.

My mother -in -law was so good to me, but I felt unsatisfactory.

Is my mother -in -law really changed because of my pregnancy?

After getting off work at night, Zuo Dadong came to pick me up. In the car, I mentioned that my mother -in -law came to deliver meals at noon. It was suggested that he went home to tell his mother -in -law that he didn’t need to deliver meals for the same time. It was too hard.

Da Yong said that this was a heart of his mother, which made me remember the goodness of the old man.


In the evening, Zuo Dadong accompanied his mother to watch the TV and went back to the room to discuss with me:

"Wife, you are pregnant, you have to go to work, you can’t be too tired. After giving birth to a child, I also expect my mother to bring. My mother also has this ability and willingness.

I nodded in a busy way, it was true, so my mother -in -law came to claim, and I did not object.

Seeing me nodded, Zuo Dadong went on to say, "Mom retired salary is low. She originally made a nanny subsidy for a nanny in others.,what do you think?"

My salary is paid?I just get pregnant, so I won’t even manage my salary.

I thought for a while and said, "I can’t bear to care about nothing, and let my mother worry, so that others will know that I will scold me to bully the elderly."

"Wife, just give our salary to my mother. My mother will live, you can rest assured."

"We are all those who are parents, and we also give the salary to the elderly. People know that we will laugh at us. I definitely disagree."

"So, you are still paying me 10,000 every month like before, I will come to the housekeeper." Zuo Dadong proposed.

"Husband, are you so anxious? Let me think about it."

Seeing them rushing to grab my financial power, and thinking about what happened in the past two years after marriage, I couldn’t help but be vigilant.


I have had a secret male god in college, but unfortunately I went abroad before confession.In other words, before encountering Zuo Dadong,

I have n’t really been in love, Da Yong is also my first love.

I was greedy for his good temper in front of me, and loved his spoils for me.

When he was in love, he waited on the way to work every day, changed his pattern to buy the early thing I love, and then rode me to work on a motorcycle.As long as he does not work overtime in the afternoon, he will inevitably come to pick me up.

What do I like and what I want, as long as he can do it, he will inevitably get me.

I fell in love with him unsatisfactoryly.

When I was a child, my father had little time to accompany me because of his career.

I need my boyfriend’s father -like love.

Zuo Dadong met my emotional needs.

When Zuo Dadong proposed to me, I agreed without thinking.

He said that his father died early. It was not easy for his mother to bring his brothers. His brother worked outside. The money after his work was used to exchange loans to school, and he had no savings.I can’t afford a house at home, I can’t afford a gift.

I say these are things outside the body. As long as there is love, I don’t care about these.

Besides, my house has prepared a house with a well -decorated and furniture appliances for me early.

Mom and Dad said that I would have a BMW 3, hundreds of thousands of cash and a large wedding insurance premium.

Dad knew that Zuo Dadong was worried about money.

The mother -in -law just attended the wedding with a group of relatives.

Only Da Yong’s brother is said to have not been hospitalized.

At the wedding banquet, Zuo Dadong’s aunts all exaggerated in front of her mother -in -law: "Da Yong has the ability, marrying a daughter -in -law not only does not need to spend money, but also posted money. My sister will enjoy blessings in the future."

"It is said that this daughter -in -law’s house is just such a only daughter. In the future, her property is not all our brave."

When I was toasting, I accidentally heard the relatives of my in -laws clamoring the mother -in -law without concealment, and looked at Zuo Dadong. His attention was on the hospitality of the guests, and he didn’t seem to pay attention to his discussions of his relatives and friends.

The mother -in -law was proud, and it didn’t mean to refute.

I thought it was my mother -in -law who had to face, and I could only laugh in my heart.


On the second day after marriage, my mother -in -law told us that Da Yong’s younger brother had been working outside after graduating from high school. He drank outside some time ago.The cost of inpatient treatment depends on it by itself.

My mother -in -law said, her tears were full of tears.

I was a little overwhelmed.

After all, before getting married, Da Yong didn’t tell me about his brother’s injury and hospitalization. Now seeing that his mother -in -law is so sad, he doesn’t know what to do for a while.

Da Yong silently held his mother’s hand and looked at me with his eyes: "Wife, my brother hurts seriously. I originally wanted to postpone the wedding, but my mother said that I couldn’t delay our marriage affairs because of my brother’s affairs."

"Yeah, daughter -in -law, now you are married to Dadong, and marrying into my family is a family. I don’t see you. Your brother lives in the hospital.If you are not good, he will be discharged from the hospital, but how can you think of it? "

What?After a large circle, just to ask for money?

I was silent and didn’t speak. My mother -in -law thought I refused to give money, and I started to take the cry again:

"Da Yong’s daughter -in -law, you don’t know, the Dadong brothers have no father from a young age. It is my brother who pulls their brothers and exhausted to let them read. It is not easy.When a person reads, his brother had a good grade, so he gave his brother to his brother. He went to work by himself for Da Yong to study at the university. Now Da Yong has a chance to become a home, but his brother is pitiful. Now he encounters major events.I can’t ignore my brother. You are a sister -in -law. Da Yong has no money in his hand, you have to help him. "

Hey, I didn’t say that I wouldn’t give money, after all, it was Da Yong’s brother, and it was so pitiful.However, the money for the wedding is all from my family. I can only get my mother who has given me a marrying money.

I asked my mother -in -law how much is worse?

She said it cost 100,000.Fortunately, my mother had more than 100,000 companions, and I gave it to my mother -in -law very refreshing.

When I got the money, my mother -in -law rushed to her younger son on the train that day.


Da Yong’s brother had no worries, but left a hidden disease.

After he was discharged, he returned to work again to work.

In order to take care of the younger son, the mother -in -law made a nanny to make money to subsidize the family in the city where he worked.

It is not easy to think of my mother -in -law and uncle, and I didn’t mention the 100,000 yuan.

What I didn’t expect was that afterwards, her mother -in -law said to Da Yong on the phone: "If you say it 100,000 yuan, Lily’s family does not lack money, but it also shows that she has no money.housekeeper."

My mother -in -law’s speech was very loud, and I couldn’t listen.

I found that I heard the conversation between their mother and child, and Zuo Dadong coaxed me. It was my mother -in -law distressed me and said that I had been used to the time since I was a child.

Zuo Dadong said that her mother -in -law was kind. He suggested that I leave pocket money every month. The other salary was given to him to take care of him.

Indeed, I didn’t care about my home, and I was too lazy to worry about trivial things. He was willing to let him care.I am happy.

But gradually, Zuo Dadong looked at me when I bought cosmetics and clothes, and started to feel distressed. I thought I spent money and said that I had too much pocket money.

I said that I have given you 10,000 a month. You have more salary than me. We do n’t need to repay the loan. Eat at home in the morning and evening meals.This living expenses and water and electricity costs are enough for 3,000 yuan.

I laughed that he only knew money and didn’t know how to spend money. He coaxed me to plan for our future children.

Later, I returned to his hometown in the New Year. From the mouth of my relatives, I learned that his brother bought a house in the county.

The down payment of 300,000 is paid by Da Yong.

It turned out that Zuo Dadong took out our deposit with the year -end award this year and bought the down payment for his brother.

No wonder he thinks he is not spent enough!

A good Zuo Dadong, I trust him so much, he didn’t even discuss with me even if he paid the down payment for his brother.

I was so angry that I wanted to go home in the evening.


Zuo Dadong also knew he had a loss and coaxed me.I’m afraid I am not happy, so I didn’t tell me.

He said that now that his hometown is married to a daughter -in -law, he must have a new house in the county, otherwise the woman will not agree.

The mother -in -law knew it, and she said that a man should have the final say at home.Da Yong’s father died early, and his elder brother became his father. He was responsible for his brother’s marriage.

Then, she turned my fellow to me again and asked me for a year for marriage. Why haven’t I become pregnant?Can’t you give birth?

I smiled and said, "It is very expensive to raise a child in the city. Da Yong said that he had enough money to regenerate. Do you think he has been saved for a year or has no money? When you have money, let’s talk about it."

"Isn’t your mother’s family rich? Has your child, who’s money is not the same? Don’t count on Da Yong. You should also have a wife, and you should manage it at home."

"Mom is right, Dadong, this year, I came to the house, and from this month, Da Yong gave me the salary to me. When you have money, I will definitely prepare for pregnancy."

"There is no child because there is no money. Do you have to make excuses for not having a birth? Da Yong, what I said at the time, her family did not want to be gifts, and she married a house or car.stupid."

The old lady said me daringly.

I am so angry that I stood up and pointed at Zuo Dadong: "What does your mother mean? Is it possible to doubt that I can’t get married and depend on you."

"Lily, don’t be angry. Mom, I have a plan with Lily, don’t guess it. We will be pregnant when we go back this year."

Zuo Dadong coaxed me afterwards, saying that his mother had no culture, and it was an elder. Don’t care about her.Let’s go home and talk about it.


Back to my little home, I insisted that I had to come back to the housekeeper.The bargain for half a day, Zuo Dadong told me that his brother’s house had to repay the loan. Relying on his mother and brother’s income every month, he would definitely not be able to go home every month.

I think about it. From such a family, it is not easy to cut off all at once. I will tell him to give 5,000 home every month. I will control the other money.

Da Yong agreed, but after that, he didn’t care much about his family, and overtime obviously had more overtime.

If I care about his hard work, he will seem to say that the man is not making money well this year. He has no status at home, and even his wife will look down on it.

I asked him if he had an opinion on my money, and he tried to deny it.I just said that his mother wanted to hug her grandson earlier, and he wanted to be a dad.

I know his mother must be born again.

I naturally do not oppose having children. I just want to adapt to marriage life.Since my husband wants children too, then take care of pregnancy.

Fortunately, I quickly conceived.

Now I pour it well. By taking care of my pregnancy, my mother -in -law drove, and wanted to grab my financial power.””

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