Frequent abdominal pain identification and treatment guidelines

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Some time ago, the Demon Tower was on duty at night, sleeping at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, and made a call from the emergency department: "Hey, obstetrics and gynecology? There is a young woman in the right lower abdominal pain here. Surgery feels that it is not an appendicitis.

Recently, there was a monster tower with insomnia. This point is estimated to be hanging asleep in the middle of the night, but the patient has a need, and I naturally say that it is incomparable.I simply sorted out the makeup, uh, no, put on shoes, the demon tower came to the emergency department, and asked about the basic situation of the patient and the process of disease development.

When she said that "the pain around the navel at the beginning, and then the right lower abdomen pain", the demon tower was puzzled. When she denied the history of sexual life, the demon tower almost "acne".However, adhering to the basic principle of responsibility for patients, the demon tower still did anal check. Sure enough, there was no tenderness in the bilateral attachment area and the uterus, and menstruation had just ended.

Therefore, the diagnosis that the Demon Tower finally gave her was "appendicitis", and relying on her age advantage, she "fiercely" educated the little doctor who was new and just on the emergency class.Finally, let go of the public account "Pay attention to the" 11th Diagnosis Room ", give you a lesson in a few days," and then leave proudly.

Although the demon tower is DISS, we can grow up only by DISS.Therefore, please read the following content, let us understand what are the common abdomen of women and how to identify.

Pregnancy -related abdominal abortion, premature birth

There are actually similar processes and premature births. Whether from the beginning of a threatened abortion to an inevitable abortion, to natural abortion, from auramal premature birth to premature birth, to premature birth.

Whatever the reason, the most essential process is that our uterus must discharge the pregnancy tissue or fetus from the inside, and this process needs to use the power of uterine contraction.The manifestation of uterine contraction is paroxysmal lower abdomen pain.

Therefore, if the intrauterine pregnancy has been diagnosed before and the paroxysmal lower abdomen pain occurs, the possibility of aura abortions or premature birth will occur.

If this happens, we must seek medical treatment in time. For different pregnancy weeks, doctors’ treatment methods are not the same.Ectopic pregnancy

I believe that everyone does not need to say that the word "abnormal pregnancy" is familiar with the words.If you are planning to prepare your baby or find your pregnancy inadvertently, the demon tower is recommended to detect the changes in HCG and progesterone in the early pregnancy.

Theoretically, if the HCG continuously measures, if the time increases <1.4 days, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is less likely, and if progesterone is less than 25ng/ml, there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Of course, the above two data are a result of the statistics of big data, only as a reference.There are different clinical cases, and some of the ectopic pregnancy HCG doubles very ideal, but some of the intrauterine progesterone is low. Therefore, we cannot be dead formula, unnecessary increased anxiety, and we cannot find pregnancy.In the future, careless, regardless of care.

Combining HCG, progesterone, and B -ultrasound during early pregnancy can help us avoid the occurrence of accidents.

Therefore, if you have been determined to be pregnant, the pain of tearing the lower abdomen suddenly, often starting to spread to the whole abdomen from one side and lower abdomen. It may also be accompanied by a small amount of vaginal bleeding or even anal swelling. Then you need to be vigilant.There may be ectopic pregnancy.Similarly, do not delay the condition in time.

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Elapse of pregnancy abdominal pain, luteal rupture

Clinically, the most common luteal rupture is in the luteal period "applauding for love."

When the Demon Tower still did not see the little doctor who had seen the world, I really couldn’t understand why "applauding for love" can cause luteal rupture. There is often such a question, "How powerful is this applause!"

However, with the improvement of business level (as the business level of obstetrics and gynecologists, we want to crooked the face wall), we often have some combined surgery of laparoscopy.We can see the movement trajectory of a lot of uterus under the laparoscopy in the laparoscopy. Even if we gently operate, the uterus is swinging back and forth in the pelvic cavity like a jumpy.The doubts of the lingering demon tower were solved.

Of course, it is important to emphasize that not all luteum rupture is related to "applause", and sometimes it may really be spontaneous.

Therefore, if the possibility of pregnancy is excluded or the possibilityIt may be accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage or even anal swelling, then the possibility of luteal rupture is very high.

Most of the luteal rupture can be cured by conservative treatment methods such as bed rest and hemostatic drugs, but if it is not coincident, there is just a blood supply and rich arteries, and it may also face the risk of surgery.Pelvic disease

In fact, it should be called pelvic inflammatory diseases in form. It includes endometritis, fallopianitis, fallopian tube ovarian abscesses, pelvic peritonitis. This type of disease is good in sexual active and menstrual women.

According to the clinical observation of the Demon Tower, a considerable part of the most common pelvic abscesses are wearing a palace -saving device.In addition to this foreign body, another reason is that because wearing the in -palace’s in -palace, many people’s sexual life will no longer choose a condom.

In fact, the view of the demon tower has always been -a condom is not only a contraceptive method, but also one of the very effective means of preventive spread of diseases.

Therefore, if there are no obvious causes and excluding pregnancy, it is not a special period. There is a continuous pain in the lower abdomen. Without vaginal bleeding, there may be a significant increase in secretions or even odor.It feels like "in a hurry", so it may be that pelvic inflammatory disease is encountered.

One thing that the demon tower wants to emphasize here is that the minimum standard for pelvic inflammatory disease should have the minimum standard of "cervical pain or uterine tenderness or tenderness in the attachment area." The most basic treatment method is the first choice for antibiotics.

If there is no symptoms at all, not even the physical examination, the doctor diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease, and a bunch of Chinese medicines are also prescribed for you to eat. Then you should change the hospital as soon as possible.

▲ Picture source: Dribbble | Design: Sofia Doudine ovarian cysts related to abdominal pain

When the ovarian cysts are twisted, ruptured, and infected, it will also cause abdominal pain, and it may be fever when it is combined with infection.

From the current statistics, about 10%of ovarian cysts may be reversed. Among them, due to uneven internal density of teratoma, it is more likely to twist than other ovarian cysts.About 3%of ovarian cysts may occur, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes because of external forces (such as childbirth, same room, abdominal impact, etc.).The possibility of ovarian cyst itself is extremely low.

Therefore, if the medical examination knows that you have ovarian cysts, or when you exclude the possibility of pregnancy, it is not in a special period, and there may be abdominal pain related to ovarian cysts without fever.appendicitis

For this surgical disease, the demon tower will not make ax. The more common and typical symptoms clinically are metastatic right lower abdomen pain. Often, it is the umbilical week at the beginning and moves to the right lower abdomen after a few days.Acute appendicitis often has persistent pain.

The most classic body check is the tenderness of Mai’s point. The position of Mai’s point is 1/3 of the umbilical umbilical and right anterior iliac spine line. This position is relatively high.The distance, so if Mai’s dot has obvious tenderness, it is often more likely to be appendicitis.

But it is necessary to supplement that sometimes when the appendix abscess or right attachment abscesses, the appendix and right attachment may affect each other. At that time, there will be some difficulties in identification.


For diseases that may cause abdominal pain in women, we will share here today, such as acute gastroenteritis, gastric perforation, liver and spleen rupture, pancreatitis and other internal surgical diseases are not within our scope of discussion today.There is no need to inspire a general doctor.

The purpose of writing this article is not to let everyone self -diagnose, but hope that if abdominal pain occurs, everyone can have a basic judgment according to their own situation to be confirmed and knows the other.When abdominal pain occurs, the most important thing is to go to a regular hospital as soon as possible and treat the doctor’s advice.

Okay, here is here today.

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